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Users that speak Canadian English, eh?

  • 0 Hoser does not understand this language.
  • 1 Hoser has, like basic understanding of this language.
  • 2 Hoser has intermediate understanding of this language.
  • 3 Hoser has advanced understanding of this language.
  • 4 Hoser has near-native understanding of this language.
  • N Hoser is a native speaker of this language. Beauty, eh?
  • A Hoser speaks this language with a thick accent.
  • E Hoser learned this language in school and never used it since.
  • F Hoser got an F in this language and can't find Canada on the map, eh? (Hint: It's between France, Russia and Denmark)
  • G Hoser wants to remove this language from existence.
  • L Hoser has a lisp that makes them speak like Jean Crétin.
  • P Hoser is a profane speaker of this language.
  • X Hoser only speaks this language enough to seduce native speakers of this language.

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