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Users that speak Newspeak.

  • 0 Crimethinker ununderstand doubleplusgood language. Miniluv restore goodthink fullwise.
  • 1 Prole doubleminusunderstand doubleplusgood language.
  • 2 Prole minusunderstand doubleplusgood language.
  • 3 Prole plusunderstand doubleplusgood language.
  • 4 Prole doubleplusunderstand doubleplusgood language.
  • N Party member unforeign speak doubleplusgood language.
  • A Prole speak doubleplusgood language unclear accent.
  • E Crimethinker learned doubleplusgood language schoolwise unused. Miniluv unfail restore goodthink fullwise.
  • F Crimethinker doubleplusungood doubleplusgood language schoolwise. Miniluv reinstate goodthink.
  • G Crimethinker want uncreate doubleplusgood language existance. Crimethinker unperson.
  • L Prole speak doubleplusgood language unclear lisp.
  • P Prole unpolite speak doubleplusgood language. Prole unperson. Unpolite unnewspeak.
  • X Crimethinker doubleminusspeaks doubleplusgood language. Crimethinker seduce unforeign proles. Miniluv reinstate goodthink fullwise.

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