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Jesy Nelson whenever someone says she's irrelevant.

Jessica Louise Nelson (born 14 June 1991) is a British-Jamaican "singer" and someone who's really good at imitating foreign accents from around the world. She was a former member of the group Little Mix and was inspired by Zayn Malik after he left One Direction. She also was in a few films but no one knew it was her right away. Nelson was part of the aforementioned group Little Mix and made history as the first group to win The X Factor in the UK. Then she decided to depart from the group because she was ugly and got bullied online, which is reasonable, but then she apparently decided to collaborate with Nicki Minaj of all people on her debut single "Girlz", which received negative reviews.

Since then she'll never release her debut album, to avoid bullying.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Nelson was born on 14 June 1991 in London. All of her family members names start with the letter "J", so her parents decided to name her Jessica. As a child, she wanted to be an actress when she grows up. So, she decided to attend theatre schools in the country. However, that all changed when she got into The X Factor.

"Career"[edit | edit source]

2011-2020: Little Mix[edit | edit source]

Her first appearance on The X Factor was her singing "Bust Your Windows" by Jazmin Sullivan. The judges think that she'll never succeed as a solo artist, which would foreshadow her solo career 10 years later. Nelson and Perrie Edwards, another Little Mix member, would be put into a duo called "Real Peas", which never existed, while Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock would be in another duo, "Oreo", another duo that never existed. Both duos would then merge to become Little Mix, and would later win the entire competition. While on the group, they released 6 albums together. Nelson would leave in 2020 because of mental health issues, and so Little Mix continued as a trio before they went on hiatus.

2021-present: Upcoming debut studio album[edit | edit source]

In May 2021, Nelson signed to Polydor Records, and she said that she would be releasing new music later this year. A lot of people were hyped because she was honest enough about her mental health, but she didn't make a song about her mental health as her debut single, instead releasing a song with Nicki Minaj called "Girlz". It sucked so bad that it ended up debuting at the Bubbling Hot 100 in the United States, which is a sign that your song flopped to oblivion. It also lost her entire fanbase, so basically she's one of those artists who you think really doesn't have a fanbase at all. The X Factor judges foretold this prophecy that she'd be an unsuccessful solo artist back in 2011, and it ended up being true. In this song she sings with a Jamaican accent, and it could end up making your ears bleed.

2 years later, she would release another song called "Good Thing" which was released on April 2023. This time, however, she didn't sing with a foreign accent and sounded like she really cared. But let's be real, nobody cared about that song anyways. Because her songs were so bad, she decided not to release her new album, and decided to wait for several years until it releases, just like Normani, however, unlike the latter, it feels like she's nonexistent at the moment. She's a nobody.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Asides from suffering from an eating disorder, Nelson had a relationship with a lot of celebrities that aren't really popular worldwide. She has also claimed herself to be "multicultural", and she claims that her talent is basically imitating every accent from around the world. Also, she claims to celebrate every holiday, so you'll see her in a bunch of weird outfits everyday.

Where is she really from?[edit | edit source]

People think that Nelson isn't British and is secretly an alien from another planet. Since she's basically visited every country just to offend people, including North Korea, she's never been publicly executed because no one in the planet knows who she is. Asides from that, she loves Auto-Tune and decided to inject every foreign accent in her voice so that she can sound funny,

Discography[edit | edit source]

Never. She'll never release her first album.

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