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Blackadder is someone who writes Uncyclopedia articles using his smartphone, for the sole purpose of adding some more black color to the world. As most of the articles begin with a word in bold, adding a new article makes sure that the site becomes a little blacker. A huge Venom fan, Blackadder tends to feel more comfortable in a less-white surrounding.

So, am I really supposed to continue this without any Baldrick around? Are you fucking serious?

Oh well, I guess I'll just keep rambling until I hear a hint of a cunning plan marching this way.

Punning clan[edit]

As mentioned before, Blackadder considers himself a part of the black metal clan -- a group of people who enjoy the finer things in life, such as filthy cradles and anaal nut sacks.

Anaal nut sack.

It's a pun! It's a bloody pun regarding the black metal band Anaal Nathrach! And a punning clan is a hint of a cunning plan! Where the fuck is Baldrick???

I need Baldrick to help me editing with this bloody smartphone! Each time I need to turn a word into a link, I must scroll up to the little bar with the tiny chain button in it. It's so Goddamn annoying! Where the hell is Baldrick when you need him?!

Wait a minute...[edit]

I've already mentioned Baldrick's name before in bold... so he will start to exist if only I could turn this article... into a Baldrick article! Blackadder, you're a genius! Right. All I have to do is make this an article about Baldrick. How do I do that? I got it.

Once upon a time there was a little article named Baldrick. The end.[edit]

You really drag yourself into these things, don't you Baldrick?