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Redditus Autismus (ReAt) is a crippling mental condition, primarily affecting men and women (or more appropriately, depressed purple haired bull dykes) aged 16-35. It is a terrifying condition sweeping across the globe, primarily in the United States of Cringe, where Reddit is HQ’d and massively consumed by consoomers on a daily basis.


When Reddit Island was shut down, it’s creators released their rage, infecting California with an unknown contagion abbreviated as MimDenk, released as jet spraying above a San Francisco Chipotle place.


Those affected by Redditus Autismus will:

  • seek attention on Reddit when they’re angry or sad, trying to get asspats by random nobodies online.
  • may be either grossly bloated or skeletal thin, with thyroid problems and greasy skin.
  • scream and cry when another redditor criticizes their opinions online, trying to report that person.
  • brag about their skills in Japkneez (Japanese Language), only to find they couldn’t master basic words.
  • Whine about their education and how everything’s their parents/their own fault no matter what.
  • Scream and record themselves screaming and crying, over issues they have different opinions with.
  • Dress up like a lolita, a bull dyke or a young kid, trying to look more japkneez cause every other country bad, m’kay?

Redditus Autismus has caused severe autism in 88% of the world’s population; the remaining percent just had too many ass burgers, savants, and artists.


With the exception of the Ass Burger and the Reality Check, there is no cure for Redditus Autismus and it’s adverse effects. But treatment involves deactivating the victim’s reddit account, getting the victim off Reddit, and into employment, education and/or training to no longer be classified as a NEET.

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