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this sweet Camaro is the SS edition, which means those who own it will Suck the Shaft

The Camaro which means cock ring in Spanish, is Chevy's ultra popular mid sized sports car among red necks and high school douche bags. If you go by fact based Wikipedia, it would tell you that the Camaro came out in 1967 when Chevy's main sports car the Corvair couldn't out sell the Mustang or Ralph Nader's Video Game "Need For Speed: Unsafe at Any Speed", but hey this is uncyclopedia so fuck the facts, right! so.... anyway, the Camaro was invented by the worlds first douche bag Carl Rove Benz in an attempt to score with chicks in his back seat but he just won't shut up about his "sweet 350 small block" which just caused him to be totally fucking annoying with the vaginas, which led to Carl Roves last change to get laid that summer was to get a hand job from Pat Robertson out behind the taco bell. Not to worry though, the Camaro lived on in the American car company; Chevy who bought the P.O.S. from Carl for 300 dollars which made Carl a rich man until he blew it all on crack, which now he has to suck dick for now that he's broke. DON'T LAUGH AT HIM! HAVE YOU EVER SUCKED DICK FOR WEED!!! though so bitch!

Power source[edit | edit source]

like most cars today the modern Camaro runs on what scientist call fossils most of which are transitional fossils that the religious right carefully select so that the Evil Darwinist can't use them to prove evilution and forward their evil agendas to legalize gay marriage and have your white daughter impregnated by a black man. But the primitive Camarosaurus ran on period blood from Dustin Diamonds vagina which we believe is his face which at the moment is one hairy twat, the process at which the Camarosaurus fills its tanks from the vagina faced Dustin Diamond is by far too gross to show, but let us fuck standards for a second and look to your right. Ha see something you were better off not seeing like that two girls one cup thing.

Generations[edit | edit source]

gen 2, was probability the gayest car since the civic