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Whoopi Goldberg in her G-Wiz. Note that this is the deluxe model.
This Indian gentleman is WAY too cool for a G-Wiz.

The REVA G-Wiz is an Indian electric car made in India by Indians. Also, it is from India. The G-Wiz has a 0.001 litre electric motor (which is made in India) and some puny watch batteries. It is quite popular with British eco-freaks but in its homeland, which if you didn't already know is India, very few are sold. This is most likely due to the fact that Indians are far too cool for electric cars and, well, cars in general. Thanks to its 3 Indian watch batteries (mentioned above), the G-Wiz has a range of 10000 miles (100000 kilometres) on a single charge, when the temperature is exactly 24.78 degrees celcius, there is no traffic, the road is made of polished marble and the vehicle is continuously moving at 3mp/h.