Highway 404

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Ontario Highway 404
Part of the Ontario 400-series highways
Length: undefined kilometers (undefined mi)
Formed: undefined
South End: Highway 401
Major Junctions: Highway 407 and York Regional Road 7
North End: York Regional Road 8.

Usable Toronto highways cannot be found.

The page you are looking at is unreachable due to a severe traffic jam on Ontario's information superhighways.

This may mean the following:

  • Highway 404 has been severely congested due to urban sprawl in the northern rim of the Greater Toronto Area. You may wish to give up and turn back Back.png if it isn't already too late.
  • Internet data packets will be delayed to arrive at people's houses Home.gif in the urban and rural parts of the GTA region.
  • A goat path will be built aside of 404 in 2069 to reroute packets Refresh.png bypassing the so-called "Internet error highway".
  • Highway 404 errors in users' travel itineraries Search2.png may cause commuters to be randomly delayed or severely late for their jobs. Telecommuters are advised to search for two tin cans and a piece of string as an alternative to Ontario information highway travel.
  • People in the rural area will remain unable to access the paved network.
  • Cottage cheese will not ship as fresh as usual.

HWY 404 - Cannot find usable route to packet destination
Ontario Ministry of Transportation - MTO Error