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Famous Birthdays is a website that catalogs every celebrity in the world. However, a majority of the celebrities on Famous Birthdays are mostly social media stars that nobody cares about unless you're on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube every day. Occasionally it will invite the celebrities that nobody cares about into their offices in California to play some games, but they don't get a lot of views. Save for the D'Amelios, though, but they're literally a TikTok family that got their own Hulu show. This majority will never get their own Uncyclopedia article because Wikipedia hasn't heard of them.

And neither have us.

Early days[edit | edit source]

Famous Birthdays existed on the internet since 1996. However, according to the Internet Archive, the earliest copy of the website was in 1998. Back in the good ol' days a majority of people growing up with traditional celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Chuck Norris. Founded by a schoolteacher from a small town, the website has gotten millions of visitors viewing which celebrities were born on their birthday. In 2012, some guy who goes by the initial 'F' decided to buy the website and rebrand it. F is a Californian man who had tried several start-up companies, but none of them were successful until he bought the website. He realized that there's several people who wanted to add internet celebrities such as PewDiePie on the website, so, he did, and the website skyrocketed.

The website[edit | edit source]

F and his team relocated from Los Angeles to Santa Monica in 2015 because he wanted a bigger office to film their internet personalities, and so they did. Every day, over 100 biographies are published by the team without any citations at all. Most of the biographies for traditional celebrities are from websites like Wikipedia and IMDb. They also use Biography.com as well. You may not know this, but they stalk the celebrities' families in order to get their family life if none of their family is mentioned. Other times they'll have to meet the celebrity in person just to interview them on what they do, who they work with, what they did before fame and one random fact about them, although there could be more than one fact about them.

They will update the main page of their website everyday to display the most popular celebrities, although the celebrities without pictures will get left behind and will never appear in the trending pages, or the main page, but they could appear on their iOS widget. In rare cases, they'll forget about it. Let's say someone's birthday is on June 27. If it's today, the team will update it. This doesn't apply to just celebrities, it could apply to movies, video games, TV shows, songs (apparently) and more. However, the English version isn't the only version available, as there are 4 other languages that it has. The most popular celebrities used to be more traditional and featured celebrities that people are familiar with like Leonardo da Vinci, but since then has celebrities that nobody cares about because Wikipedia does not have an article about them.

You can view the first 48 celebrities on PC, but in order to view the other celebrities that aren't in this list, you'll need to pay a one-time fee of $1.99 to see which other celebrities were popular as well. Speaking of fees, the same goes for the "Trending" section of the page. Thankfully, that's absent in the mobile versions. The reason why celebrities trend is because of what happened to them in the news, if it's their birthday, if they die, being "boosted" or no good reason at all. Other reasons include a release of a film, a song, a TV show or anything. Celebrities who trend for no good reason at all are mostly internet celebrities. There's an easter egg where if you type "top5000" at the end you'll view the other celebrities that didn't make it to the trending page. Another easter egg is to type "new" at the end of the website and see which celebrities got added in. Some of them you might know, but others you don't know. The "Video" section features a lot of celebrities that nobody cares about.

Meanwhile, the "Trivia" section features the top 1000 celebrities at the moment, with some exceptions. The featured trivia includes shows and movies that people are familiar with (with exceptions, obviously, since not everyone knows all of these shows and movies). The classic trivia, on the other hand, features six different games that you could play. If you're bored, click on "surprise me". Here's all of them:

  • Who Am I - You have to guess who the celebrity is based on their face that is on their website. Sometimes if there's a new photo of the celebrity the team might change their default picture.
  • Guess Their Age - It's like Who Am I except you have to guess how old they are. Beware that some celebrities will look younger or older than they are.
  • Who Ranks Higher - Guess who ranks higher on the website. If you want to get good at this game you have to inspect the top 200 on their mobile app and focus on the other 800 celebrities rankings.
  • Celebrity Quiz - Based on the descriptions of the celebrities written in the first person, you'll have to guess the celebrity with this description. There's a chance that it might trick you.
  • Who Played Me - Who played that character? Well, you'll have to take a guess to find out who played your favorite character in a show/movie.
  • Name That Cast - You will be given a show/film and you have to guess which cast members appear on this show/film.

"Random" is just straightforward. Except it only limits to the top 1000 celebrities.

You can "boost" a celebrity's ranking and they will appear in the trending page, but it has a 50/50 chance of it working. There's another feature where you could just suggest an update to an existing celebrity profile.

Other versions[edit | edit source]

In July 2018, they released a Spanish language-version of the website because F found out that there's people on the internet and celebrities who speak Spanish, and there's a lot of them. Obviously, those who are from a Spanish-speaking country will be popular. They took a break on developing new versions until October 2020, when they released a Portuguese version of the website, simply because there's a lot of Portuguese-speaking celebrities that are popular. Like the Spanish version, anyone from a Portuguese speaking country will be popular. In April 2022, they decided to release their French version of the website, except it doesn't have any social media accounts. Anyone who is from a French-speaking country, especially France, will be popular.

In a surprise plot twist, a Japanese version of the website got released two months later, however, it's very unique. The Japanese version of Famous Birthdays has been considered to be the "2b2t of Famous Birthdays", due to its top 48 celebrities changing every day. It feels like that the visitors of this version cannot decide who should be in the top 48. Some celebrities will be in the top 200 in a few days and then get dropped out. Every time a new celebrity gets added, their untranslated name (in English) appears until a few days or months have passed, and then their name is translated to Japanese. Any celebrity who has a Japanese name will have their Kanji translated (if they have one in their name) too, with some exceptions as not everyone with a Japanese name will be in Katakana. Some will be in Hiragana. Surprisingly enough, you don't see a lot of Japanese celebrities in the top 48. There are very unexpected surprises every day, which is something you don't see in the other versions of Famous Birthdays. It is also the only known version of Famous Birthdays that will change whose the most popular celebrity on their version. All other language versions will have Charli D'Amelio as their most popular celebrity, but there's times when this version does that too.

Any other celebrity that has a western name and username will have their name translated to Katakana, without that dot that appears in their name, but not all celebrities will have that dot.

You'll never know what the next languages F and his team will develop next...

List of celebrities that have been in the top 200[edit | edit source]

These are a list of celebrities that have been in the top 200 for like a couple years. Internet celebrities (except for those who are notable enough) will not be included. It's also very long.

Reliability[edit | edit source]

Just like Wikipedia, Famous Birthdays isn't reliable when you're researching a celebrity. The moderators of Wikipedia will think that it's plagiarism or think that celebrity's birthday is wrong, but then again, anyone can freely edit it. Sometimes the pages can be biased and think that celebrity is "talented". A majority of the internet celebrities on this website are NOT notable enough to be featured on Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia, save for some of them.

If you want to create a page for a TikToker or a random person that nobody cares about now, go away.

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