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Karateguy likes Istockphoto.


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An iStockphoto is a photo stocked by a people, who put the text: 'Istockphoto' on his or her photo. Most people who put 'Istockphoto' on their photo, aren't very good at grammar. Istockphotos are very popular since 1990 and were first created in 1970. Most Istockphotos in 1970 looked very antique, most modern Istockphotos look quite modern and are worth a lot of money. Most Istockphotos are of a better quality than normal photos, because they are stocked. If photos are stocked, it's easier to keep a good quality.

There have also been ideas for Ustockphotos, but people liked to stick to Istockphotos. The name was better and an Ustockphoto could be mistaken for a Juicestockphoto. There have also been ideas for Westockphotos and Hestockphotos, but Westockphotos could be mistaken for West cock photo and Hestockphotos are mostly made by Japanese and Chinese people, so that could cause misunderstanding when applying for a job and showing Hestockphotos. Most Istockphotos are made in photostudios.

People think it's really cool to stock a photo, so they often put 'Istockphoto' on their photos if they are cool. For instance, the guy on the right is a cool guy, so he put Istockphoto on his photo. When he makes a C.V., his boss will be excited about Istockphotos instead of regular photos. Most employers make Istockphotos themselves too.

An Istockphoto[edit]

Some people who make an Istockphoto are mentally ill.

An Istockphoto is mostly made by pointless people. Most people who make Istockphotos like to make strange faces and strange poses on their photos. Most Istockphotos consist of four lines and the text: 'Istockphoto'. You can never see the text: 'Istockphotos', because it's on one photo. It isn't hard to make an Istockphoto. The only thing you need is a text and four lines. Than you put them on the photo, and this is how you create an Istockphoto. People also put a small camera on their Istockphotos. In this way they want to stress that it is a photo, made with a camera and not with a television.

Where do you buy Istockphotos?[edit]

Most Istockphotos can be bought in stores.


Little guy trolling his friends with his Istockphoto....

Some people also like to troll with Istockphotos. They are of a better quality, so little kids like to troll their friends with Istockphotos, because they can make better quality photos of their parents ugly faces.

Some people who troll others with Istockphotos have a great sense of humor. For instance, there was a guy called Bruce Livingstone who got the idea to create even a website called Istockphoto. This troll was a very good one, since his site is still online, and he's making a lot of cash out of it. Though, Istockphoto only allows Istockphotos. If Bruce Livingstone would accept non-Istockphotos too, his company could make more profit, but he is a good man and wanted to only offer and accept Istockphotos on his site Istockphoto. Not everyone is like this, some people choose to even offer all kinds of extras like on mobile phones. These days you can chat with your mobile phone, or do other cool stuff like watching YouTube videos, though it isn't used a lot for calling anymore. Some enterprises even went so far in this, that the call-function is removed from their mobile phones.

A company calling itself Istockphoto[edit]

Bruce Livingstone

Some people think they are funny, like Bruce Livingstone for instance, who got the idea to found a company which calls itself Istockphoto. What a joke. At first it was free, but Livingstone wanted to troll people, so after sometime he started asking money for it. Istockphoto was taken over by Gettyimages, Livingstone thought it was a good idea. The system provides disambiguation now, if you look up 'cock' for instance, you get: Cock (animal) and Cock (Genitals).

Photographers who want to join Istockphoto have to be over 18 years old, the reason for this is that if they want to make photos of cocks, they are at a legal age to do so.

Some people who have diseases want to buy images which they can already look at at the internet. Those people can buy them in XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge and XXXLarge sizes.

Royalty free[edit]

Istockphoto is even royalty free. Royalty-free, or RF, refers to the right to use copyrighted material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties for each use or per volume sold, or some time period of use or sales. For instance, if someone wants to use the work of Lenin or Marx, he or she can do this for free on Istockphoto, while other sites won't make this free. Most people make photos of the bookpages from the books of Lenin or Marx and put Istockphoto symbols on them, so they can put them on Istockphoto. In this way, a lot of people can read these books for free without the need to pay royalties for each use or per volume sold.

Bruce Livingstone sells stolen images[edit]

Some people have problems with Istockphoto. For instance, Bruce Livingstone still keeps trolling and sells stolen images. Some guy called Mark Jahson complained to Shoemoney about an image of his being on his site. He wanted it to be removed, but Shoemoney just bought the image. It seemed like Livingstone has been trolling around and sold an image which isn't supposed to be sold. After Jahson asked if the image could be removed, Livingstone kept trolling and kept the image on his website.