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Why is book?

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Why is book? Because book good. If you don't book, you won't good. Book make you good at yes. Grammar make good writing. Write is good so you can make more book. Book good. Make others read book. Book make good write at book. I rest my case.

History of book

Ted Danson discover La puta in book.

Book were invented by God when wrote Bible thousand year ago using blowtorch. Other write persons preferred scroll and papyrus, such Homer. Homer write good like Odyssey and Iliad. Shake Beer write good plays like Piglet, Boy Like Girl, and I Thought Brutus Friend. He also write play no say title, bad curse.

Old book write by hand. [1] Then Gutenberg invent printing press. No, not Police Academy. This make write book easy.

Tele book

Then TV invent Tele book. Tele book bueno. Tele book make South America and Mexico good look. Then Real America make Tele book English, like coronastreet. Such the Gulliver and the Sopranos and the Dexter. Tele book better than Holly book. Only Holly book good is Book green (1989) and Green book (2018).

Now days

Uncyclopedia best. Sun cool.

Stan Marsh discover girl Pi-Pi in South Park.

When book book?

Is Wiki book?

Wiki not book because Wiki say book for make room pretty. Wiki is book like Terrifier is movie. Terrifier just make you scared of clown cuts girl in half, but is no movie. Not like real movie like South Park, who make your brain more pretty.

South Park make your brains more prettier so Wiki make you more stupider. Just like Terrifier.

People write South Park make world more prettier so people see less Terrifier.

Some web site book like Uncyclopedia but Wiki not book. Salad Bad say Saw bad so is no book. Facebook has book in name like The Velvet Underground but is no book.

Is Mormon Book?

Mormon is book. Mormon also good musical by people write South Park. Musical is book can sing and dance, like Aerosmith. Also book can sing is New York by Lou Reed.

How book book

Man write book good always write book. When book out, buy book in store. Same book has lots copies. All book same book. Same book in Chicago store and New York store and Washington store and internet store.

Book good never finish. So no need book book.

Unless Kathy Bates.

Which book good

Some book is plot like plot movie which is good. Plot book write sometimes "a novel" on book cover.

A novel is story about man has many adventure while some period [2] or just woman has period.

Other book bad has no plot so no have "a novel" on cover, such math book and word book. Uncyclopedia has many plot and so have an oval on cover.

What if No Book?

If no book then how can book have?

What then book learn with book words?

If no book learn with book words then where words come from?

Are book aliens?

Book aliens.

More Book good

Man write lots good book.

Whos foot in note?

Note foot is comment inside book. Book can have lots feet about note. The notes not always about feet sex. All note foot are in list in book last page.

Page is papery thing that look like the thing on your computer right now.

Note foot

  1. God is fat Argentinian soccer player with blowtorch for hand.
  2. Period is part of history such Time Freeze and Time Creed.
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