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Not Washington, District of Colombia - Jared Kushner, puppet leader of the Trump group, who has been let in control of the supposed 'federal stockpile' of medical supplies, declares the vital supplies that the states require to continue to deal with the national threat of the coronavirus pandemic are "(not) the states'", but rather, "ours" (referring to the Trump group [the company]). Whether Kushner is a communist just wanting to "starve the beast(s)" like Stalin did years back while making an absolute living off of it (like Stalin did) has yet to be seen.

Donald Trump's rhetoric over the previous few weeks has solidly been to "starve the beast". He claims to have helped done so by laying the foundations back on 10 February with his 16% reduction of the CDC's budget, which, funnily enough, came 11 days after the WHO declared COVID-19 to be a public health emergency of international concerns. He's reinforced this rhetoric by continuing to push for Christian places of worship to be opened during Easter, which, although he later redacted at the presence of a death threat by top level epidemiologist and emerging national celebrity and Stephen Hawking look-alike Dr. Anthony Fauci. This policy is still being followed by a majority of Bible Belt states. (Full news...)

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