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john / 27 / tiredofbitches

You are all stupid. I hate every single one of you fat, balding, ugly feminazi bulldykes. I hope every single one of you chokes to death on your hairdye.

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tumblr sucks ass

Tumblr is a shitty hugbox website full of stupid social justice warriors (SJWs), liberals, and normies who are conspiring to take over our memes. Like my bitch ex-girlfriend who sits around and whines about her stupid pet social justice issues. Everyday she'd cry about women's issues and rape culture, but do you think she'd ever take the train to Saudi Arabia to preach her message of love and tolerance? No! She'd yell at me for calling her a cunt.

#tumblr #socialjustice

12 notes, posted on 15 august 2015

bitch ex-girlfriend

My bitch ex-girlfriend spends most her days on Tumblr with her dyke friends reblogging their women's studies, essays and their shitty fan art of the latest cultural Marxist propaganda cartoons. I'm not looking at a picture of Martin Freeman getting pegged by all the Doctors, I'm not a fucking degenerate. I should've known she was a whore the second I saw her typing out a fucking thesis on how transdyke-poly-heteromolluscs are being oppressed by the patriarchy.

The fucking patriarchy? First off, no non-cuckolded man cares that the latest group of mentally-challenged invalids has discovered a new synonym for "chicks-with-dicks" to ceremoniously append to their ever growing list of special snowflake labels. Second off, I'm out 50 hours a week doing IT work, my dick is not cashing any fucking checks you stupid bitch. "Smash the patriarchy"? Why not "smash the matriarchy"? What about the crazy psycho bitches who rape men and get off scot-free for it?

And my bitch-ex calls herself "independent" and "smart", when she couldn't even pay for her own fucking fries at Wendy's. "I'm not hungry I'll just have some of your fries". Bitch, these are my fries, go whore yourself out to some Chads you ham planet! She was such a fucking fatass too, she'd stick my fries in her chocolate shake, act like it was a head with fry-hair and start eating it, making noises like she was taking chunks out of some guy's brain. And sometimes I'd start acting like my head was the head getting eaten, and what a whore. Fucking retard.

#feminism #feminismsucks #womenarewhores

4 notes, posted on 15 august 2015

die cis scum

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fellow syster smashing any cis-shits xi sees! you go grrrl!

This is what my girlfriend probably looks like now that she's surrounded by her coven of whiny tumblr whores. I totally don't follow her Instagram, where she posts pictures of her happy and smiling with her basketball-american Michael Brown lookalike contest winner boyfriend. Oh look at you, you're shopping with your shitty new boyfriend and he's pretending to be a mannequin whoop-de-fucking-doo, isn't he the cleverest fucking guy in the world, no wonder you had to leave me you slut.

#poordecisions #whoslaughingnow #whywhywhywhy

5 notes, posted on 15 august 2015

tumblr ruins my life

I got home from college early expecting to find my ex-girlfriend posting another essay about how women are so much better at fucking women than men are, but while entering my apartment I suddenly realized she had actually proceeded to a real-life reductio ad absurdum of the thesis and was allowing herself to be furiously pounded by a huge black guy. I could hear her getting fucking railed, like the springs on my bed were getting so bent it'd void the warranty on the mattress. She was moaning like a pig in heat, and I kicked the door open and that's when I saw the two. And I knew him too, he was working on his Master's in Molecular Biology. Now here he was giving my bitch-ex some anatomy lessons.

And when she saw me she said:

Fuck you, shitlord. I am a strong independent woman who is completely in charge of her sexuality. I am fighting western imperialism by making love to this proud man-of-color. Fuck you, fuck you, you never fucking cared, you never fucking loved me and you treat me like shit and made fun of my dreams and everything I care about and fuck you, he loves me, he says he loves me and I am huge slut who loves strange dick.
—My bitch ex-girlfriend, while bending over for a big black cock.

Of course she'd start spouting her feminist, SJW, marxist kike bullshit, so I said as loud as I could, "You think I'm some sort of pussy-whipped Swede that'll stay in his little cuck shed while Trayvamal LeShawnDawson culturally enriches you with his British Broadcasting Corporation? I'm not some henpecked white knight beta-cuckold, I'm a man and I deserve better. Fuck you, you bitch, I'm gonna fuck your hot friends and your hotter, younger, sister all at the same time. And when I'm done, I'm sending you the fucking video." Then I flipped them the bird and ran away.

And don't trust the police report that says I just cried and punched the walls, hoes be lying. She learned all her whore ways from Tumblr, from all her feminazi dyke orgy friends spewing shit on the internet. So if you see any of the women in your life on that site, it's too late, just run away.

#cuckold #womenliepeopledie #womenarewhores

19 notes, posted on 15 august 2015

slut hamster

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cute hamster funny lol

Cute like my cunt ex-girlfriend gobbling strange dicks after she left me fuck you fuck you fuck you go suck dicks you whore you never loved me.

#betrayal #hate #womenarewhores

19 notes, posted on 15 august 2015

why people go to tumblr

There's only three reasons that people go to Tumblr: feminism, poetry, and porn. No, not to share their creativity to the world. No one who's fucking retarded enough to prowl that wretched landwhale-infested site has anything creative worth sharing, except maybe their suicide note. And definitely not to get love and support from all their fake internet friends. You think that shit is real? You think that when you're typing out your compliment-fishing, self-absorbed vanity post on your shit blog, that all the one's and zeros in response are coming from people who care?

That they're not using that cheap and easy internet-kindness they share to others just to feel good about themselves? That their kindness to you is just directed at themselves to fill the fucking hole in their heart that's been torn away by someone you loved and you thought loved you back, but now's gone and happy with their life while you're still trying to tape what's left of your fucking soul together, to keep some fake semblance of 'everything's normal' and 'everything's fine' to everyone around you when all you want to do is go down the lane, not across the street and let it all go, and wait for the nothing that's coming after all this shit is over?

I'm not talking about me of course, emotions are for women.

  1. Feminism: It's all bullshit and leads to women like my ex-girlfriend getting restraining orders against me. Why should I not be able to go the places I want to go just because she's there and I'm worried the police will arrest me? No one should have to live in fear of people who are more powerful than them. I call myself an equalist, like the villains from that Oriental lesbian show with the muscle dykes.
  2. Poetry: Sucks shit of course because it's on Tumblr, home of failed English majors writing their shit, non-rhyming poetry in between making extra-sweet iced cappuccinos for fat-rights activists. Her poetry was especially bad, but what can you really expect from a female poet? People only know who Elizabeth Barrett Browning was because of her husband, which goes to show you that behind every famous woman is a sad, henpecked man. She thought she'd end up published and everyone would love her writing, but everyone knows women can't write. Especially not my bitch ex-girlfriend. Oh, you put your shitty Sylvia Plath quotes on your Instagram and Twitter and Facebook, please tell me all about how deep and meaningful your blank verse is you pretentious cunt. "I eat men like air"? More like "I eat dicks like a giant fucking cock-mongering slut who betrays the trust of those who love me and treat anyone who loves me like shit" fuck you I loved you why would you
  3. Porn: Some of it is good, and personally I think it's the best part about the site. It's the only part of the website that involves women doing what I want to see. None of that, "no I'm not feeling so good I have a headache" Well, you didn't seem to have a headache when LeShawnDonJohnson TyroneShawnusufius Jockswanana was railing you in my bed, my fucking bed, you could've at least done it at your place but no you wanted a fucking audience. You acted surprised, but I know that was your fucking way of-- where was I? Oh, porn. It's okay, I guess.

#poetry #poemsareforfags #whores

2 notes, posted on 15 august 2015

women aren't funny

Sometimes my ex-girlfriend also tries to be funny on Tumblr, but everyone knows that women aren't funny: if their brains had the capacity for humor then they certainly would be able to comprehend what a nice guy I am and why that asshole they're dating is a massive prick for telling me to stay away. Oh, your boyfriend has a steady job, and your parents love him? Yeah, right, good luck when he leaves you with twenty-seven mentally challenged babies to take care of, future single mother material right here! I was loyal, goddammit.

#women #womenarewhores #women-not-funny

1 notes, posted on 15 august 2015


Tumblr is founded on three stupid fucking principles:

  1. Irrationality: They don't come out and say it but Tumblr is extremely fucking irrational and emotional; nothing anyone says there is ever a valid argument. A personal hobby of me and my bros is to point out all the logical fallacies in my ex-girlfriend's so-called humor. But it's usually much easier not to actually do that and to simply dismiss her outright for being a feminist social justice warrior who uses Tumblr.
  2. Extreme opinions: People on Tumblr have really extreme fucking opinions which are totally irrational because of how extreme they are. For example, my ex-girlfriend believes in something called the patriarchy, which is her belief that there is literally an international cabal of men who conspire to oppress women on a daily basis. And her whole fucking blog is devoted to fighting this patriarchy, which doesn't even actually exist; it's just a huge fucking straw man she has set up in order to advance her feminist social justice agenda.
  3. Humorlessness: Members of Tumblr have no fucking clue that when I send my ex-girlfriend Asks from a sock puppet account telling her how much I want to rape her, stab her to death and dismember her corpse, it's just a joke, and I'm sitting at the computer laughing and smiling, not wanting to literally kill her. I don't hate women; I'm neutral on the subject and would threaten her with equally ingenious humor if she were black, Mexican or Muslim. I think if they didn't have such small fucking brains that have no idea what irony is, they would quit their stupid fucking Tumblr social justice bullshit.

So yeah, Tumblr is full of shit, and it proves why we need to fight for our rights against the international cabal of feminist postmodernist cultural marxist academics who are conspiring to permit my ex-girlfriend to sleep with other men.

#culturalmarxism #spreadtheword #jeeeeeews

7 notes, posted on 15 august 2015


If pseudo-social justice is not what you are looking for, the Internet offers other places to visit than Tumblr, some of which are as bad, while some allow men like me to spend their time creatively, all while minding that the world isn't taken over by those who can't even stand a proper lecture on female code and run off when being told about clothes that don't make you look like a slut.

  • 4chan: The last bastion of free speech.
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica: Basically the Wiki version of 4chan. This is great for when I'm pissed off at my ex-girlfriend and want to write articles about how she's a slut. No, it's not defamation, it's free speech, you libcuck.
  • Reddit: I tried using it once, and I couldn't stand the layout, it's absolute shit. There's an upvote/downvote system, and if you say ANYTHING that goes against the hivemind/isn't cringeworthy puns, your comments get downvoted and buried. Like when I went to /r/feminism and complained about what a bitch my ex-girlfriend was and asked if feminism agreed with her ridiculous opinions, they downvoted me to shit, then banned me from the subreddit, as if they didn't even know that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution explicitly prohibits banning people from websites. What a PC liberal hellhole.

But seriously. If you're an SJW, then please don't go to any of these places or any places at all, actually, realize how stupid you are and come to my house, because otherwise you'll turn these sites into hugboxes like Tumblr where everything is happy like a fucking Disney movie and nobody hurts the feelings of the gutless bitch lesbians who only bark but can't bite.

#sjws #tumblrinaction

14 notes, posted on 15 august 2015


I really fucking hate what Tumblr has done to women, and to show how serious I am, I have decided to take an oath of celibacy. In doing so, I have finally proven once and for all that SJWs will never have any impact whatsoever on the future of our civilization.

I found this youtube video by this guy, he talked about MGTOW which means 'men going their own way'. That means that I'm beyond the petty needs of other men to stick their dicks in wet holes. I'm a real man, I don't need anyone's love, much less some ugly succubus whose only job is to steal your soul and your money. I'm free at last. I'm finally free. Take one last look at my ugly mug, women of the world, because you ain't getting none of this ever again.

#mgtow #womensuck

3 notes, posted on 15 august 2015

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