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An OnlyFans employee demonstrating what can be viewed and purchased on the site.

OnlyFans is an online shopping website specializing exclusively in fans.

Background[edit | edit source]

OnlyFans was founded in 1995 by Owen Lee Fance, one of the world's foremost fan collectors. He was dismayed that the internet, billed as the information superhighway, was full of pornography but remained sorely lacking in terms of a marketplace for buying and selling fans. In response to the assertion that "the internet is for porn," Fance instead proclaimed that "the internet is for fans."

Though the site's creator preferred fans to pornography, he realized the power of the latter to promote the former. Thus, many of the images and videos on OnlyFans feature partial and full nudity, or are at least suggestive. It has been suggested that some customers browse the site primarily for this kind of sexual content, but most people doubt these claims.

Products[edit | edit source]

As the site's name suggests, OnlyFans sells only fans. These include traditional handheld paper and silk fans from China, Japan, and many other countries. The site also sells modern electric fans of all sizes. Customers can order new fans direct from manufacturers. Customers can also buy and sell their own new and used fans in an open marketplace. Below is an image gallery with examples of what is available on OnlyFans.

Other Services[edit | edit source]

An OnlyFans employee performing fan service.

In addition to providing a global marketplace for buying and selling fans, the OnlyFans website provides numerous fan services and hosts numerous fan communities. OnlyFans hosts fan forums for fans of fans to discuss fans and post fan fiction. These communities provide a gathering place for fanboys and fangirls.

OnlyFans also provides fan service, offering to repair or install fans worldwide. Users can request customized fan service videos in which one of the site's skilled employees demonstrates any requested repair in high definition.

The most requested fan service is a repair job that makes a broken fan blow again. Thus, this type of repair task is colloquially referred to as a "blow job." Upon launching OnlyFans, the site's founder quickly became aware that many OnlyFans customers desperately need a blow job, yet cannot recruit anyone to perform one in real life. Thus, he launched the online video portion of the site. He announced "If you can't get a blow job in real life, come to OnlyFans." Many customers have followed this advice and come to OnlyFans whenever they wish they could get a blow job in real life. The site's blow job videos are among its most accessed.

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