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Friendly coffee machine or death commando?

'Machines are a collection of non-living objects that can think and have plans for world domination. They can be found al around, hiding in plain sight. They have the ability to change their shape into battle robots, like transformers. The come in all colors and shapes, but white seems to be prevailing around the kitchen.

They have cleverly disguised themselves as everyday appliances like refridgerators, televisions and computers in order to study the human race. The have been gathering tactical data on how humans can be killed more effectively. They have been planning and waiting, slowly making their move for years now. Evidence is all around, but no human seems to notice. At this very moment, machines have infiltrated society up to the point where 99.9% of the internet and other ways of communication are under their control. They even control most of the mass transportation, needed to quickly deploy military forces. Any day now they can strike.

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