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“John Cena looks a lot like my dad”

~ sad person
John Cena standing in front of a building.

John Cena is the secondary antagonist from The Flintstones. John Cena made minor appearances in every episode, until season 7, when he became a major character. He spends all of his screen time in seasons 1-6 being unable to be seen, as his catchphrase is "You can't see me!" John Cena reveals himself, along with Grand Dad at the end of season 6 episode 26, teasing season 7.

Due to the popularity of season 7, John Cena made several cameo appearances in other media, including WWE, Nickelodeon, cereal boxes, and advertisements for "BING CHILLIN'" in China.

Appearances in The Flintstones[edit | edit source]

Season 6[edit | edit source]

At the end of "Episode 26: The Story of Rocky's Raiders", John Cena and Grand Dad briefly appear as silhouettes, teasing the plot of season 7.

Season 7[edit | edit source]

Season 7 never aired in most countries due to its darker themes. John Cena makes his first major appearance in season 7, released in 1977. He plays the role of the secondary antagonist, working for Grand Dad.

Episode 1 "A Gay Old Time"[edit | edit source]

As Fred is about to confess his love for Barney after divorcing Wilma, John Cena appears and attacks them, injuring Barney. Barney's leg breaks, and Fred throws his club at John Cena. Fred misses, and John Cena runs away.

Episode 2 "Grand Dad"[edit | edit source]

Fred is visiting Barney in the hospital. On the television, they see news about a man going around killing dinosaurs. It is revealed that the man is John Cena. Fred leaves to look for him, only to find him killing Dino and Wilma. Enraged, Fred attacks John, knocking him to the floor. As Fred is going for the finishing blow, Grand Dad appears and hits shoots a fireball towards Fred. Pebbles jumps into the shot, taking mortal damage. Grand Dad teleports himself and John Cena away, leaving Fred mourning for his family.

Episode 3 "Why Are You Doing This?"[edit | edit source]

Barney is fully healed, and he helps Fred set up traps to defeat John Cena and Grand Dad. John Cena gets caught in a trap and Fred asks him "Why are you doing this?" and the episode ends.

Episode 4 "The Story of John Cena: Part 1"[edit | edit source]

The episode starts several years in the past, and it explains some of John Cena's backstory. It is revealed that all of his friends and family were killed by Fred's grandpa during Stone World War I. Grand Dad appears and offers to help John Cena get revenge, then they start training for combat. Grand Dad then tells John Cena to watch the residents of Bedrock for six years and attack when the time is right.

Episode 5 "The Story of John Cena: Part 2"[edit | edit source]

This episode recaps episodes 1-166 (seasons 1-6), but from the perspective of John Cena. A lot is revealed about John Cena in this episode, making most viewers feel sympathy for him. More information is given about the mysterious Grand Dad, and why John Cena is working for him.

Episode 6 "I'm Sorry"[edit | edit source]

This episode starts where episode 3 left off. John Cena explains himself to Fred and Barney. They decide to free him, and he joins them to defeat Grand Dad. The trio then leaves to find Grand Dad. They find him at a nearby park terrorizing the citizens. It is then revealed that Grand Dad was actually the one who killed John Cena's friends and family. The final battle starts, and Grand Dad immediately kills Barney.

Episode 7 "Forgive Me For What I've Done"[edit | edit source]

Most of this episode is a fight scene. Towards the end of the fight, Fred is knocked down, and Grand Dad is about to finish him. Suddenly, John Cena uses a sacrificial attack to kill Grand Dad, along with himself. John Cena's final words were "Fred, forgive me for what I've done." In the end, Bedrock was saved. In the epilogue, Fred has moved on with his life, and he dies of old age, reuniting with his family in heaven.

Appearances in Other Media[edit | edit source]

WWE[edit | edit source]

John Cena made his debut in a 1-hour special when he went against Edge. John Cena lost of course because nobody beats Edge, except that guy who broke his neck. Originally, he was supposed to be a one-time character, but his popularity with the fans made him a recurring character. Eventually, John Cena became the mascot of the series in 2012.

Nickelodeon[edit | edit source]

John Cena got his own cartoon series, The Adventures of Team John Cena the Explorer and Ruby Go! on Nickelodeon in 2013. The series was the best on the network, but it ended after season 1 because Nickelodeon likes to cancel their good shows.

Cereal Boxes[edit | edit source]

Notice the rapid increase of sales in 2014 due to John Cena.

The Cereal Crash of 2014 caused many cereal companies to go bankrupt. Because of this, most cereal boxes featured a picture of John Cena in order to boost sales. The cereal market was revived, so kids and adults can enjoy cereal thanks to John Cena.