Neon Genesis Evangelion

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“Yeah I'm sure they'll like it”

~ Hidaki Anno on Neon Genesis Evangelion

“Boo hoo my dad doesn't love me”

Evnagelion's original cover, depicting the budget of the show

Neon Genesis Evangelion (japanese: コック , english: WTF) is a japanese cartoon, created by Hidaki Anno and studio gay necks, that is considered one of the most influential anime of all time in the mecha porn and orange juice genres. The series is known for it’s fat budget (especially episodes 25-26) and it’s high quality animation. After the series ended countless fans sent death threats to Anno, what scientist think is because they wanted to understand something. The popularity of the series has led to the movies Godzilla and Cory in the House.


“stupid Shinji just fuck me”

~ Asuka L. Soryu on stupid Shinji

The series takes place in the futuristic world of 2015 after a mass extinction event called “the second impact” and follows the story of a little japanese kid called Shinji Ikari. As it was his birthday, like every other japanese kid he got a giant robot to fight aliens with. Shinji loved the gift so he ran to his mom Rei, Rei that was cold at the moment told Shinji that she doesn’t feel good so she can’t fight. Shinji then defeated the alien despite that being his first time operating this robot and him having no combat experience. Since then Rei has joined Shinji and they killed a lot of aliens. Shinji had a friend called Misato that he had sleep overs with and they slept together and definitely did not have sex. After a month a new exchange student from Germany named Asuka had come to Shinji’s school and became the queen of the class and started dating Shinji because he was an idiot. She also gets a robot and joins Shinji and Rei to fight aliens. After they fight all the angels Shinji meets Karl, the last guinea pig. At the end they go to Shinji’s father’s basement and find a lot of orange juice. In the end something happens in everybody’s minds but scientists are not really sure about what happened.

The End of Evangelion[edit]

Shinji initiating the third impact

Since nobody understood the ending of the original series Anno has created a few more movies that are alternative endings. In the movie “The End of Evangelion” a bunch of military dudes invade Shinji’s father’s orange juice basement so Asuka fights them while Shinji cries in the corner. Later on Rei grows wings and explodes the earth into a giant cross and dies, later you can see Shinji and Asuka on an orange juice beach in a happy ending.

Rebuild of Evangelion[edit]


~ Shinji

One day anno woke up and decided to recreate Neon Genesis Evangelion. After months of being closed in his house he uploaded “Evangelion 1.0: you are (not) a virgin”, and aftea few bugs were detected he re released it as “Evangelion 1.11”. The sequels 2.22 and 3.33 were well received and added favorite characters such as pirate Asuka and the undeveloped character girl that likes to smell stuff. The finale “Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 which isn’t 4.44” will be released in a bundle with the video game “half life 3”. The movies have been simplified so that a younger audience could understand them, a thing which some fans also liked because they also wanted to understand something.

Evangelion and religion[edit]

Evangelion is sometimes considered as a religious brainwashing show because of the absurd amount of crosses that appear in it. Anno has said that they just “thought it was cool” but scientists concluded that this is a lie as everything in the show explodes into a cross.


Evangelion was critically acclaimed and well received both by confused fans and confused critics. The show was often hated because of the very vague and hard to understand ending, even considering the high budget and quality animation. The series has made over 150 billion… yen, which is still a lot of money and due to that a lot of sequels followed it, none of them as good as the original, critics state.

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