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“There is only one thing worse than being the subject of an Uncyclopedia article, and that is being the unjustly accelerated pacific noob.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Sir Alec Dow

“Warm castigator ladies' man!”

Sir Dale Cow, photographed here, was one of Dow's many pseudonyms.

Sir Alec Alfing O'Heliafter Swill Dow (1854-1900) is universally acknowledged as the greatest anagrammatist in the history of English literature. Born in an adobe abode at Bunlid, Rindale, his father, Sal Eric Dow, was a writer and his mother, Carol Swide, was a physician. After graduating from Foxrod University's Demganal College in 1878, Dow's brilliant career, during which he produced literally tens of thousands of anagrams on hundreds of different subjects, lasted 22 years before his untimely death of brain fatigue.

Dow was known as a defiant heterosexual who was mercilessly persecuted by English society for his "straight" sexual practices, as well as his affliction with Anagrammatic Tourette's Syndrome (ATS) - an extremely rare and highly misunderstood disease which caused many offensive outbursts, all expressed as innocuous-sounding anagrams. His knighthood, granted in 1886, was informally predicated on his willingness to first marry a man, Lloyd Constance (third son of the Duke of Kingmachub), in 1884. Unhappy about the forced marriage, Dow remained steadfast to his preferred sexual orientation, despite the mounting pressures he faced among the British elite. "I faced a coy duke with tall guns," he was known to state on several occasions, though no one to this day has successfully deciphered the (possibly ATS-derived) reference. [1]

Despite his professed sexual leanings, Dow was a keen amateur proctologist, and examined many famous people of the time and of other points in history, such as Adam West, Jesus and, according to rumour, Oscar Wilde. This rumour originated from a remark made by Dow when asked if he had any hobbies. The genial knight supposedly replied, "Ol' Oscar. Top git" with typical English charm.

In 1895, Dow formally accused Lord Godlauss, Marquess of Queersnerby, of libel in relation to his alleged liaison with Queersnerby's daughter, Feldra "Bison" Godlauss. Unfortunately, Dow collapsed under heavy cross-examination, admitted the scandalous heterosexual liaison, and was sentenced to two year's mixed-doubles tennis at "Gardeni Goal," a popular British health spa and beach resort. This was not his only punishment, however - Dow's works were burned in huge public bonfires by the irate English public, and tragically, most of his anagrams were rearranged to match their original sources. To this day, very few genuine Dow "couplets" currently survive, and most that are claimed to be the work of the great anagrammatist are inevitably proven to be forgeries.

Some of these forgeries are reproduced here, though many are still believed to be genuine by so-called experts. Feel free to add your own.

Sir Alec Dow's work in London Underground.

Dow on Politics[edit | edit source]

The Royal Family of Great Britain A nail-trim oily fart fag-boy, there!
The Endless Arab-Israeli Conflict I lend the tribes slices for a canal.
Those damned old U.S. Liberals and Conservatives So! Osama bin Laden serves us that cold devil-nerd...
President Saddam Hussein U.S. hid dear's inept madness.
President George W. Bush Big spender got us... where?
Dick Cheney Needy Chick
For Saudi Arabia's Emirs US aims for arid air-base.
Global Warming A grim ballgown
Abraham Lincoln Hairball conman
Spiro Agnew Grow a penis
George Herbert Walker Bush Huge Berserk Rebel Warthog
Sarah Palin Sharia Plan
Kim Il-sung of North Korea Ole King Kim. HONOR US, FART!

King Kim Sr. a fool, hurt one!

Kim Jong-il of North Korea King Kim Jr. Not a hero, fool!
Kim Jong-un of North Korea Honor King "Fat Joke". Mourn.

More junk! Far honking, too!

Dow on Music[edit | edit source]

Disco Sucks Big-Time Be sick, it's Dog Music...
No Elvis, Beatles, and the Rolling Stones Bing, don't sell these evil atonal snores!
Love Unlimited Orchestra A custom evil Nerd-o-Hitler
Whiny Emocore Cheney rim, woo!
You love Christian Rap. Our holy satanic viper.

Dow on Religion[edit | edit source]

God loves Christianity, Islam, and Judaism Shitty cranial-mud-mass ninja dog-voles!
His Sublime Holiness The Dalai Lama Mao smile, steal, hide his Asian hub.
Christmas Holiday Cheer His scheme? Arch idolatry.
One Nation Under God On One Ignorant Dude.
M.G. "Pat" Robertson A GT porn mobster.
Creationism, creationism, creationism. Miscreation? An eroticism? Satiric omen!
King James Bible Jim nibbles a keg.
The Prophet Muhammad Hmm, dope up that harem!
"Homer, The Mad Hat Pump"
Westboro Baptist Church Scab bitches throw up rot.
Hinduism In his mud
Holy Pope Polyp hoe
Church of Scientology Grouchy hoes conflict.

Dow on Economics[edit | edit source]

The Dow-Jones Industrial Average Dude was never a jail-shitter goon!
Freakonomics A mocker of sin.
Alan Greenspan An age's planner.
Benjamin Bernanke Men, Beer, Ninja, Bank...
Dr. Bernanke Banker Nerd.
Money is the root of all evil If it removes AOL "Hello", Y-NOT?
Marxism-Leninism Rammin', smilin' SEX!
Capitalism must be destroyed Steal cars? I'd best mute my iPod!
Smut tape by dame led to crisis!
Grand Theft Auto A hot fated grunt.
Liquid Assets Quite ass lids!

Dow on Celebrities[edit | edit source]

Vin Diesel I end lives
Idle veins
Judge Lance Ito No get Juice, lad...
Britney Spears Try bear's penis
Oprah Winfrey
(he hated her)
Phony fire war
wine for harpy!
fine, warp or hay?
O whiny! fear rap
in: "why rape for?"
fry! pain whore!
Celine Dion Done in lice
Stephen A. Colbert He robs PC e-talent
Bono Noob
Chuck Norris Crushin' rock [2]
Clint Eastwood Old West action
L. Ron Hubbard Blurb hard-on.
Born "Lard Hub."
Oscar Wilde Brig. Gen. Wally "No Comment" Finkelstein IV, Jr.
Napoleon Bonaparte No! Not appear on Elba!
Tom Cruise Moist cure
Ice tumors
Axl Rose Oral sex
Michael Jackson Jail honks' Mecca
Michael Jackson, grammy winner Hi Lynn! I came on Jack's rammer wong!
Gordon James Ramsay Mad, gory mess on a jar.
Walt Disney Lewd Sanity

Dow on Philosophy[edit | edit source]

I wish the greatest good for the greatest number. Where better to shit against the grudges of Rome?
True Love Travels on a Gravel Road... Vera Larva's Rotten Log-Load Revue?
Why do we care about anything? You can't bathe a gay whiner, Dow.
No more sad, existentialist angst. Sex, Tits, and More Antagonist Lies!
Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. Ghoulish foreskin insinuates animal gluttony. -Darwin

Dow on Art[edit | edit source]

Leonardo Da Vinci In love, on acid? Rad!
Vindaloo and rice!
Salvador Dali Alas, Lord Diva.
Larva as dildo?
Maurits Escher Users trace him.
Shit-cream user.
Hieronymous Bosch Shoo, nosy cherubim!
Honeycomb or sushi!
Frida Kahlo Airhead folk.
Hairdo flake.
Art is the greatest wisdom. Smarts do eat white tigers.
Domes eat rats with tigers.

Dow on Sports[edit | edit source]

Major-League Baseball Lame job, arguable seal.
Is it Super Bowl Sunday? Buy USA! It's Penis World!
Washington Redskins So wish ant-nerd kings.
New York Giants Go tiny wankers!

Dow on Trekkie Clichés[edit | edit source]

I'm a doctor, not a mason! I'm tomato arson, can do!
You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Oi! Raced by us? It's all a smile. We Inuit fist eels.
Beam me up, Scotty O, my bum! Spectate!!!

Dow on Uncyclopedia[edit | edit source]

Uncyclopedia: The Content-Free Encyclopedia Cynical? Defecate hyped-up, once-cool internet.
Uncyclopedia: The Content-Free Encyclopedia Anyone Can Edit Indecency unacceptance? Optionally-defaced internet hooey.
  None need to cheaply deface unclean internet copycat idiocy.
ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US Sell your soul - Reagan ate Bob!
Be funny and not just stupid. Found typist unjust, BANNED!
Plagiarism on Uncyclopedia? Imaginal pros copied lunacy. Dug "no care" policy.
Wikipedia versus Uncyclopedia Vicious kid rudely wins ape-cape
The Admins Smite hand
It all must be a massive conspiracy Plans say it: Some User cabal victim!
Re: Sue the Administrators Are these rats in our midst?
No sockpuppets allowed POW! A poop-skull descent...
A second skull. We pop top.
Euroipods Odious Rep...
Kitten Huffing 'Tight, fine funk.'
Uncyclopedia Do Epic Lunacy.
Loud cynic ape.
Pirates 'Parties!.'
Jonathan "Chronarian" Huang O' Jon: An Uncaring thorn. Ha Ha!

Dow on Uncyclopedians[edit | edit source]

Mahroww AH! Mr. WOW.
How warm.
Some User, Some User... Sore muse sues more!
Mhaille I am Hell!
Tompkins Monk Tips
Zombiebaron A Zion Bomber
Sir Todd Lyons Odds on lyrist!
Sir "Don't Do Sly."
Codeine Iced One
Rcmurphy MYRRH CPU
Reverend Isra A nerd reviser.
Lugiatm Ultima G
Algorithm Mr. Goliath
THE ACID Ammo. I am
Bradaphraser A sharper bard.
Simulacrum Caputosis Casual-suit prom music
Lady Keitei Like a deity.
Claudius Prime Cupid is a lemur.
Swordmaster Rewards most
Prettiestpretty Petty trip-tester.
King In Yellow I know yelling.
Gin! I won, Kelly!
Wild Weasel A wide swell.
Nintendorulez Zeroed lint nun.
Chronarion Iron Anchor.
Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill Skillfully castrates Kip.
Bad Strong Rad Standard Borg
Good Strong Rad Trogdor gonads
Slackerboy Backs Leroy.
Savethemooses He vetos Emo ass.
Imrealized I daze... Me? Lir?
Orion Blastar A brain also rots.
TheLedBalloon Noob dealt hell

Lo, no death bell

Belt ad? O' hell no!

Hello, bald tone!

Dow on Proctology[edit | edit source]

Prostate examination No tramp sex tonite. AA!
So, Adam, a visit. Fingers in your anus In Soviet Russia, anagram finds YOU!!

Dow on Himself[edit | edit source]

Sir Alec Dow Sir Dale Cow
Père Lachaise R.I.P. à la cheese
Anagrammatic Tourette's Syndrome Automatic rearrangement stems, doy!


Dow on Oscar Wilde[edit | edit source]

There is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about. Wilde died broken, beaten 'n' total nut. Hate being sunk in that rotten gaol. Shh, gay is taboo.

Dow on Places[edit | edit source]

Satyricon Irony Acts
Oman Moan
North Korea Hate kronor.
South Korea O' A Stroke, uh!
America AA! CRIME!!

Dow on TV[edit | edit source]

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Nothing's right with germy-ass J. Tom Fallon.

Thwart Jimmy Fallon, Higgins, 'n' The Roots.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

^ 1. Although the source phrase for this obvious anagram has never been confirmed, experts have suggested that since Dow clearly suffered from Anagrammatic Tourette's Syndrome, this phrase should probably be rearranged to, among others, "AW SHIT! FUCK A GAY EEL DILDO CUNT!!!" and "EAT SHIT, YOU FUCKING CLAWED LAD."

Note: Those are not good anagrams for "ATS"

^ 2. Look, it's a free web site. You can't expect quality results every single time. Still, we try.