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Apparently you are "notable". Don't ask me why; I think you're lame.

Slackerboy is neither a slacker, nor a boy. He is in fact a hard-working Grad student from the windswept steppes of Illinois. He is also a grown man. Noted for his vast recollection of useless knowledge, he uses this skill to write articles. He wasn't slacking all that time he was gone, he just had writer's block...amazing that anyone who wrote crap like Coconuts could ever feel blocked huh? Yes, my friends, slaaaaa-ack is baaaaaa-ack, slack is back, and he's back in black!!

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I have a running gag that acts as my signature: "windswept steppes" if you see that phrase, it's mine, unless some bastard tries stealing my gimmick! I have written several original articles, major rewrites of existing ones and clarifications and minor additions to numerous other articles.

Quote of the week, or unspecified time period: Your fortune cookie say: You are individual, there is no one like I read wrong, it say you are individual who no one like!

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