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On this page are articles that were featured on the front page during the golden years of Uncyclopedia (meaning any year other than this year) [golden meaning its not like this year] {meaning the articles aren't as good as this year}. Do read them to see how much better the 2011 articles are.

You may also wish to see the voting page for said better articles of this year.

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January 2012[edit]

Date Name
1 January UnNews:Numbers at all time low
3 January Sex
4 January Common sense
5 January Fall of Constantinople
6 January UnNews:Wisconsin resident becomes last man in nation to approve of Congress
7 January Vladimir Putin
8 January UnNews:Refugee Pandas safe in Scotland
9 January Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle
10 January Claude Monet
11 January Charles Mingus
12 January Sewing
13 January UnBooks:My Tedious Day
14 January UnNews:Uncyclopedia UnSignpost to appear before Leveson Inquiry
15 January UnBooks:Interesting Excerpts from My Mother's Diary
16 January UnBooks:A Pragmatic Affair
17 January Twilight (novel)
18 January Thank God it's Friday
19 January Cum Dumpster
22 January Bad things have happened recently
23 January Esperanto
24 January Lawn mowers
25 January Plant
26 January Cheech & Chong
27 January Student loan
29 January Great Australian tourist destinations
30 January UnNews:Chinese claim Ron Paul unerectable
31 January Steve Irwin

February 2012[edit]

Date Name
12 February Frog Semen
13 February Tales of an Emo
14 February UnNews:Tupperware Rave Is Huge Success
15 February Vangelis
17 February Anna Kournikova
18 February Inter-Lights Inc
19 February God's userpage
20 February Pierre Curie
22 February HowTo:Be Happy
23 February UnNews:"All Narcissists Look In A Mirror Day" celebrated
24 February Aran Islands
26 February Somalia
28 February Anti-humour
29 February Girl with a Pearl Earring

March 2012[edit]

Date Name
1 March James Bevel
2 March Martin Luther King, Jr.
3 March Funny
4 March Titus
5 March HowTo:Get things for free
6 March Mohandas Gandhi
7 March Dead Dicks
8 March UnBooks:Parkhurst Pete's World of Wonders
9 March UnBooks:The Diary of Neville Chamberlain
10 March The Exorcist
12 March HowTo:Persuade your husband
14 March Homophones (grammar)
15 March The toaster in Pulp Fiction
16 March UnNews:Teenager admits to having fun; D.E.A. moves to classify 'fun' as a Schedule I drug
17 March Amero
18 March Archaeology
20 March Byronic hero
21 March Aristocrats (class)
22 March Antifreeze
24 March Sylvia Plath
25 March UnNews:Barack Obama proposes legalizing prostitution, pot in effort to balance budget, avoid tax increases
26 March Nineteen Eighty-Four
27 March Skrillex
28 March UnBooks:Jacques Attali's guide to predicting your future
29 March Mathematics
30 March Recent developments in Crypto-Zoology
31 March Nuclear semiotics

April 2012[edit]

Date Name
3 April Bing Crosby
4 April UnNews:Bruce Springsteen recording of "Tick Tock" surfaces
5 April Streets of Laredo
6 April Womp Rat
7 April UnNews:U.S. Supreme Court allows everyone to go naked
8 April Monocle
9 April Counting to potato
10 April Heraclitus
11 April God
13 April Rick Santorum
14 April UnReviews:Milk
15 April Cow tipping
16 April UnNews:Newt Gingrich Doesn't Need You, Newt Gingrich Doesn't Need ANYBODY
17 April Above Top Secret
18 April UnScripts:Who built the moon
19 April UnScripts:Titanic Wireless Transmissions Conspiracy
20 April The Yardbirds
21 April Ron Paul
22 April UnNews:Alien Invasion Plans Revealed
23 April India
24 April Resident Evil
25 April War
26 April DuMont Television Network
27 April RMS Olympic
28 April Frankly Disappointing Telescope
29 April Earth's Children
30 April Newt Gingrich

May 2012[edit]

Date Name
1 May UnNews:UnNews editors vote: 'We wanted an iPad 3'
2 May Bhagavad-gita
3 May Bipolar Girl
4 May Minor League Baseball
5 May Confidence
6 May UnNews:Our Great Leader Kim Jong-un brings even more prosperity to us glorious North Koreans
7 May My Lai Massacre
8 May Super! Giant Robot Team-Force
9 May UnNews:FED cites plight of Kennedy, Jesus to warn dissenters
10 May Holding Open Doors
11 May UnNews:Tom Boonen wins Paris-Roubaix cycling race while smoking a cigar
12 May Salvador Dalí
13 May The Great Elephant Revolt of 2011
14 May Super Mario Brothers
15 May Reverse Holocaust
16 May UnNews:Bomb bomb bomb – bomb bomb McCain
17 May UnBooks:Tropic of Cancer
18 May Next Year's Australian Grand Prix
20 May Asexuality
21 May UnNews:Surprise winner of Masters Golf Tournament cries "Ow!"
22 May Thunderstorm of 1976
23 May A Victorian Gentleman's Guide to the Trivialities of Courtship
24 May Kwanzaa
25 May UnNews:Apple unveils iWeapon
26 May Political correctness
27 May UnNews:Canada's new phunny munny
28 May Extra mega brownie points
29 May UnBooks:The journey of the ugly kitten
30 May Apathy
31 May The substance left at the bottom of a squeezy bottle

June 2012[edit]

Date Name
1 June UnNews:Junior designer makes her own prom dress
2 June William Faulkner
3 June UnNews:Police investigate "bizarre incidents" at Walmart
4 June UnNews:Pope urges Church to reflect on abuse
5 June The Orbital Resonance Ratio of Jupiter's Largest Moons
7 June Arizona
8 June Crumpet
9 June T-80
12 June Wind generators
14 June Michael Jackson
16 June Medical school
17 June UnNews:Debate over death penalty raging in Canada
18 June Finger Cancer
20 June Baby boomer
21 June Magic Pantheism
22 June Maine
24 June Suspicious
25 June UnNews:Wind farms are solution to global warming
26 June Winfield Scott
28 June UnBooks:A Day in the Life of the Canadian Prime Minister
30 June Tetragrammaton

July 2012[edit]

Date Name
2 July UnNews:Some guy does some stuff
3 July UnNews:Montrealer fed up with strikers dismembers one
4 July 0.999...
5 July Jew
6 July Saturn (Lying Bitch)
7 July Soma
8 July HowTo:Build a Paper Empire
10 July HowTo:Meet women
11 July Slender Loris
12 July Human anatomy
13 July Ask Jeeves
14 July Template:Boner
15 July UnBooks:Pat Robertson's Christian Pocket Dictionary: Volume Deux
16 July UnNews:Man with no head swims English Channel
17 July Penis penis Penis penis penis penis Penis penis
18 July My Dog Has Fleas
19 July UnNews:Cannibalism becoming increasingly popular
20 July Prime Directive
23 July Cabbage
24 July Fire hydrant
25 July Fisher Price: A Retrospective
26 July Really Big Tree
27 July Heat death of the universe
28 July Sania Mirza
29 July Hot indiscriminate sex
30 July UnScripts:Waiting For Godot 2: Waiting With A Vengeance
31 July Dragon Warrior

August 2012[edit]

Date Name
1 August Is the bear a Catholic?
2 August Object Permanence
3 August There Isn't Any
4 August Cartilage
5 August UnBooks:The Succession Speeches of Three Roman Emperors
6 August Freezer
7 August Yoda
8 August Professor X
9 August UnNews:Tragic misunderstanding leads to hotel shooting
10 August Volleyball
12 August Fifty shades of grey
13 August Chick-fil-A
14 August Jeopardy!
15 August IBauer
16 August UnReviews:Robinson in Ruins
17 August Nazi Eating
19 August Doody
21 August Helen of Troy
23 August Twitter
25 August Avenge my death
26 August UnNews:British Tour de France win, in spite of team's last-minute hitch
27 August Talk Talk
28 August Snips, snails and puppy dog tails
29 August Luxembourg (city)
30 August Minecraft
31 August Quebec City

September 2012[edit]

Date Name
1 September Fancy
2 September Objectivity
3 September UnNews:U.N. warns Syria to halt violence or face further warnings
4 September Disney
5 September HowTo:Become the king of pop
6 September HowTo:Make your own Large Hadron Collider
7 September Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
8 September Lance Armstrong
9 September Hiroshima
11 September Peacock
12 September Function (mathematics)
13 September HowTo:Make a sitcom
14 September Astrology
16 September Japanese TV series centered around battles where powerful creatures are summoned using some small object that usually has a real-life equivalent of these battles in the form of a game, except in real life, you don't actually get to summon any creatures
17 September Jaws (parallel universe version)
19 September UnNews:Romney/Ryan to re-institute Negro slavery
20 September Rock and Roll (food)
21 September Sturgeon
23 September Brian Sewell
24 September Syria
26 September Rocks
28 September An infinite number of monkeys with typewriters
30 September UnScripts:Waiting For Breivik 2: The Breifist

October 2012[edit]

Date Name
2 October Lasagne
4 October Julian Assange
6 October Alternative legal systems
8 October UnNews:Ignorance not bliss, new study finds
10 October Slender
12 October Mountain Dew
14 October Hipster
16 October UnNews:Afghanistan death toll closing in on 9/11 target
18 October Battle of Trafalgar
20 October Universe
22 October Hmor
24 October UnNews:Prof sues law school for bias against conservatives
26 October UnBooks:Dirty Harry Potter
28 October UnNews:Abu Hamza 'devastated' over Queen revelation
30 October UnNews:100m Americans watch West Indies win cricket final

November 2012[edit]

Date Name
1 November HowTo:Stalk your ex
3 November Corn
5 November HowTo:Become an Assassin
7 November Hairy ball theorem
9 November Talk radio
10 November UnDebate:The UnPresidential Debate
12 November Stevie Wonder
14 November Guyana
16 November Mensa
18 November UnRecipe:Crunchy Beaver with Pine Gum Coulis
20 November Being and Nothingness
21 November HowTo:Kill Yourself With A Brick
23 November Muffin the Mule
25 November JigSaw
27 November Donald Trump
29 November HowTo:Be an American in Europe

December 2012[edit]

Date Name
1 December Battle of the Alamo
4 December UnScripts:Superman's first adventure
6 December Compulsive cabin building
8 December Romance of the Three Kingdoms
11 December Gangnam Style
12 December Deepwater Horizon oil spill
13 December Why?:Your cat died
14 December Bitcoin
15 December University of Antarctica
16 December Boardwalk Empire
17 December John Travolta
18 December Grandmother paradox
19 December Green ink
20 December The Last Poker
21 December Clint Eastwood's Mule
23 December Koch Brothers
27 December Yellow Turban Rebellion
28 December Sheep
30 December Jim Morrison
31 December Auld Lang Syne