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21 March 2012

"Tick Tock" was rejected from the Born to Run album. Springsteen cited laryngitis.

ASBURY PARK, New Jersey -- When searching for material for an upcoming box set of his E Street Band's B-sides and rarities, Bruce Springsteen came across a long lost gem which became a huge hit for Ke$ha in 2010.

Springsteen has leaked a song he wrote in 1975 entitled "Tick Tock." It is best known for the 2010 cover by Ke$ha.

Springsteen wrote on his official website:

"This girl K££sha (sic) reminded me of a song we wrote back in '75. It was the original version of 'Tick Tock,' which we decided not to include on Born to Run. I kept thinking it had the potential to be a big hit, but I wasn't quite happy with the finished product. Plus, I had laryngitis, which is why my singing craps out. I wasn't happy with my laryngitis singing, not that anyone would know the difference, since I sing with a gravelly voice anyway."

The Springsteen version is an 8-minute-plus piano ballad that also highlights the saxophone work of the late Clarence Clemons, who died last year after suffering a stroke. It is played a half-step higher than the Ke$ha version, in the key of E♭ minor.

*Clarence Clemons, saxophone
**Steven Van Zandt, lead guitar

The song will be included in an upcoming box set of B-sides and rarities by the singer and his E Street Band, and will be available on until April 2, 2012 along with complete lyrics.

When asked about his opinion on the Ke$ha version, Springsteen replied, "No, no, way too much Autotune," and then joked, "You know, I could use some Autotune myself," then burst into his trademark laugh. "Nah, I'd kick my own ass if I did that shit. Her version ain't my cup of tea, but I appreciate her getting my song out there for people to hear, though that Autotune shit gets on my nerves. But at least she wrote Britney Spears's "Till the World Ends." Now, there's a quality pop recording." And yes, he was being serious.


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