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Here you will find a list of articles that were featured on the front page during the golden years of Uncyclopedia (meaning any year other than 2022) [golden meaning it's not like 2022] {meaning the articles aren't as good as 2021}. Do read them to see how much better the 2000 articles are. You may also wish to see the voting page for more articles.

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(12 09) December 9Benito Mussolini
(07 06) July 6UnTunes:Come In My Face
(01 01) January 1HowTo:Deal with the Loss of a Loved One
(04 06) April 6Deconstruction barrel
(04 14) April 14UnNews:Disney merges Star Wars and Christmas
(03 14) March 14UnNews:Former Last FM chairman launches controversial sexual assault site
(06 02) June 2Holocaust film
(05 16) May 16Kicking pigeons is FUN!
(08 01) August 1Leninade
(06 12) June 12UnNews:Local homophobe creampies QANTAS CEO
(03 09) March 9PANIC! at the Disco
(06 20) June 20UnNews:PETA demands the right to bear poop
(04 02) April 2People's Glorious Republic of Uukumbamabahalarata
(04 30) April 30Prohibition
(08 11) August 11Reductio ad Hitlerum
(10 01) October 1UnReviews:Rotten Tomatoes
(05 08) May 8Sam Harris
(04 22) April 22Television
(05 24) May 24UnNews:Trump nominates new Dr. Who
(11 30) November 30UnNews:Trump presidency just a dream, George W. Bush still president
(03 28) March 28White History Month