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On this page are articles that were featured on the front page during the golden years of Uncyclopedia (meaning any year other than this year) [golden meaning its not like this year] {meaning the articles aren't as good as this year}. Do read them to see how much better the 2011 articles are.

You may also wish to see the voting page for said better articles of this year.

Random featured article:
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January 2015[edit]

Date Name Feature credit
2 January Thanks for buying our product! Now, fuck you. (originally featured 29 July 2008) Hyperbole
4 January Tornado Gerrycheevers
8 January Suburban homeboy (originally featured 19 September 2006) Modusoperandi
10 January The Last of Us Mattsnow
12 January The History of the Decline and Fall of Uncyclopedia (originally featured 29 October 2009) Mhaille
18 January Alfred E. Neuman (originally featured 21 October 2010) Funnybony
23 January Sun (originally featured 3 September 2011) Black flamingo11
25 January Qin Shi Huang Sir Peasewhizz
29 January Godzilla (originally featured 4 July 2009) Guildensternenstein

February 2015[edit]

Date Name Feature credit
3 February UnBooks:Holmes On Homes (originally featured 14 August 2014) Zombiebaron
5 February Tour de France (originally featured 24 January 2014) Lizbink, Mattsnow
7 February Nirvana (originally featured 9 December 2014) Mattsnow, Xamralco
9 February My Yu-Gi-Oh! collection (originally featured 22 September 2014) Xamralco
11 February Melbourne (originally featured 17 October 2014) various authors
13 February Jizzlam (originally featured 21 December 2014) Nikau
15 February The Camera Obscura Collection of Hans Helmuth Saltzman (1602-1668) (originally featured 31 July 2014) Aleister, AndrewCStuart
17 February UnBooks:Aesop's Tables (originally featured 24 August 2014) ChiefjusticeDS
19 February Psychedelic Rosie and Her Coat of Many Colors (originally featured 5 September 2014) Anton199
21 February Ernest Hemingway (originally featured 30 March 2014) Various authors
23 February My Week Without Porn (originally featured 14 July 2014) RAHB
25 February Nothing's syndrome Everyotherusernamewastaken
26 February Rembrandt Everyotherusernamewastaken
28 February Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Leverage

March 2015[edit]

Date Name Feature credit
2 March Slut shaming Anton199
4 March Radical Republicans (originally featured 28 December 2009) TheLedBalloon
6 March Cricket various authors
8 March Elephant (originally featured 13 February 2011) Modusoperandi
10 March File 8AO4F: The God Case (originally featured 4 March 2008) Ljlego
12 March UnPoetia:Do Not Shag Gentle During That Good Night BlueYonder
14 March Bruce Wayne (originally featured 24 April 2010) UN:IC
16 March African American SPIKE
19 March Nelson Mandela (originally featured 17 June 2013) Leverage
22 March Really Big Tree (originally featured 30 January 2007) Hotadmin4u69
26 March I have a dream Anton199

April 2015[edit]

Date Name Feature credit
7 April Anaconda Plan Multiple users
13 April UnScripts:Prometheus Modusoperandi
19 April Uncyclopedian Funnybony
25 April American cuisine SPIKE

May 2015[edit]

Date Name Feature credit
1 May The Evolution of Modern Music Sog1970
7 May Corn snake Aleister
13 May Sydney Nikau
19 May Pope Francis Leverage
21 May UnScripts:Films of Waves Accompanied by a Breathy Voice-over to be shown at Modern Art Galleries Everyotherusernamewastaken
26 May The Misunderstood Funnybony