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On this page are articles that were featured on the front page during the golden years of Uncyclopedia (meaning any year other than this year) [golden meaning its not like this year] {meaning the articles aren't as good as this year}. Do read them to see how much better the 2011 articles are.

You may also wish to see the voting page for said better articles of this year.

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January 2006[edit]

Date Name
January 1st Alternative medicine
January 3rd Nike Revolution of 2006
January 6th Nobody cares
January 8th Alliteration
January 9th Finding Your Inner Sock Puppet
January 12th Gerrymander (politics)
January 14th Gratuitous Anime Panty Shot
January 16th No More Room In Hell Act
January 19th I Can't Believe it's Not Murder
January 21st Worst 100 Ways to Deliver Bad News
January 23rd Old Tech
January 24th Man uncyclopedia
January 26th Manhattan Engineering District
January 30th The Keep Your Finger In The Box Game

February 2006[edit]

Date Name
February 1st External combustion engine
February 3rd Moon hoax
February 5th VCR Manual
February 7th Rocky Mountain Oysters
February 9th Grand Conspiracy
February 11th Richard M. Stallman
February 13th Zen
February 14th Loneliness
February 16th Midget cockpunching terrorists
February 18th Neuroipods
February 19th Toilet Door Communication
February 22nd World War I
February 23rd Torture
February 26th OCD
February 28th Unquotable:Cthulhu

March 2006[edit]

Date Name
March 1st Sexual innuendo
March 3rd Don't be stupid
March 3rd Writer's block
March 8th Humility
March 19th Home Haggis Maker
March 21st UnNews:Osama bin Laden awarded star on the Walk of Fame
March 24th Westboro Baptist Church
March 26th Murphy's law application for antigravitatory cats
March 28th Bear
March 30th Vladimir Nabokov

April 2006[edit]

Date Name
April 1st Captain Obvious
April 3rd Do NOT click any links!
April 6th Teenager
April 8th UnNews:Nigerian census finds millions of rich, desperate princes
April 10th Women's Suffrage
April 12th Marcel Proust
April 14th Hide and Go Jesus
April 17th That old woman next door
April 19th Mozilla Firefox
April 22nd Vote Fish Penis
April 26th Maozilla
April 26th UnNews:Last spot in heaven taken; hundreds waitlisted
April 28th Water powered bus
April 30th Bouncy Castle

May 2006[edit]

Date Name
May 2nd Internet (video game)
May 4th Age of Umpires
May 6th Insert title here
May 6th The Root of All Evil
May 8th Distraction
May 12th Citizen Kong
May 14th Biggles
May 17th HowTo:Avoid speeding tickets/fines
May 19th Uncyclopedia is the worst
May 21st On a stick
May 23rd Colossus of Barbie
May 23rd Banana skin joke
May 27th HowTo:Change a lightbulb
May 29th Goa Tse
May 31st Handgun

June 2006[edit]

Date Name
June 2nd UnBooks:Embracing Mediocrity
June 4th Oscar Mayer
June 7th UnBooks:Adventure gamebook
June 9th Decapitation Disease
June 11th Segregation
June 13th Patriotism
June 13th Blame somebody else
June 17th Idiocrates
June 19th UnNews:National Gay Marriage Threat Level Raised to "Flamboyant"
June 21st John Cage
June 23rd Calvin and Hobbes
June 25th Rogue punchlines
June 27th Neolithic Age
June 29th UnBooks:See Dick

July 2006[edit]

Date Name
July 1st UnBooks:Ernest Hemingway's Cookery Corner
July 3rd Super Smash Bros.: Xtreme Beach Volleyball
July 5th Gay Pride
July 7th Africa
July 9th Speech to text software
July 11th Grue
July 13th Z
July 15th Jingo
July 17th Command Line
July 19th Canada
July 21st New Age Psychology
July 23rd HowTo:Get Banned
July 25th Universal Remote Control Everything 3000
July 27th The Swedish Orienteering And Firing A Rat From A Cannon Championships
July 29th Barns and Nobles
July 31st Rap

August 2006[edit]

Date Name
August 2nd Adobe Potatochop
August 4th HowTo:Solve The 1x1x1 Rubik's Cube
August 6th Voynich Manuscript
August 8th UnNews:RIAA CEO discusses the analog hole
August 9th Snopes
August 12th Smells Like Teen Spirit
August 13th Dark Ages
August 17th Battle of Gettysburg
August 19th Fisher Price: A Retrospective
August 21st Memento
August 23rd UnBooks:My First Necronomicon
August 26th Paradise Lost
August 28th HowTo:Be a Tramp
August 30th Gazebo

September 2006[edit]

Date Name
September 1st HowTo:Maintain a vanity site on Wikipedia
September 3rd Pixellated Face Disease
September 5th Lost in Translation
September 7th "Paul is dead" hoax
September 9th Humosexual
September 11th War of 1812
September 13th UnNews:Diogenes searches world for honest mechanic
September 15th HowTo:Write A Cover Letter
September 17th Medical Malpractice
September 19th Suburban homeboy
September 21st Disneyland
September 23rd American Fundie Magazine
September 25th Sausage Butty Batter Nugget
September 27th HowTo:Kill two birds with one stone
September 30th HowTo:Skip School

October 2006[edit]

Date Name
October 2nd A Tour of Baghdad
October 4th Fire hydrant
October 6th Hardwick Fundlebuggy's Prison Journal
October 8th Hammer
October 10th Rorschach Inkblot Acid Test
October 12th Commemorative plate
October 14th UnPoetia:Horton Hires a Ho
October 16th HowTo:Learn Hebrew
October 18th French Revolution
October 20th Martin Van Buren
October 22nd HowTo:Be pretentious
October 24th Hays Code
October 25th Waiting for Godot
October 26th Washington and Lafayette
October 28th The Putz Who Stole Hanukkah
October 30th Church of God the Wholly Incompetent

November 2006[edit]

Date Name
November 1st Jackson Pollock
November 3rd Water Polo... With Sharks!
November 5th Napoleon Bonaparte
November 7th Political advertising
November 9th Wall Street Crash of 1929
November 13th Double Ristretto Venti etc.
November 15th UnTunes:The Uncyclopedian's Song
November 17th Pontius Pilot
November 19th The Bureaucracy Channel
November 23rd UnBooks:The Complete Idiot's Guide To Talking To Women
November 25th Argos
November 27th Total Fucking Asshole Server 2006
November 29th Gaydar

December 2006[edit]

Date Name
December 1st Life's Unanswerable Questions
December 3rd Googlewhack
December 4th Fundagelical Christianity
December 5th HowTo:Make a Band
December 6th HowTo:Smell a Bit Like Fish
December 7th Internet Movie Database
December 8th Dear John letter
December 9th Henchmen
December 10th The Vagina Monologues
December 11th 001
December 12th UnNews:Stupid kid drowns in pond
December 13th HowTo:Cheat At Scrabble
December 14th UnBooks:Pulp Novel, the case of the dashing dame
December 15th The Annual One-Day-Only Winter Holidays Earlybird 5:00 AM 99% Off Sale
December 16th Prog Rock
December 17th The Free World
December 18th Holocaust Tycoon
December 19th Patrick Henry
December 20th UnNews:TIME magazine names "Person of the Year": Not You
December 21st New Hampshire Merchant Cat
December 22nd Garfield
December 23rd New Cooler Edition
December 24th Commercial Conformity Period
December 25th Christmas Number Ones
December 26th Life's Answerable Questions
December 27th Conceptual Art
December 28th Poof, There It Is Theory
December 29th Separation Issues
December 30th First Gradeism
December 31st IQ:Sample test