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Here you will find a list of articles that were featured on the front page during the golden years of Uncyclopedia (meaning any year other than 2022) [golden meaning it's not like 2022] {meaning the articles aren't as good as 2021}. Do read them to see how much better the 2000 articles are. You may also wish to see the voting page for more articles.

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(01) 04 January 4Ajit Pai
(05) 28 May 28Art's True Meanings
(10) 25 October 25Baboon
(07) 26 July 26Behemoth
(12) 19 December 19UnNews:Chevy Chase, Maryland, to change name to Bill Murray
(03) 18 March 18UnNews:Chia bas the 14th letter of the Eglish alphabet
(06) 04 June 4Death (band)
(01) 28 January 28UnNews:European Union turns Donald Trump into a walrus
(07) 20 July 20UnNews:Fishermen reel in MK15 Nuclear Bomb, plan to hang it on wall
(08) 09 August 9UnNews:Flat earthers 'do not exist'
(02) 24 February 24Hostile architecture
(06) 24 June 24I Fucking Love John "Bermuda" Schwartz
(10) 11 October 11Jules Verne
(09) 01 September 1Kurt Vonnegut
(01) 12 January 12L7
(11) 27 November 27UnNews:New documentary challenges Simpsons aliens
(02) 05 February 5Papyrus
(06) 08 June 8UnNews:Russia meddles in Fox's 'The Four' singing competition
(04) 08 April 8The Larry Sanders Show
(01) 20 January 20UnNews:This is a window
(02) 16 February 16UnScripts:Waiting For Godot 3: Waiting For Gadot
(03) 26 March 26Woody Allen