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Crede Quia Absurdum Est.

~ Oscar Wilde
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My Articles[edit | edit source]

Here is a fairly wide selection of the articles I've written:

Star.gifNothing's syndrome
Star.gifGod Screw You Royally, Gentlemen
Star.gifBluestocking (WITH HELP FROM ROMARTUS)
Star.gifGlory hole
Star.gifAliana y los Enanitos Grandes
Star.gifFilms of Waves Accompanied by a Breathy Voice-over to be shown at Modern Art Galleries
Trojan Asteroid
Coming soon

Songs[edit | edit source]

Star.gifUnTunes:God Screw You Royally, Gentlemen
UnTunes:Wine-writer's (Wander)lust
UnTunes:I'm Disgusting, and That's Got You Hot
UnTunes:I Eat Babies

Semi-auto-biographical[edit | edit source]

Too Tall

Will & Testament[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately, so far my contributions on this site only tell half the story, because I used to edit at the spoon. If you want a bit of entertainment, check my user-page: [1], block log: [2] and final contributions: [3]. I could go into a detailed criticism of the site, but instead I'll just jump to my conclusion: I would encourage anyone to only edit at that site if it will piss off this guy: [4].

Here I have been met somewhat more hospitably and aim to keep activity high as much as possible. The problem is that I'm writing this now after a long spell of inactivity, and I don't know why it ended. Perhaps someone reminded the people on IRC that this site still exists.