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"Dizu izu IMPOSSIBURU!!"
"The Nation's Girl Group"
Background Information
Origin South Korea
Years active 2015-present
Genre K-Pop (obviously), J-Pop, EDM, Naturally Automated Singing, Nasal Singing, Nightcore
One in a Million! Annyeonghaseyo! Teuwaiseu ibnida!
Naega Byeonhae!


Nayeon certifies this page as cringe.

Before reading, please remember that this page may contain things that are offensive for snowflakes and toxic stans and fans.

Twice (Korean: 방탄소년단 Romanized: WaE KUrOJi MoLLa Japanese: お前はもう死んでいる Hepburn: Nani?!) is a South Korean girl group under YPG Unentertainment[1], formed by the survival show Sextiin[2], with the purpose of making music made originally for Koreans, but became extremely popular and probably overrated around the globe. They had their Korean in October 2015 with "Like OOH-AHH", and debuted in Japan with "One More Time" in June 2017. Currently, they are one of the most popular and talented female Kpop groups and should be stanned by everyone[3].


Warning: Said information may not be accurate.

2015 and Before[edit]

The legend responsible for creating the group, appearing in a legendary cameo.

In 2013, WKRJML Unentertainment[4] announced that they will be creating a new girl group which included Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Nayeon and 3 other Asian girls, tentatively named NMIXX, which was reformed in 2022 with 7 members, which consisted of different Asian girls. But, as you can see, the original project got cancelled and Got7 was formed instead. Twice was formed from the top 9 (originally 7 because Momo and Tzuyu were added at the series finale) legends of the ancient Forbidden Technique, showcased in SIXTEEN[5], which ran from May to July 2015, in MNET, which was known to rig survival shows after this, created and organized by the Legendary Master of Natural Singing, JayWhyPee[6][7]. The group debuted in October of the same year with the EP "Like OOH-AHH", from the EP, "The Story Begins", with the lead single, "Like OOH-AHH". The group basically predicted "Train to Busan" through their music video, where they became one of the infected, playing and dancing with them, which includes Onii-chan. Afterwards, the group announced their fandom name, ONCE, and their antifandom name, THRICE, because these insecure trolls from THRICE would return the love from ONCEs to TWICE as 3x hatred. The group is so talented that they won awards with the first song, and skyrocketed into poularity.


Imma turn into a convertible.

DaBaby's last words before being cursed for not shutting up.

This is his punishment after not shutting up.

As they are sigma females of the legendary art, they won multiple awards at 2015 year-end award shows, which actually take place in the beginning of the next year with just one song. The group then released their second EP, "Page Two", with the lead single, "Cheer Up (Shut Up Baby!!)", apparently in which the girls try to convince DaBaby[8] to STFU, which he didn't do, and was cursed to become the group's convertible, but was scrapped and sent to the metal crusher a month later. The said song isn't an original song, but a rearrangement of the 1998[9] song "Precious Love". It was at this era where they won their first wins at K-Pop music shows in different channels and had their first performance in the US, which was part of KCON, also known as Sawcon[10] by some people. For their first anniversary, the group released the song "One in a Million" for their upcoming third EP, "Twicecoaster: Lane 1", along with its lead single "TT" for Halloween, which is appropriately the concept of the music video, where two kids came expecting candy, but it was them! Teuwaiseu![11] It is also implied that the song had a sequel, but I wont give any details until February 2017.


Oh no, so now we're going to have to deal with one of the group's overworked years in this section. From a world tour that only visited like 0.5% of the world, to too many albums, and their use on a conquest by the Land of the Morning Calm (Land of the Toxic KNetz) to the epic Land of the Rising Sun.

After the alien rejects them, they try to look like him in order for them to @u2# ^&c$ o+$#r a$ 1 10-%*#3.
Something that was considered cringe at that point.
The Hallyu Imperial Army prepares to go to war.

On January, it was announced that the group will be having their first tour, "Twiceland -The Opening", which was instantly sold-out because of very obsessive fans who would give everything they own to Twice, which is essentially their religion. The tour took place in South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand, which began in February. At the same time, the group released the sequel to "TT", "Knock Knock (Joe's Mix)"[12] as the lead single of "Twicecoaster: Lane 2". The music video contained a cameo from the legend himself, and it is implied here that they died of hypothermia after getting locked out (they should've jumped in through the window) and are ghosts in the previous episode. At the same time, it was leaked by the epicly Chuunibyou Japanese spies that they would begin their conquest in Japan[13]. On May of the same year, the group released their 4th episode, "Signal". In the episode, the girls try to seduce an alien who does not reciprocate their feelings, using their superpowers, which turned out to be unhelpful, like this guide you imbecile are currently reading[14]. (The alien is probably someone with bad taste.) A month later, the girls have completed their conquest in Japan, overthrowing the reigning WEEBOO shogunate because of their #Twice album, probably infecting some weebs. A few months later, the group released their full album, after two long years, in October, titled "Twicetagram", which was a new social media outlet at that time, but was deleted due to similarities with Instagram. The said album's lead single was titled "Likey", where it showed the group just doing random things in Vancouver while singing said song. At one point of the song, Dahyun suddenly just dabbed out of nowhere just like what Squidward used to do[15]. At the same time, the group released their first Weeb single, "One More Time ~x2~". A month later, they released their new single, "Heart Shaker ~イズサナゲイ~", in which rumors were raised about Sana being Queen of the Lesbians[16].


Just like last year, this year was an overworked year for the group, as almost every month has a new song from them.

The promo card for the TwicexTouhou event.

In February, the group released their second Japanese single, "Candy Pop", with a remix version, "Bad Apple"[17], as part of a collaboration with Touhou Project, in which the group appeared as anime characters who got reverse-isekai'd to try to cheer up[18] a little girl who is lonely during White Day. For you idiots who don't know what it is, White Day is a sequel to Valentine's Day, which was only released in Asia, which works differently, as Valentine's is when girls give gifts to guys, and White Day is done in reverse. Afterwards, they got isekai'd again to the world of Touhou, with their legendary master getting arrested in the process. Two months later, the group released their fifth Korean EP "What is Love?", with the lead single, "Ika'y Mahal pa rin"[19]. A month later, the group released their third Japanese single, "Wake Me Up"[20][21], and began their second world tour, which now included Indonesia. A month later, in June, the group released a cover of The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back", as an OST for "Sensei Kunshu". And in July, the group released a reissue of "What is Love?", titled "Summer Nights", which included "Dance the Night Away", a new single. In the music video, the members are castaways in a seemingly uninhabited island, probably inspired by the Backyardigans[22] or Lost in Blue, until they realized that they are in a private island the next day.

A bulldozer Jeongyeon probably built in order to infiltrate an enemy base.

It was actually good that they didn't release a new song in August (if pre-releases don't count), because at this rate, they are now extremely overworked with no time for themselves.

On the day after 9/11[23], the group released their first Japanese album, "BDZ", with the lead single of the same name. In the music video, it was said by Sana that their original universe had already became chaotic and dystopian, and they formed a resistance army to return it to utopia by saving the sprite versions of themselves, known as "Raburi", and used a bulldozer built by Jeongyeon out of her LEGOs to break into the enemy base. After two months[24], the group released their sixth EP, "Yes or Yes", alongside the lead single that copied its name from the EP, where it was implicitly confirmed that Sana had decided to become the Queen of Lesbians, which was rejoiced by everyone. It was also seen in the music videos that they have also mastered the mystic arts, as seen by tarot cards[25] and a crystal ball, which was also a side-effect of the autotune technique. Unfortunately, this song also marked the end of the cute concept of Twice, probably because a lot of people were complaining about it, because they think the group is too old enough for the concept. A month later, the group released a reissue of "Yes or Yes", "The Year of 'Yes'"with the lead single, "The Best (Maybe Worst) Thing I Did", and a repackage of "BDZ" with the new single, "Stay by My Side", the theme song of a live-action drama anime, probably as a present for their fans for the season.


The explosion from #Twice Mk. II

This time, the group released less songs and albums because of the Hallyu Conquest, in which they are taking part, and are still overworked because of said conquest and touring.

In March, the group unveiled the second Japanese compilation album (or for short, nuke) in their arsenal, the "#Twice Mk. II", to further help in their conquest as part of the JayWhyPee Infantry Division, which is part of the still ongoing conquest of the Hallyu Empire[26]. A month later, the group released Episode 7 of their career: "Fancy You[27]", with its lead single, "Fancy", which began the "Era of Maturity and Elegance" of the group, where we see that they are no longer insecure about girls, gays[28], and guys not liking them and their music. After a month, their conquest continued, where they now included Dapilipins, Malaysia, the U.S. of A and The other side of the wall. In June, the group released two singles on the same day, which both have completely opposing concepts, and were both used for Japanese commercials[29]. The first was "Happy Happy", which was used as a commercial for Qoo, a Japanese drink, and has a summer vibe to it, as of course, it is used to promote said beverage. The second single was "Breakthrough", which honestly was better, and was used as a commercial for a Japnese cosmetics brand, and used a more mature vibe, because it is more appropriate for make-up. The group then took a break, for extremely obvious reasons, from releasing new singles until September.

The &Twice panzer.

A few months later, in September[30], the group released season 8, titled "Feel Special", alongside the lead single of the same name. The song was produced by the master himself, and so incorporates techniques from the ancient art, which helped them in their conquest in the US and the rest of North America[31], which was seen as a threat by the Big D to his beloved territory of the free, which isn't really free. Two months later, the group unveiled the new addition to their arsenal, the album panzer known as "&Twice", alongside its lead single/turret "Fake and True".

This year also was also labelled as one of the best years in the history of the Hallyu Conquest, which was led by the BTS Army, and allies because of how effective their strategies are in persuading the masses, especially 14-year-old girls, to let their beloved lands be conquered by the Hallyu and to join the stan military, through loud and catchy music and dance routines that included chest pumping, gyrating, hip thrusting, and twerking, which at the time, were proven to be hypnotizing, thus making it extremely effective in world domination, except for the Union of People with Bad Taste in Music[32][33], their sworn enemies.


By the end of the year, the Hallyu Empire has already conquered 99.69% of America.

An angry conservative berating the song.

In February, it was revealed that the Republican Resistance Force, led by Supreme Leader Taylor Swift and 5-Star General Nick Jonas[34] have signed a pact of alliance with the Hallyu Empire to help in their conquest in the United States. A month later, the "Twicelights" World Tour was about to have its finale at this year, but was cancelled because of the Kung Flu[35], which was a martial art, created to counter the Autotune Technique. In April, the group premiered a 9-episode documentary series, "Seize the Light", with each episode being about one member's journey from the harsh training under the legendary art, until their quest for world domination. It was later confirmed that it won't get a 2nd season, automatically putting it in the "No Game No Life" squad[36]. Two months later, the group released their 9th EP, "More and More", alongside with the lead single of the same name. The song is about the o-word which I'm not allowed to say as not to taint the minds of innocent children reading which intensifies because of skinship, or about the countries that the Hallyu Empire has conquered[37][38]. The music video is inspired by the story of the Garden of Eden, as snakes, vegetation, and an apple, in which the members prepare to bite. This music video in particular caused outrage among Conservatives and the Bible Belt-wearing people of the Confederate States of America, which banned the song entirely. Some Conservative Critics also gave it a rating of -666/100. A few weeks after, the group released "Fanfare", a Japanese single for an album that would only be released next year, and was clearly better than "Less or Less" by 10^1000%[39].

My disappointment upon learning about the collab with K/DA.
The #Twice Mk. III in all of its glory.

To compensate for the cancelled tour, the group held an online concert, "Twice: World in a Day", in August, which was watched by a lot of people, even by those who watched the livestream illegally and for free[40]. This is also included in the events (including the creation of the new religion known as Næviism) that marked the beginning of the Hallyu Empire's conquest in the Digital World. A month later, the group unveiled another upgrade to their nukes in the arsenal, the "#Twice Mk. III", which includes more flashing lights[41][42] in its explosion. In October, as part of the 5th anniversary, the group released their second Korean studio album, "Eyes Wide Open", with its lead single, "I Can't Stop Me", which is about the members having no self control in their choices and secretly about how the Hallyu Empire can't be stopped, effectively praising the glorious empire[43]. A few weeks later, at the beginning of No Nut November, they had a collaboration with the worst of both the worlds of K-Pop and MOBA, that is, K/DA, titled "I'll Show You My Tits", to catch anyone participating off guard, with only Nayeon, Sana, Jihyo, and Chaeyoung participating[44]. This group (K/DA) is released specifically for the morbidly obese, time wasting trolls who always spend their time playing MOBA games and trashtalking noobs of the genre than do something with their life, such as touching grass, and breathing fresh air. A few days later, the group released their seventh Japanese single "Better", in the eleventh day of abstinence. On the last day of abstinence, the group has successfully conquered American TV by appearing in a late-night show. A few days later, the group released a new single, "Cry For Me", as a present to fans, during the 2020 Annual Your Mother Asian Ching Chong Sing Song Awards, which is like the Grammys but taking place in Imperial China[45], because they probably need more attention[46].


Alcohol-Free (really?)

Ladies and gentlemen, the most overworked year of TWICE. You comrades can now frick off and continue reading for the sake of our glorious empire and its equally glorious subjects.

The album cover for "Perfect World".

On May, the group released their new Japanese single, "Kura Kura", which was pre-released a few weeks prior. A month later, the group released their tenth EP, "Taste of Love"[47], with its lead single "Alcohol Free (99.99%)". The song isn't really alcohol-free as the lyrics make too much references to drinking and alcoholic beverages, which was slammed once again by Conservatives, as this would possibly corrupt the minds of children[48]. The music video features the group in a resort, mostly by a poolside bar, once again referencing alcohol, also in their choreography[49]. It was filmed at a 5-star hotel which they rented, and was closed because they rented the entire premises just for filming, as they were already rich and famous because of their conquests in the Hallyu Empire, which was discovered by a streamer. A month later, the group released their third Japanese album, "Perfect World", with the lead single of the same name. They then took a break for a few months, until October, when they released their first Engrish[50] single, "The Feels". In the music video, the group is seen preparing for, then attending a prom, with the members dating themselves. It was foreshadowed in the same music video that their conquest tour will almost be happening, even though the Boomer Doomer is still making threats, which boomers don't believe it's true[51]. A month later, the group released their 3rd Korean album, "Formula of Love: O+T=<3", with its lead single, "Scientist", and as the name suggests, makes a lot of references to Math, Science, Sci-Fi, and Dr. Stone (the best anime series). Two months later, the group released their 9th Japanese single, "Doughnut", probably as loving memory to the donut gang that died in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. At the same time, their concert tour began.


The extent of what the Hallyu Empire has conquered in the US.
A test launch for #Twice Mk. IV.

The group pushed through with their not-so world tour in, even with the threat of Omicron[52] virus, travelling in Korea, Japan, and in Bidenland. In March, the group unveiled "#Twice Mk. IV", a new addition to their arsenal, which was an ICBM, made to compete against those from the toxic North Korea. Two months later, the group opened their personal Instagram accounts. In June, Nayeon released her solo debut EP, which is named after herself. The group released their fourth Japanese album a month later, titled "Celebrate", with the lead single of the same name, appropriately titled for the in honor of the contract renewal. It is also said that the group will have a Korean comeback in August, which was later confirmed with the release of their eleventh episode, "1.5 ~Between 1&2~", which is probably about the transition of the original and the renewed contract, or reboot[53] alongside the news that the group has renewed their contracts. Loyal comrades, rejoice! For all the deities you believe in have listened to your wishes and prayers and held a meeting in the great Heavenly Kingdom and agreed to your wishes[54]! The Great Imperial Army also awards everyone who fervently and loyally wished and prayed for the cause the highest rank ever.



"Nayeon eating her favorite food, ice cubes."
Background Information
Birthdate September 22, 1995 (age 26)
Birthplace Seoul, South Korea
Position Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Center
"Is Sana Gay?"
Squirt! Squirt! Squirtle!

Nayeon (probably)

Im Nayeon (Korean: 임나연), better known by her stage name, Nayeon, is a South Korean singer, and the oldest and fake youngest member of the girl group Twice.

Personal Life[edit]

Josh Hitler, a descendant of Adolf Hitler, and Nayeon's stalker.

She was born in September 22, 1995, I don't know if this is actually true, as she looks like she was born 10 years later, in Seoul. Before becoming an idol, she was a child model where she was scouted by YPG Unentertainment, but not allowed by her mom. It was also at the same time when her leg got hit by a car, probably drove by an Asian CJ[55], who was told to follow the damn train. In her teen years, she was told by her parents to go to cram school, but instead auditioned for YPG, because she wants to[56] (luckily, she wasn't disowned), and appeared in a few music videos before debut. In May 2022, she tested positive for the Sawcon variant of COVID-19, alongside Momo and Tzuyu. She made her solo debut a month later, with the single "POP!", which was slammed by VIVIZ and Funko for plagiarism.

Stalker incident[edit]

Beginning in late 2019, Nayeon has been the victim of stalkings from a crazed German anti-fan, Josh1994, also known as Josh Hitler by cultured and sophisticated humans. He has been travelling back-and-forth from Germany to South Korea just to pursue her[57], even though no one would like someone like him because of said incident. He is so passionate on his un-epic and un-heroic quest for Nayeon, that he even leaked Chaeyoung's phone number,[58]. He is now disgraced in all social media, but it won't stop him from giving up. As of now, his quest is still going on. Here is what he has to say about those saying he should quit: "Das war ein Befehl! Der Angriff Steiners war ein Befehl! Wer sind Sie, dass Sie es wagen, sich meinem Befehl zu widersetzen? So weit ist es also gekommen? Das Militär hat mich belogen! Jeder hat mich belogen, sogar die SS! Die gesamte Generalität ist nichts als ein Haufen niederträchtiger, treuloser Feiglinge!".

Some Other Irrelevant Information[edit]

Not funny, didn't laugh.
  • She is the mistress of aegyo, and can access the ancient techniques of the Aegyo Arts, which only the worthiest masters have access to, with some being: High-Pitched Aegyo Screech, Camouflage Baby Technique, among others, to which Jeongyeon is totally weak against as the latter finds said techniques extremely cringy.
  • She isn't flexible, unlike the other members, which is very relatable to most of us, as just moving our joints 0.000001 cm from our limits will automatically break it.
  • She has large hands, and Yoshikage Kira[59] is probably also stalking her at any given moment
  • Sometimes, she thinks she is funny, but she is actually being cringy to the other members. Other members' minds: Not funny, didn't laugh[60].
  • She likes oil so much, that she would eat butter as it is and would drink oil straight from the bottle, and can be compared to the US of A.
  • She can't use a knife properly, as she tried to cut strawberries with the blunt side, but seriously, why would you want to slice a strawberry? You could just remove the sepals and voila, actual edible strawberry!
  • She probably is a mermaid, as she sleeps with her eyes open, like a fish.
  • Category: Tiny Turtle Pokémon, Type: Water, Height: 50cm, Weight: 9 kg, Evolves into Wartortle upon reaching level 16.
  • She likes kids, but she's probably not a pedo.
  • According to the other members, she is sometimes delusional, which they tease her for, as she likes talking to dolls all of the time, thinking that they are living people.
  • She is the only member who isn't relatable, we all probably look like a potato, amirite?


She has no face.
Background Information
Birthdate November 1, 1996 (age 25)
Birthplace Suwon, South Korea
Position Lead Vocalist
insert epic sax guy music
I got no jams.

Elder no-jam sibling

Yoo Jeongyeon (Korean:유정연), better known by her stage name, Jeongyeon, is a South Korean singer, and is the group's mother and their legal guardian.

Predebut Life[edit]

Taken before disaster because Nayeon was too hyper and threw the WiiMote.

Jeongyeon was born as Yoo Kyungwan, in November 1, 1996, in Suwon, South Korea, to President Kim's[61] personal chef and chef's wife. If you are asking, no, it's not that morbidly-obese Kim who happens to be the only fat guy in his country and wants to conquer the world and thinks he is a god. She changed her name into Yoo Jeongyeon because she was mistaken for a boy with said name, and because it sounds better than her former name. She also learned how to play the trumpet and the saxophone at a young age, which is probably very epic. As a trainee, she also appeared in music videos and ads before debut.


She was diagnosed (twice)[62] with anxiety disorder between 2020-2021, and had to take an extended hiatus, meaning the group will only promote as OT8 for time being, but has returned to OT9 recently.

Irrelevant Information[edit]

The reason why Sana is gay.
  • During the early days of her career, multiple people, myself included, thought she was a femboy, due to her haircut at said time period. Said haircut is probably a reason of Sana's gayness.
  • She likes Legos and has an entire collection at the dorm, which conflicts with Momo's plush collection, as the two share a room in their dorm, and won't hesitate to force someone to step on a Lego pile when she's ticked off, which is proven to be effective in inducing max pain, which can help in punishing annoying kids who are always running around the restaurant.
  • As she is the mother of the group, she likes to do and is in charge of the cleaning in their dormitory, and once reprimanded the other members because of how messy the dormitory looks.
  • She once worked at a bakery after the original girl group plan fell apart[63]. She also worked part-time and undercover at her friend's cafe during her 2nd hiatus.
  • She is also a chick magnet, which was supposed to be Deku's Quirk, which she probably stole, and attracts females and fruity people to their ever-growing Hallyu Imperial Army.
  • Even though she is a year younger than Nayeon, she is much more mature than her, and does less aegyo (which is Nayeon's specialty/secret technique), because doing aegyo and getting exposed to the aegyo makes her feel sick and want to puke on Nayeon.
  • She likes mukbangs, but I hope she doesn't like Nikonikonii Avocadonii-kun, the worst mukbanger ever who claims that he is still skinny even though he is now the Eggman.
  • It took her 3 years before she passed the basic dance exam as a trainee, and said exams are one of the reasons why I won't recommend dreaming to be an idol, among multiple other reasons, which of course, includes toxic stans[64].


WTF am I doing with my life?!
Background Information
Birthdate November 9, 1996 (age 25)
Birthplace Kyotanabe, Japan
Position Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
Pink Lamborghini

Nikocado Avocado

Hirai Momo (Weeabese:平井もも), better known by her stage name, Momo, is a Japanese singer based in South Korea, and is the Dance Machine and Babo Jokbal Queen of the group.

Personal Life[edit]

Does this look like the face of mercy?

Momo (not to be confused with the child predator)[65] was born 8 days after Jeongyeon, which was on November 9, 1996, in Japan. She was born at a young age while being exposed to dance at the same time, as she is programmed to do so. In 2012, she, along with Sana began their training in the legendary art known as The Autotune Forbidden Technique, WaE KurOJi MOllA. A few years later, she was deemed worthy for competing in Sixteen, where female practitioners compete in a battle of the ancient technique, which was now renamed autotune[66], but was sadly defeated, but the ancient master himself deemed her worthy soon after. In May 2022, she tested positive for the Sawcon variant of COVID-19, alongside Nayeon and Tzuyu.


In 2020, it was finally confirmed that she is in a relationship with an older male idol and famous comedian Heechul (who was a literal teenager when she was just a baby, which may be considered as the p-word I'm not allowed to say, as some of you crybabies might probably break into my house and gang-bang me), but broke up a year later because of conflicting schedules.

Irrelevant Information[edit]

The Pink Lamborghini.
  • She is a Pinklawan, even showing off her status as one by driving a Pink Lambo[67] that she uses when participating in the great race of Mt. Akina, where she can't beat the legendary tofu boy.
  • She was removed from the contest lineup, but was proven worthy to be a master in the Ancient Autotune Technique of Natural Singing.
  • She likes to eat food, like the stereotypical shounen anime protagonist, especially the Korean delicacy which is basically just a deep-fried sussy's foot and hooves.
  • Even though she loves eating, she dislikes watermelon and cucumber, because she thinks its just water, just solidified, and can't understand why there are fruits that exist which is literally just water.
  • She currently holds the world record in speedrunning passing the basic dance exam, at 90:06:14[68].
  • As the trainee life is an extremely grueling and toxic one, she was forced to eat only ice for an entire week, in which she thought that her time has come, as a way to lose some weight for an upcoming showcase, but then binge-ate a week later to return to her original weight.
  • She revealed that she became the babo member of the group after she accidentally headbutted the wall, when she was in elementary school. As a result, she forgot what her blood type is, taking her until SIXTEEN to finally remember through a blood test.
  • She really likes dogs even though her skin can't tolerate dog fur, because she doesn't care about asthma caused by allergic reactions or by Ligma.
  • She has a tendency to malfunction as a dance machine, by blank staring into nothingness, or probably into your soul, which she will probably steal when you sleep and have sweet dreams[69]. (Nah, just kidding.)
  • She is sometimes afraid of the souls she sometimes might steal, as she covers her bed with plushies so they won't have room to take revenge on her, and sleeps with wet hair to deter those souls.


Her Majesty, seated upon her throne.
Background Information
Birthdate December 29, 1996 (age 25)
Birthplace Osaka, Japan
Position Sub-Vocalist
Ohyo Ohyo
It's like carbonated water, without the carbonation.

Sana when asked about water

Minatozaki Sana (Nihongo:湊崎紗夏), better known by her stage name Sana, or by her full title, Her Majesty, Sana Minatozaki of Lesbos, is a Japanese singer based in South Korea and is the Queen of Gaes[70].

Personal Life[edit]

The queen with one of her concubines.

Sana was born on December 29, 1996, in the rowdiest city of Japan, as an only child to her parents. Before moving to Korea for her training, she trained at for EXB, which was now popular because of their hit song, "Hayaan Mo Sila". She was scouted by JayWhyPee when she was shopping in the Underground with her friends, probably for occult items. She then auditioned by dancing to her favorite song, "Mr. Taxi", but now regrets it, because of how cringy her performance is to herself[71]. She passed the audition, then moved to Korea for training, after graduating from middle school[72]. As a trainee, she appeared in multiple music videos of senior labelmates. In 2016, she returned to Japan for a short time to take the University Entrance Exam. In May 2022, she tested positive for the Updog variant of COVID-19.

Japanese New Era Controversy[edit]

On the beginning of the reign of the Glorious Emperor of Nippon, Sana made a post on Instagram congratulating the Great Emperor, the Son of Amaterasu. She was then accused of secretly being Mio Honda, a notorious Japanese War Criminal, but was proven to be false. Others also accused her of being a traitor to the Glorious Hallyu Empire, but isn't executed due to her high ranking.

Royal heritage[edit]

In 2017, rumors started spreading, because of the phrase, "Is Sana Gay"[73], which was suddenly asked because of her actions to the other members of the group. Conspiracies also rose up, saying her gayness is either a sign of her extreme femininity, or because she is extremely attracted to Jeongyeon's drip during 2015. These were later proven to be false, as she was still showing signs of gayness. It was later revealed and unveiled by historians, and scientists, that she is indeed, the rightful leader of Lesbos, and is the reincarnation of their final leader before the fall[74]. She was then given a formal coronation, and her first order as Queen was to annex her kingdom to the Hallyu Empire.

Irrelevant Information[edit]

One of the ancient ruins of Lesbos, which was nearly destroyed during her coronation.
  • She is the clumsiest member, as proven by her performance in "Like OOH-AHH", where she fell butt-first while trying to jump from the bus. Surprisingly, she is also good at running in slippery or uneven surfaces.
  • She hates eggplants, for obvious reasons.
  • In the group, she also is the master of the Hidden Aegyo Techniques only accessible by the Queens of Lesbos, which are totally different from Nayeon's, which include the Sha Sha Beam, and the Chiju Kimbap Secret Technique.
  • She has at least 8 concubines, but the number keeps on rising.
  • Instead of singing, dancing, or rapping during SIXTEEN, her first performance was hosting a cooking show, where she cooked da eggroll in front of the legendary master, because she thought he was Gordon Ramsay. Her Melody Project was also not a cover, but a cosplay photoshoot.
  • She is the wisest of all among the Queens of Lesbos, as seen in her extremely straightforward words of wisdom, such as: "Green tea is green", "Water is just carbonated water without carbonation.", "The concept of "I'm gonna be a star", is star.", "It smells like nose!", "I think the desk was just a desk.", "Everyone, the Earth is big.", "A good maze is a maze you don't run in.", "She really seemed like a Korean trainee training in Korea.", and "If you practice being imaginative, you become more imaginative."[75].
  • She is probably not eco-friendly, as she doesn't like green.
  • She is also the only extroverted member, and such, is very optimistic, given that she is the Queen of Lesbos[76].
  • She has a reputation of sleepwalking and was once caught doing so at a performance.


Oo na! Sasagot na! Nangwa-warshock ka talaga eh no!
Background Information
Birthdate February 1, 1997 (age 25)
Birthplace Guri, South Korea
Position Leader, Main Vocalist
CrYyYy FoR MeEeE
Shut up, baby! Shut, up baby!

Jihyo who? I only know Jigglypuff.

Park Jihyo (Hangugeo:박지효), better known by her stage name, Jihyo, or as Thomas the Dank Engine, is a South Korean singer, and is the alpha female (leader), and the loudspeaker of TWICE.

Personal Life[edit]

Jihyo, Nayeon, and a girl I don't know who the frick is in a teen cosmetics commercial.

Jihyo was born as Park Jisoo, on February 1, 1997, but had her name legally changed before SIXTEEN due to her name being commonly used by Korean celebrities. When she was in third grade, she participated in a contest of the sport where players have to pretend they're in a scenario they're not really in (also known as acting), where she won 2nd place, as her skills weren't that good enough at the time. It was at this time where she was scouted by JYP[77] to become their youngest trainee at the time, and as expected, and with hard work and determination, it took her 10 years before she finally recieved fame and honor she deserved, for being a master of the Ancient Art. She also was featured in commercials and music videos before debut, and was also part of the original group including Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Sana that disbanded because of Got7[78], and instead had to join the battle for a position in the new girl group.


In 2019, it was revealed that she is dating with Kang Daniel from WannaOne, and that they were introduced to each other by a fellow labelmate. The couple broke up because they thought there were better things to do with their life.

Irrelevant Information[edit]

All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!!
  • Sasaengs on Jihyo: All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ[79]!! (Pictured)
  • Category: Balloon Pokémon, Type: Normal/Fairy, Height: 50cm, Weight: 5.5 kg, Evolves from Igglybuff upon levelling up with high friendship, and evolves into Wigglytuff when exposed to a Moon Stone.
  • She is ambidextrous, meaning both of her hands are extremely versatile, and Kira is probably stalking her as well[80]. She is also learning how to play golf using her right hand.
  • She was a victim of fat-shaming during the SIXTEEN era, even though she's just being healthy, unlike the other anorexic idols who look like they will be easily blew away by the wind.
  • Along with Dahyun, they were originally training to be actresses, but became idols because of them winning a spot for TWICE, in the last episode of SIXTEEN[81].
  • Her body can't intake pineapples, as she has an allergic reaction even by just thinking about it. She also can't eat food that is *cue Gordon* RAW!
  • She likes to go karaokeing, web-surfing, and webtoon reading, which most of us also probably do.
  • She was often mistaken for an Aryan foreigner when she was younger.
  • When she was a kid, most of her playmates were guys, as she was the only girl in their neighborhood at the time, and once peed on a wall with her friends.
  • She is one of the gamer girls of the group, with her specialty being MOBAs such as League of Legends and Starcraft, in which every South Korean should be able to play as it is a cultural heritage sport.


Mina Regret.jpg
Mina finds out what keys cow translates to in Filipino, and instantly regrets it.
Background Information
Birthdate March 24, 1997 (age 25)
Birthplace San Antonio, Texas, USA
Position Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist
Ketchup is life.
Hey boy, look, I'm gonna make this simple for you, you have two choices: Yes or Yes

Mina trying to be a seductress

Myoui Mina (Animese:名井南), better known by her stage name, Mina, or by her Americanized name, Mina Sharon Myoui, is a Japanese singer based in South Korea, and the English Queen of the group, and is currently Chaeyoung's kanojo[82].

Personal Life[edit]

Mina was born in Texas, on March 24, 1997, to obviously Japanese parents. Before getting an interest in KPop, she took ballet lessons for eleven years. It was her friends that brought her to the world of Korean popular music, so we as fans, have to thank said friends, because, if they didn't do so, our lives would be filled with despair[83]. After that, she started training in more modern dance styles, and was then recruited by the JayWhyPee Task Force while she was shopping with her mother. While being a trainee, she appeared in music videos, then participated in the Grand Bout, which is SIXTEEN with JYP.


In 2019, she took a hiatus after getting diagnosed with anxiety disorder (this one is real and she ain't faking it (unlike those stupid TikTok Zoomers)), and didn't participate in the tour from mid-2019 to February 2020. And in May 2022, she tested positive for the Pudding[84] variant of COVID-19, after the 4 others also tested positive.

Irrelevant Information[edit]

The New Mina Myoui Meal from Mcdonald's! Only costs $0.49!
The last of her kind.
  • She loves ketchup, especially Heinz as it is her character item if she's a VOCALOID. When she orders Fries in Mcdonald's, she always asks for the two to switch places, prompting a new collab item, as seen in the image.
  • She doesn't like the foods silkworm pupae, plum blossoms, and fermented soybeans, which is extremely relatable as these foods actually look disgusting, and would rather eat British cuisine[85].
  • She also doesn't like roller coasters and other thrill rides. Very relatable in an astral level.
  • She, alongside Dahyun and Tzuyu debuted without taking the routine dance exam that everyone is required to pass, as the three of them are queens and sigma females of the ancient art.
  • She likes Harry Potter even though wizards and witches always pissed and s**t anywhere they wanted before toilets existed as part of the ancient and sacred rituals required in the art of witchcraft[86]. She also likes the show Stranger Things, which is a show about strangers giving kids free candy and free rides in their big white van.
  • She is an otaku and also owns at least 2 waifu pillows even though she is female, making her a yuri anime character.
  • The Queen Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri regina), a probably extinct subspecies where she is the only known individual left, as the species is extremely elusive. This species is known to look like a human female, no matter what gender. Flocks of these were often mistaken for a lesbian orgy until you see the male carrying an egg which makes it look pregnant. The species were live captured and sent to brothels were male humans (especially furries can do them, which drove them to near-extinction. Fortunately, conservation efforts for this species are ongoing, and the construction and operation of these penguin brothels are outlawed in 169 nations and in all 50 states, as it is also considered bestiality.
  • She is the gamer girl of the group, as she loves gaming at her free time, with Elsword, Minecraft, and Sudden Attack, even though she never does streams. She is sometimes caught pretending to be asleep so she can play Mario Kart on her DSwitch.
  • She wants to own an Aston Martin DB11 so she can join in races like Momo with her Pink Lamborghini in Mt. Akina, where they can't beat the legendary tofu boy without using cheat codes[87].
  • She used to have two citizenships, for Japan, and for the US, but as of 2019, she has revoked her freedom as she revoked her citizenship for the Land of the Unfree[88].


The last thing the spy cam would probably see.
Background Information
Birthdate May 28, 1998 (age 24)
Birthplace Seongnam, South Korea
Position Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist


Kim Dahyun (Chosonmal:김다현), mostly knonwn by her stage name, Dahyun, or by her pro wrestling name Dubu Bibimbap (Koreabese:두부 비빔밥) is a South Korean singer, rapper, wrestler, and an espionage expert specializing in security cameras as she can easily find them.

Personal Life[edit]

The Tofu Tofu Fruit.

Dahyun was born on May 28, 1998, in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Daehan Minguk. Not only that, she was born with a special ability only the worthiest members of the Ancient Eagle Eye Warriors of Lesbos (Espionage Corps) were born with, the Hidden Camera Spotting Technique of Konoha. She first became popular in a viral video when she was in sixth grade where she was seen dancing at a church, where she first shown her iconic signature move, which involves headbanging and wing-flapping, also known as the Eagle Dance[89][90]. She was scouted by the JayWhyPee Army when she was in middle school after performing solo at a Talent Festival in her school. Before debuting, she also appeared in music videos of older labelmates, even though she was originally training to become an actress. She graduated from high school on February 2017.

Marymond Controversy[edit]

In 2018, Dahyun, alongside Jimin of Baklang Taga-Seoul were slammed by the Japanese Imperialists for their shirts, which apparently dishonor the ways of bushido[91], known to Koreans and Chinese as "war crimes". They, alongside their groups, were also banned from performing in Japanese Year-End Music Shows because of suspicions of hate crimes and of being part of the Hallyu Imperial Army.

Irrelevant Information[edit]

Memphis Tennessee thanking Ow the Edge for adding Dahyun to his favorite game.
  • Since the trainee life is extremely toxic, she failed the first assessment for those in training just for being nervous.
  • She is also known as the Polish Eagle, because of her being pale and being associated with eagles.
  • Because of her viral Eagle Dance, she technically became available in Fortnite, as the newest and most epic (pun) collaboration event with the aforementioned game, in which the city council of Tilted Towers, in behalf of Memphis Tennessee approves[92].
  • Despite being an eagle[93], she has poor eyesight, having to wear -5 prescription glasses.
  • She probably consumed the Tofu-Tofu Fruit, as she is the most flexible member, and has pale and rubbery skin, thus her codename, or alias. She can also lick both her nose and her elbow, unlike normal humans who haven't consumed said Devil Fruit. Unlike others who have consumed a Devil Fruit, she is a good swimmer[94].
  • Because of her being extremely pale, she likes eating dark colored food, specifically chocolates and choco-pies from Lotte[95]. Even though she is extremely pale and looks like she can glow in the dark, she is afraid of the dark.
  • She also does not like horror films as it also scares her even though she can help the members in watching as the light to make it less scary, and she wouldn't like to play FNAF or Poppy Playtime, and other horror games.
  • She can play the piano, but not on the same level as Mozart and Beethoven. She's also currently learning how to play the guitar.
  • She takes too long at the shower, which is extremely relatable. She probably does this to maintain her pale skin, or probably is holding a concert or doing stand up comedy for the shampoo and skincare product containers.
  • She is one of the most notable concubines of Queen Sana Minatozaki of the Islands of Lesbos, giving her a high position in the queendom. She is also the current Crown Princess of the queendom.
  • As part of the More & More promotions, she made a surprise appearance as a weather reporter in a major news channel in South Korea, and she will also probably read the weather forecast of your heart. The forecast of your heart for today is to expect a total eclipse of the heart[96].


MiChaeng lng Sakalam.jpg
Chaeyoung is already getting tired of these time-wasting trolls.
Background Information
Birthdate April 23, 1999 (age 23)
Birthplace Seoul, South Korea
Position Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
No-jam Mk.II
I also got no jams.

Younger no-jam sibling

Son Chaeyoung (Baekjemal:손채영), mostly known by her stage name, Chaeyoung, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and rapper, and is Mina's current NamJaChinGu[97].

Personal Life[edit]

Mina and Chaeyoung in the music video of "Magnet".

Chaeyoung was born on April 23, 1999, in Seoul, South Korea. She knew about her destiny at a young age, which is involved in performing arts, because she took an interest in that. Her career started in being a child model[98] for magazines[99], she then wanted to become a singer sometime before 2012-2013, when her training began, after enlisting for the Great Hallyu Imperial Army. In the three years of her training, she appeared in music videos of older labelmates, as usual, then participated in the Final Selection Exam[100]. She graduated from high school in 2019, alongside Tzuyu.

Stalker Incident[edit]

In an event involving the stalking incident of Josh Hitler, her phone number[101] was accessed through the German Secret Methods of Hacking, which involves the now-infamous Konami Code, as a strategy in his quest to kidnap Nayeon, involving letting her guard down in order for Nayeon to be kidnapped[102]. When asked about the strategy, Josh replied, "Das war ein befehl! (Becoming the worst one ever!)".

Irrelevant Information[edit]

Who is the older sibling?
  • She is the shortest member of TWICE, and the shortest of all in JYP entertainment. She always hoped that she would grow taller, as she has long fingers, but unfortunately never happened. At some times, she isn't allowed in theme park rides because of her height. She loves basketball as well, which is extremely surprising given her height. If she only jumped during the New Year...[103]
  • She likes sleeping, even skipping meals to do so, probably to get tall like Ruko Yokune, the tallest VIPPERLOID, and is just 12 years old, but still doesn't work for her, as she is probably destined to be short.
  • She doesn't like eating beans, as she is also a smol bean.
  • She is the best artist in the group, even designing some of their album and merch art. She also collaborated with a shoe brand for a limited time, which made them probably expensive.
  • She is the worst player of rock-paper-scissors-spock-lizard, as she always uses the same strategy even though it didn't work in the last time it was used. She tried changing strategies but those strategies also never work. This means that she's simply just very bad at this.
  • She is also known as the Strawberry Princess because she really loves strawberries and would build an empire for said fruit
  • Her blood type is one of the rarest: B-. With other Asian parents angrily asking her why her blood type isn't the A+[104].
  • She loves Sesame Street and has a collection of plushies of the characters, including Brian Johnson, a future version of Elmo, and Jack Black, the epic hero who is on a quest for the Great Octagon[105].
  • It took her 2.5 years to pass the basic dance routine exam, which Momo holds the WR for the fastest time to pass[106].
  • She once had her hair cut without JYP's permission, in order for her to have a matching style with her elder No-Jam, but regretted it because she looked weird in said hairstyle.
  • She has 4 tattoos, and is rumored to be dating with a tattoo artist.


Do I look like I give a ****?!
Background Information
Birthdate June 14, 1999 (age 23)
Birthplace Tainan, Taiwan
Position Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Visual, Maknae
That's why I haven't recovered yet.

Tzuyu roasting Jihyo

Chou Tzuyu (Mandarin:周子瑜), mostly known by her stage name, Tzuyu, or by her wrestling name, Savage Maknae, is a Taiwanese[107], er, I mean Chinese (do I get more social credits?)[108] singer based in South Korea, and is the youngest, but looks oldest member of TWICE.

Personal Life[edit]

"You're going to lose all of your social credits."

Tzuyu was born on June 14, 1999, in East District, Tainan, People's Republic of China[109]. She was scouted by the Task Force Recruiter while performing in 2013. She then moved to South Korea in November to begin her 2 year training for the Grand Bout, in which she was given a redemption victory, alongside Momo, for not making it to the 7 member line-up. She also appeared in music videos before debut. She, alongside Chaeyoung graduated together in 2019. In May 2022, she tested positive for the Sawcon variant of COVID-19, alongside Nayeon and Momo.

Social Credit Incident[edit]

A month after debut, the foreign members of the group, appeared in a South Korean variety show where she introduced herself as Taiwanese[110]. This caused Mainlanders to be angry and made her lose 9000 of her social credit points, thus banning the group from performing in Mainland China, and removing her endorsement of Huawei, which banned Google. JYP then released a video apology thus giving everyone affiliated with the company (trainees included) +69 social credits. With Tzuyu getting more[111] for admitting her wrongdoings. This apology angered all Taiwanese, which helped in their ongoing election at the time.

Irrelevant Information[edit]

This class is so boring. I would rather sleep.
  • As of now, she has 489 social credit points.
  • She loves dogs. She used to go to dog cafes during her trainee years and currently owns at least two dogs. She also owns two dog plushies but one of them was lost. Wow, much doge, such wholesome, so cute, how hearwarmimg[112].
  • As with all introverts, she is usually silent or having an internal dialogue in which life is being reevaluated, but talks the most with friends or other people they are comfortable with.
  • She doesn't usually takes selfies as others take photos and fancams of her very often, as she is the visual of the group[113].
  • She sleeps the earliest and wakes up the earliest, as one of her favorite sayings is "Early to bed, early to rise, gives a lady more time to get make-up done."[114].
  • She likes kimbap, eel, bread, and cookies & cream-flavored ice cream.
  • She would like to go to a water park but, she can't swim, but won't be able to learn how once she eats a Devil Fruit. And would get help from Sana before the worst could ever happen to her.
  • If she were to be reborn, she would want to be a short girl, as being tall also has its own problems.
  • When she was younger, she would cut classes by pretending to be sick and is also often caught dozing off during boring lessons.
  • Her favorite season is Spring, and her least favorite is Winter[115], because it is too cold, or probably because it is too white for her and because there are too many snowflakes ready to cancel you at any given moment[116].
  • She is the exact opposite of a Jew, despite being rich, has poor money management skills, because good management of money is a trait which is inherited through countless generations of the Jews. It is unknown if she is nerdy, like your typical Jewish guy[117].

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