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The Six-Party talks is a planned party for the Bad Korea, the Good Korea, the Complaining neighbour, the Imperialists, some Kung-fu masters and a few communists that didn't emerged after several failed discussions. Basically, there was no party since the US imperialist at the party found some uranium in his teapot and blamed Bad Korea for putting it in, which North Korea denies.


First talks[edit]

Agreed for more talks.

Second talks[edit]

Agreed to hold more talks.

Third talks[edit]

A meaningless agreement for more talks.

Fourth talks[edit]

The people start arguing on who put the whoopee cushion on the Chinese seats, and blasting stupid K-pop music which disrupts the talks. Still agreed for more talks.

Fifth talks[edit]

More talking and discussions.

Seventh talks[edit]

Bad Korea was caught trying to smuggle some uranium out of the room, and'faked satellite images' revealed that North Korea has no intention to denuclearise but to delay it further. Talks break down, and people started fighting. At least no casualties reported.

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