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Juche (주체사상) is the main idea pursued by the only party in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for the North Koreans. It was invented by the great stalker, the everlasting red sun, and the only leader, Kim Il-sung.


For the uncouth among us who choose lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Juche.


Although the North Korean Prison Party is a political party that practices communism, it still needs to be original, so Kim Il-sung came up with Juche, which is basically another name for communism plus self-reliance. It is believed that it is used to collect the property of the whole people to support the state, basically feeding Kim Il-sung and his descendants and the Inner Party.


The main point of the main idea is that Kim Il-sung can always be a "proletarian villager" who cares for everyone.

The highest guiding principle of the subjective thinking pursued by the North Korean Prison Party with brain damage is:

  • The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a country founded by people.
  • Kim Il-sung is the (cause of) brain (damage) in North Korea.
  • The Party and villagers are to listen to the brain for command.
  • Because Kim Il-sung is wise, Kim Il-sung's family is also wise.
  • It is precisely because Kim Il-sung's family is wise that only they can lead the Republic.
  • It is precisely because the head of state of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea can only be employed by Kim Il-sung, so the position of the head of state is adopted by the hereditary system – and others are pig brains.
  • The North Korean villagers must be filial to Kim Il-sung because Kim Il-sung's family is the brain.