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Crimethink is a form of Mindthink which is the opposite of Goodthink. Crimethink is doubleplusungood and is corrected by Miniluv. Doubleplusungood crimethink is paticularly plusdisgustful and will not only be corrected by Miniluv, but can also be punished by Removethink if it is found to be ungood enough. Only Minitrue has the authority to decide which mindthink is certifiable as crimethink.

Crimethink is rife on the internet, and should be reported to Minitrue and/or Miniluv whenever encountered, so it can be corrected back to goodthink. Agreeing with, concealing or otherwise aiding crimethink is also doubleplusungood crimethink and will also be punished. Crimethink is also present on Uncyclopedia, and all discovered crimethink will be awaremarked with the {{Crimethink}} propaganda banner.

Do not panic however, as Goodthink is also present here. Questioning approved Goodthink or Doubleplusgood Fact is crimethink. Articles approved by Minitrue to be doubleplusgood will be awaremarked with this banner:

This is all you need to know. Questioning this article is crimethink.[edit | edit source]

The secret Headquarters of Minitrue. It's located in Pyongyang, North Korea, according to an intel leak by a Cat Lover.

"In Soviet Russia, article questions YOU!!" - Soviet Russia Miniluv corrected doubleplusungood crimethink.

Crimethink[edit | edit source]

Unlife. Oldthinkers unbellyfeel Ingsoc. BB mark crimethink doubleplusungood. Thinkpol catch crimethinkers.Miniluv rectify fullwise. Miniluv luv crimethinkers. Miniluv cure crimethinkers. Crimestop remake crimethinkers pos goodthink. Miniluv vaporize crimethinkers. Crimethinkers bec unpersons.

Facecrime[edit | edit source]

doubleplusungoodface or doublepluscrimethinkerfulface. Facecrime show person is doubleplusungoodcrimethinkfulperson. Oft, Facecrime show person is crimethinker. Miniluv watch facecrime. Miniluv detect facecrime. Thinkpol doubleplusgood watch facecrime. Thinkpol oft catch facecrimers. doubleplusoft, facecrimers is crimethinkers. doubleplusunoft, facecrimers unis crimethinkers. Thinkpol unmake doubleplusungoodwrk (oldspeak: mistake) Thinkpol catch facecrimers speedwise. Thinkpol catch facecrimers goodwise. Miniluv luv cure facecrimers. Miniluv unluv and luv facecrimers. Miniluv remake facecrimers goodthinkfulperson. Miniluv, unoft unvaporize facecrimers. Miniluv doubleplusoft vaporize facecrimers ununless bec doubleplusgoodthinkers. Miniluv make facecrimers unpersons. Minitrue unknow facecrimers. Minipax and Miniplent unwrk facecrimers.

Sexcrime[edit | edit source]

Doubleplusungoodsex. Oft, sexcrime is unwithpartyfulsex. Members have sex unfor newmembers is sexcrime. Members have sex for ownlife is sexcrime. Members have sex for joy is sexcrime. Unand, Members have sex for newmembers unis sexcrime. Members have sex for newmembers is goodsex. BB approve goodsex. BB want partymember have goodsex. Unand, BB want parymember have artsem, doubleplusgooder to goodsex. doubleplusunoldpersonmake (oldspeak: reproduction or conception) is doubleplusungood work unless for newmembers. Joysex is allful sexcrime, mans want joy from joysex go joycamp. Members like sexcrime fullwise is doubleplusungoodthinkful. Thinkpol think sexcrime crimethink. Thinkpol arrest sexcrimers. Thinkpol luv sexcrimers and unluv sexcrimers. Miniluv luv cure sexcrimers. Miniluv luv and unluv sexcrimers. Sexcrimers remade fullwise. Oft, Miniluv vaporize sexcrimers. Oft, sexcrimers bec unpersons.

Ownlife[edit | edit source]

Ownlife is person have joy unwith BB or joy BB unapprove. Ex for ownlife is sexcrime. Outerpartymembers have doubleplusgoodchoco is ownlife. Outerpartymembers have doubleplusgoodtea is ownlife. Outerpartymembers have doublepluscolorfulsalt is ownlife. Outerpartymembers have doubleplusgoodviccig is ownlife. Members have uningsocful joy is ownlife. Ownlife is oft doubleplusungood, unand unoft plusungood or ungood. Ownlifers is oft unwith party, unwith BB. BB unapprove ownlife. Miniluv undo ownlife fullwise. Thinkpol unluv ownlifers. Thinkpol catch ownlifers. Ownlife oft join crimethink. Ownlife is oft crimethink. Ownlifers go joycamp. Ownlifers have plusingsocfuljoy in joycamp.

Oldthink[edit | edit source]

Doubleplusungoodthink. unoft, plusungoodthink or ungoodthink. Oldthink is unwith BB and party. oldthinkers unluv doubleplusgood waylive BB command. Oldthinkers oft is crimethinkers. Oldthinkers oft make crimethink. Oldthinkers unreq party, unreq BB. Oldthinkers bec unpersons. Oldthinkers ungooder to proles or movefulbios.

Unbook[edit | edit source]


(oldspeak): The Theory and the Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism.Unbook is aka crimebook. Unbook is doubleplusungood book. Unbook is unwith BB and Party. BB unapprove unbook. ref book is crimethink. Miniluv undo book fullwise speedwise.

Emmanuel Goldstein[edit | edit source]

Doubleplusungood Eurasiaful Eastasiaful Eurasiaful Eastasiaful Eurasiaful crimethinker. Unwith Oceania. Unwith BB. Goldstein make steamers (oldspeak: rocket bombs), unlife Proles, unlife party, unlife places. Want unlife BB. Goldstein lead Brotherhood. Miniluv work uneasywise make Goldstein go joycamp. Minitrue unwrite Goldstein. Minitrue unund Goldstein. Minipax work uneasywise undo steamers. Miniplent unwork Goldstein.

Note: Miniluv remake Emmanuel Goldstein fullwise. Emmanuel Goldstein bec unperson.

Brotherhood[edit | edit source]

Brotherhood make crimethink. Brotherhood Eurasiaful Eurasiaful Eastasiaful Eurasiaful Eastasiaful Eurasiaful ungood crimethink. Brotherhood unpeople. Goldstein unperson. Party unlife Goldstein. Brotherhood want unlife all Oceania. Brotherhood want unlife BB. Brotherhood want Oldspeak. Brotherhood want sexcrime and ownlife. Brotherhood no want chocorat. Brotherhood want free.

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