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“When the sun comes out, I came up with the idea of how do we treat North Korea”

~ Kim Dae-jung, initiator of the policy

“When the missile comes down, I realise the Sunshine policy is going to end”


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The Sunshine Policy is a belief in direct competition by the South Koreans against the Juche idea being propagated in their northern counterparts in North Korea. The belief is that South Koreans are to stop bragging its riches and give some of it to the North, stop calling names to each other and enjoy a plate of Kimchi between the two. In other words, it makes South Koreans confused on whether North Korea is their friend or enemy.

The policy was initiated by Kim Il-sung's distant relative Kim Dae-jung, who managed to won a nobel prize because he managed to implement it. That is the only success thus far about the policy. The policy lasted as long as a North Korean missile; but there is still hope for reinstatement of the policy!

Sunshine Policy for the People[edit]

As written by a North Korean in North Korea:

"The Sunshine policy is like manna from the skies. North Korea has benefited largely from the programme. However, what those ignorant south Koreans don't know is that we just plan to suck south Korea dry and we will conquer them by force once they are economically weaken!"
-- Colonel Comrade Park Min Soo

Er... Seriously?

Sunshine Policy for South Koreans[edit]

Feedback and criticism against the Sunshine Policy[edit]

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