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The king of brainwashing since time immemorial.
Basic Information
Year FoundedIDK
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Subscribersat least 50 million
ViewsDoes anyone care?
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ChuChu TV is an Aryan brainwashing media company that is well known for targeting young children and their parents online. They are well known for the notorious mantras used in brainwashing, that is, "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa", "Finger Family", "Chubby Cheeks", and others. They claim to be on TV, but in reality, they only broadcast online.

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

It is unknown when exactly ChuChuTV was created, but it just came to be when some Indian people decided to make videos that aims to educate (and brainwash) children, using a creepy art style (which is enough to scare the **** out of normal people) that only weird kids will enjoy, and an unsettling voice that can wake up your comatosed grandpa so he can just turn off the TV. Their true motive in creating videos is to brainwash children into joining their army for world domination. They gained popularity through the mantra known as "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa" after a short time and few uploads.

Rise to Fame and Backlash[edit | edit source]

Some of the high-ranking members of the ChuChu Army

After the popularity of their notorious brainwashing mantra, they continued to create more of these, aiming to reach more children and their parents. More and more people, especially children, became hooked to their videos, causing an extreme inflation in subscribers. More and more children around the world became brainwashed by their videos, being the reason why the La Resistance was born. The La Resistance was a group of people who are normal and know about the true motives of ChuChuTV, and are trying to put an end to this. They do so by disliking every videos until there are more dislikes than likes, and spam comments that say that these videos are cringe[1]. In doing so, they started the great war, known as the COPPAlypse.

Current Day[edit | edit source]

ChuChuTV seems to be thriving today, since YouTube's CEO decided that comments and dislikes will be snapped out of existence, which helped in their motives. The La Resistance is about to lose, but they won't give up, with some actually having access to the secret device, known as the Return YouTube dislikes. ChuChuTV is also part of the G10[2] of kid's channels, alongside Cocomelon, Ryan's Toys Review, Blippi, Little Baby Bum, Vlad and Niki, Kids Diana Show, Infobells, Pinkfong, and Nastya.

Refrerences[edit | edit source]

  1. A term used to say that the videos are very nasty.
  2. Or L10
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