Saw: The Animated Series

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Saw: The Animated Series
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What Cartoon
Created By Some guy
Starring Jigsaw
Original Channels Fox Network, Disney XD
Length It depends
Number of episodes A lot
Will you be called insane? Hell yes
Watchers People who watched violent cartoons as kids, serial killers, mentally retarded people, emos

Saw: The Animated Series is a television series based on the Saw films. It currently airs on the Fox Bros. Network weeknights at 7:00. It was temporarily cancelled due to its excessive use of blood and gore, though it was brought back by huge fandom. New episodes are currently shown Sunday nights at 9:30. The show is rated +42 for being extremely bloody and sadistic.

Premise[edit | edit source]

Games have never been better.

Like the films, the show typically follows people trying to escape torture chambers. JigSaw stars as the protagonist of the series.

The series is basically an animated game show or reality series, similar to Total Drama Island. Typically, at least one random guest character is shown as an animated character waking up in a torture chamber. JigSaw will then say "Hello, I want to play a game", or something like that. The guest then tries to escape the upcoming death. Along the way, the guest may meet other people and will have to help them escape. The guest character either dies or manages to escape. If managing to escape, the guest character may appear in future episode to escape again.

The first episode showed animated forms of the original writers of the show getting killed. Since then, random guests shown in episodes are usually celebrities, characters from other shows, or miscellaneous. At the end of a typical episode, JigSaw will ask the viewer to vote for the next "lucky" guest. At the airing of the next episode, JigSaw will reveal the name of the candidate.

Fandom[edit | edit source]

Saw: The Animated Series isn't as cool as its film counterparts, but it still kicks ass. The first episode of Saw: The Animated Series drew 10,500,82 viewers. As it continued to air, it rose into stardom. Today, it is possibly the most popular animated series based on a film, since Harold and Kumar: The Animated Series.

The show has thousands of adoring fans. Most of them are fans of the Saw films, people who watched violent cartoons as kids, serial killers, or people with brain damage. There have been fan-made episodes online. Some people even go so far as hoping that they, or someone they hate, would appear in an episode.

Fox Bros. Network has announced plans for a contest. Fans would get to send pictures of themselves, and Fox would pick one of them to appear in an upcoming special episode. Recently, this episode was released, featuring an emo guy as the special guest.

Cancellation and comeback[edit | edit source]

Similar to Futurama, Saw: The Animated Series was once cancelled by the morons of Fox, only to be brought back on TV by its loving fans.

On March 2, 2011, the assholes of Fox decided to cancel Saw: The Animated Series due to its graphic content, so the show was pulled out of television schedules. Instead, reruns of Dora the Executioner were shown. This caused an uproar to the show's fans.

Eventually, the fans formed a mob and threatened to destroy Fox Studios if they didn't put Saw: The Animated Series back on the air. The idiots of Fox finally admitted that cancelling Saw: The Animated Series was a retarded mistake that nearly cost Fox its life. The show returned on the air just in time for season 2 to begin. The first new episode of Saw: The Animated Series featured the jerkturds of Fox being tortured sadistically as punishment for their mistake.

Awards[edit | edit source]

  • Best Filmography (Nominated)
  • Best Actor: JigSaw (Nominated)
  • Best animated series based on a film (Won)
  • Goriest thing in the history of TV (Won)

Episode guide[edit | edit source]

The first episode aired on October 31, 2010 at 9:30. You might notice it aired on Halloween night, for obvious reasons.

WARNING: May contain spoilers.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Episode Title
01 “Let the game begin!” (airdate: October 31, 2010)
In the series premiere, the writers of the show are taken into one of JigSaw's torture chambers. They die at the end, and JigSaw tells the viewers, now that the writers have died, that he is in charge of episodes. He asks the viewers who to torture in the next episode.
Episode Title
02 “Leave it to Bieber” (airdate: November 5, 2010)
Justin Bieber wakes up in a torture chamber. JigSaw tells Bieber that he is being punished for making outstandingly annoying songs that sound like a girl is singing them. While trying to escape meets several other people, who die from his singing. Bieber is locked in a helium gas chamber and finally totured by being forced to listen to his own songs. During his death, his voice got lower as a result of helium poisoning.
Episode Title
03 “You killed Kenny!” (airdate: November 13, 2010)
Kenny McCormick, Eric Cartman, and several random South Park characters wake up and discover they have a limited amount of time to escape before toxic gas fumes kill them all. Everyone except Cartman and Kenny die. As the episode ends, JigSaw impales a knife in the back of Kenny's head. Cartman, escaping, swears revenge.
Episode Title
04 “Chuck Norris is in this episode” (airdate: November 20, 2010)
Chuck Norris gets lured into JigSaw's trap by a corndog hanging from a string. While escaping, he helps several people who later try to kill him, only to be roundhouse kicked. Chuck Norris escapes by roundhouse kicking JigSaw in the face.
Episode Title
05 “End of the dinosaurs” (airdate: November 25, 2010)
Barney the dinosaur discovers that his leg is chained up. JigSaw tells him that he is guilty of molesting little children and that he must escape before toxic gas is released into the air. Being a dinosaur and therefore having a brain the size of a pea, Barney decides to free himself by eating his own leg. He sees B.J. and BabyBop also chained up, and decides to eat them. He eventually dies due to having wasted his time eating things.
Episode Title
06 “X-mas special” (airdate: December 18, 2010)
Scrooge the Stooge is sent into a torture chamber. JigSaw tells him that he will suffer unless he changes his ways about Christmas. On his way escaping, Scrooge sees several other people being tortured for their sins, including the Nutcracker, who is thrown into a woodchipper for an obvious crime. Shocked by this, Scrooge changes the error of his ways. The next morning, JigSaw gets a puppy for Christmas and makes it pee on Frosty the Snowman.
Episode Title
07 “Bloody New Year” (airdate: December 31, 2010)
JigSaw throws a New Year's Eve party and invites random people over to celebrate. He kills everyone at the end.
Episode Title
08 “You killed Kenny...again!” (airdate: January 05, 2011)
Cartman gets revenge on JigSaw by tying him to a chair and farting in his face. Kenny dies again.
Episode Title
09 “SawBob TorturePants” (airdate: January 15, 2011)
Spongebob SquarePants, Patrick Star, and Squidward Testicles are locked in JigSaw's torture chamber. JigSaw tells Spongebob and Patrick they are guilty of being gay, and Squidward for not wearing pants. The three then try to find the way out. Upon escaping, Spongebob and Patrick share a kiss. Meanwhile, Squidward dies a horrible death.
Episode Title
10 “O.J. Simpsaw” (airdate: February 03, 2011)
O.J. Simpson is locked in a gas chamber and knocked out by the gas. Moments later, he is forcibly married to JigSaw and becomes his wife. A few days later, JigSaw kills O.J. and says "How do you like it?". He then cries due to having become a widower.
Episode Title
11 “Kung Foo fighting” (airdate: February 10, 2011)
Mr. T is sent to a torture chamber as punishment for calling JigSaw a foo. As Mr. T tries to escape, JigSaw sends in numerous ninjas to kill him. Mr. T eventually runs into Jackie Chan, who was being punished for karate chopping JigSaw's cousin. Jackie Chan helps him by beating up the ninjas, who each fall into JigSaw's death traps. Upon escape, Mr. T calls Jackie Chan a foo, and gets knocked out by a karate kick.
Episode Title
12 “Chuck Norris is in this episode too” (airdate: February 30, 2011)
This basically follows the same plot as episode 04, except this time with waffles.
Episode Title
13 “Mama F*cking Mia!” (airdate: February 19, 2011)
Mario and Luigi are sent to be punished for trying to eat the Flying Spaghetti Monster. They overcome numerous death traps, goombas, koopas, and falling hammers. They jump into a pipe that takes them into a room, where they discover Bowser pretending to be JigSaw. The real JigSaw says that the three of them are now trapped in a gas chamber, and they die.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Episode Title
14 “Saw is back” (airdate: April 20, 2011)
Saw: The Animated Series returns on the air after being cancelled. JigSaw celebrates by torturing the retards of Fox as punishment for cancelling his show.
Episode Title
15 “Osama Bin Laden is dead” (airdate: May 02, 2011)
Osama Bin Laden is captured by JigSaw and tortured for his involvement with 9/11. He is then killed by a bomb tied to a goat.
Episode Title
16 “Where's the hell is Waldo?” (airdate: May 13, 2011)
Waldo becomes the next candidate for JigSaw's torture. Unfortunately, JigSaw can't find Waldo. He sends in some random people to search for him. JigSaw kills them all for not finding Waldo and wasting the whole episode searching for him.
Episode Title
17 “Yabba Dabba D'oh!” (airdate: May 22, 2011)
Fred Flintstone, Peter Griffin, and Homer Simpson end up in JigSaw's torture chamber due to being fat lazy drunks. The three are tortured by diet, exercise, and nagging women. They all die, except Homer Simpson, who escapes but then dies of a heart attack due to over-consumption of donuts. Meanwhile, Stewie Griffin tries to take on JigSaw.
Episode Title
18 “Crikey!” (airdate: June 07, 2011)
Mr. Stingray discovers he is locked in a torture chamber with Some guy you've never heard of. JigSaw tells him that he will torture stingrays everywhere for his horrible crime of killing Steve Irwin unless he can escape. As the chamber fills up with water, Some guy you've never heard of drowns and dies. Mr. Stringray, however, survives due to being an aquatic animal. Upon reaching the next room, Mr. Stingray is chopped into pieces by an insane Sushi Chef.
Episode Title
19 RDick Astleyshole” (airdate: June 16, 2011)
Rick Astley wakes up tied to a chair wearing headphones. JigSaw tells him he is guilty of torturing people with his Rickrolls. As punishment, he is forced to listen to Rickrolls 20 times. Eventually, his head explodes from the torture.
Episode Title
20 “Sawbob Torturepants returns” (airdate: June 24, 2011)
Spongebob and Patrick are once again caught in JigSaw's torture chamber. Plankton is also captured for trying to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula. While escaping, the three are locked in a room, where Patrick gets hungry, eats Spongebob, and dies of high cholesterol. Plankton manages to escape by sneaking through a crack in the wall. JigSaw, waiting on the other side, crushes Plankton with his foot and pours hot vinegar on him.
Episode Title
21 “Torturetubbies” (airdate: July 03, 2011)
JigSaw goes on a Telletubbie hunt. After capturing numerous telletubbies, he locks them in his gas chamber. The telletubbies panic and begin eating each other to relieve the pain. The surviving telletubbies get mauled to death by rabid Gummy bears.
Episode Title
22 “Saw: The Animated Series: The Animated Musical!” (airdate: July 12, 2011)
JigSaw gets revenge on his high school bully by torturing him with horrible songs... and horrible songs in Demonic G-major!

Helpful tip: You may want to set the volume to mute when viewing this episode.

Episode Title
23 “Saw Special” (airdate: March 20, 2012) it took them long enough
A new special episode of Saw: The Animated Series, featuring an emo guy as the special random guest. In this episode, an emo guy deliberately kills himself with numerous torture devices in the chamber with a joyful expression on his face. JigSaw is disturbed by what he has watched.
Episode Title
24 “This episode hasn't aired yet” (airdate: Whenever it decides to air)
There is currently no information because this episode hasn't aired yet.

Saw: The Animated Series: The Animated Movie[edit | edit source]

A stupid idea which was quickly rejected because of the five already-existing Saw films. Maybe the guy who thought of this should be killed in an episode.

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