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Violence is the process by which men exchange their emotions. Because men’s emotions are more complex than those of So-called "women", they cannot be fully communicated via words.

Violence must be understood, and appreciated in context. Often two men will use violence (or "A fight") in order to bond with each other. Those watching the altercation, who are versed in the ways of violence can often find the exchange of emotion intensely moving. For example, it's not unusual to see a crowd of men watching a fight, weeping softly at the beautiful work on display.

Similarly, at the conclusion of such an exchange, the men frequently embrace, and become life-long friends. Such ideas were fully explored in the film Fight Club, which explored the relationships between two straight, heterosexual men, who loved each other in a perfectly normal way.

There is nothing "funny" about this.

Some men try to introduce women to their world of emotion, and shower them with punches of emotion. This is often misinterpreted, and should not be attempted. Violence is for us. Let the women continue with their crying and chattering. It seems to work for them.

Many violent films are directly equivalent to so-called Romantic comedies, with the whole film being a slow introduction of the protagonist and his nemesis. These generally culminate in a climactic fight scene, which ends when the protagonist wins, and they both become life-long friends. Men find these kinds of films intensely moving.


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