Battle of Xiangyang

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The Battle of Xiangyang in 191 was a battle fought between none other than the wealthy Liu imperial family member Liu Biao (pronounced like you just stepped on a bee: Bee-OW) and the tiger go-to man Sun Jian. Even though Liu Biao was the force of the opposite side from the Sun Jian forces, Huang Zu, a pirate, led the forces for Biao. This proved a good choice, as when the dust faded and the blood splashing ceased, the Sun family would end up not having the last laugh.


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The battle[edit | edit source]

The battle happened shortly after the campaign against the tyrant Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shu and Yuan Shao (two brothers from another mother) ended up forming alliances with those who went hostile against the other. Yuan Shu decided to become allies with the Gongsun family, who went to war against the fancy Yuan Shao, and Yuan Shao befriended Liu Biao. Yuan Shu and Liu Biao were hostile with one another, always waiting for the moment to strike one another when not looking. Even if successful the previous try. Just to make sure. Yuan Shu sent his pupil Sun Jian to attack Liu Biao and end the influence of Yuan Shao down south, although in the end, Sun Jian dies. This proves to be a pain and the Sun family went to the power of Sun Ce, who just finished puberty and likes fourteen-year old girls.

Other information[edit | edit source]

The battle is an important part of the history of the Three Kingdoms, but it fails to have lots of information. What a let-down!

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