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Catgirls, Hentai and furries, Oh my!
This page contains catgirls, hentai and/or furries and is not safe for human consumption.

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A realistic 3d model picture of what a male Anime cat girl can look like.

Anime Cat Girls is a species of animals that became real by Elon Musk in Area 51 in 2016. The species was created by accident when Elon Musk was creating cars designed for aliens but his IQ was so big that he accidentally created the Anime Cat Girl species. They are currently hiding in Area 51. Anime cat girls creator was Philosopher and Musician Ray William Johnson. And ever since it became a very popular Religion. You'll learn the entire history of Anime cat girls, kiddos strap your seat belt.

The Begging And Spreading Era [69 B.C.E to 12 C.E][edit | edit source]

The Creation of Anime Cat Girls [69 B.C.E][edit | edit source]

The only surviving evidence of Ray Willam Johnson philosophize when this picture was taken he was inventing of what is now known as the modern day Middle finger this picture was taken in around 50 B.C.E.

Anime cat girls as a concept was created in 69 B.C.E by philosopher and musician Ray Willam Johnson He created some of the most popular and revolutionary songs in the ancient area songs like "Doin your mom" and "Bitch Got A Penis". He also the creator of some of the most thought provoking and most famous philosophize like "EVERYBODY IS GAY" or "GAY FIRE???" and finally "RAGEBONER". A interview with BuzzFeed in 30 B.C.E asked Ray Willam Johnson "How was Anime cat girls created?" Ray Willam Johnson answered "I created Anime cat girls because i was horny lmao." After he created Anime cat girls he found some random hobos on the street who were handicapped and he called them Disciples. Then it quickly became a Religion and spread across the world.

Spreading to Rome [68 B.C.E to 30 B.C.E][edit | edit source]

The Anime cat religion fully spread in 30 B.C.E in Rome but it took a lot of hard work and courage from Ray William Johnson and his Handicapped Disciples. A interview with the The Washington Post in 31 B.C.E asked Tiberius "Why is Anime cat girls not a religion" Tiberius answered "Bro if that shit became a religion everyone would be cumming all the time and there will be cum everywhere." Ray William Johnson said "Bro Rome is kinda epic not gonna lie lets raid them with are religion lmao" so then they ask God "bro can you tp us to Rome?" and god said "i got you fam." Then god typed in the command /tp RaywillamjohnsonOffical Rome and then they tp to Rome. The religion started spreading in 68 B.C.E because of free Cock and ball torture. But in 63 B.C.E it started to become really popular thanks to the free Cock and ball torture and the Roman government started to notice. They started torturing people that were part of the Religion by forcing them to browse 4chan and watch Furry Porn. Some people started backing out of the religion because they could not handle anymore torture but some did stay. It took Ray William Johnson and his disciples around 30 years to convince the Roman government and the people to join his religion. In 40 B.C.E most Romans joined the religion and also people that originally joined the religion came back. And in 30 B.C.E so many people joined that the Roman Government made it a legal religion.

The death of Ray William Johnson the creator of Anime cat girls [29 B.C.E][edit | edit source]

Ray William Johnson died in 29 B.C.E because of a rare disease called ligma. When Ray William Johnson died it was raining people called it "The day the clouds cried." That a pretty retarded name lol. But anyway when Ray William Johnson did die Ray William Johnson said "When i die please give control to the religion to my brother lol" Which was Dr.Phill. Also all the cock and ball touture workshops closed down because they could not stay in bussines.

Spreading to China [28 B.C.E to 6 B.C.E][edit | edit source]

This picture is the only picture of Dr.Phil that exist this picture was taken in 28 B.C.E when he was spreading the religion to China the person on the right is Dr.Phill and the person on the left is his homie he met in Rome a couple years before he was leader who came to China with him.

After the death of Ray William Johnson his brother became the leader of the Anime cat girl religion. His first course of action was to spread and make the religion popular in China. Dr.phill and Ray William Johnson decibels traveled across the silk road with the thanos car. Since it was the fastest way of transportation at the time it only took them 30 days to ride to China.When they reach there destination they asked the CEO of china "Bro check out are new religion." Then the CEO of china said "布鲁,我们不需要宗教." Then Dr.phill said "bro speak English please." then the CEO of china said "oh ok bro." After having a conversation about the Religion with the CEO of china the CEO of china allowed the Religion. But the Chinese people said "Bro this religion is kinda cringe." So dr.phill introduce Instant ramen noodles to the Chinese and then they did the whip and nay nay but they still were not convince that the Religion was good. So then Dr.phill introduce Big Chungus and dr.phill said that hes wholesome 100 and that you should join are religion. It took 20 years to convince the Chinese that Big Chungus is wholesome 100 and then they finally did and a lot of Chinese joined the religion.

Spreading to Egypt [5 B.C.E to 10 C.E][edit | edit source]

After spreading there religion to China they packed there bags hoped on the thanos car and traveled to Egypt. When they reached there they saw people doing the popular Tic Toc dance at the time which Renegade. Now obviously Dr.phill is a old stinky boomer so he was angry that he had to teach this religion to these younglings. So dr.phill created the most powerful song for emo 13 year old teens. It took dr.phill 5 years to develop it took blood sweat and tears and also he took the time to study the edgy 13 year old teens and how they work. In 10 C.E he finnaly finished it it was called Lo-Fi Doin Your Mom To Study And Relax To it was modeled after the masterpiece called Doin Your Mom and also started a new genrea of music called Lofi Hip Hop. After this masterpiece was made all the edgy 13 year old teens cried piss and cum and joined the religion.

Dr.phill was crowned the Alpha [11 C.E][edit | edit source]

In 11 C.E God crowned Dr.Phill the Alpha and the CEO of reddit which is better then 4chan. After Dr.Phill was crowned the Alpha he didn't force anyone to join his religion instead he gave everyone a pet big chungus and offered everyone to join the Religion. Alot of people joined the religion and Anime cat girl religion became the most popular religion at the time.

Dr.phill assassination [12 C.E][edit | edit source]

In 12 C.E a beta male virgin cuck shot Dr.phill while he was riding a minecart. Dr.phill sadly passed away it was the saddest day on earth and over a billion people showed up for his funeral in Egypt. After he passed away no one knew who was suppose to be the next leader since Dr.phill never made someone the next leader. So now everyone thats part of the religion has to govern themselves without a leader.

The Island Era [12 C.E-395 C.E][edit | edit source]

Illustrated picture of the first unofficial leader it was drawed around 300 C.E it was created for respect of Ray William Johnson the creator of Anime Cat Girls religion.

The First Unofficial Leader [12 C.E to 25 C.E][edit | edit source]

After dr.phill died this epic guy named Jesus became the first unofficial leader he started to get followers because he created Keanu Reeves which is a epic Reddit person he also is a dank memer. He started getting people to join the religion by having speeches of why he is 100% wholesome big chungus moment. He also opened up new cock and ball torture workshops which has not been in business since 29 B.C.E and stinky old boomers that had been part of the religion since the Roman spread were thrilled. Obviously the cock and ball torture workshops became popular again because CBT is always epic. People started joining the religion