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Inch-area Democratic People's Republic of --- Island
Motto: Just an inch long‽ That's what she said!

Anthem: Our island does not take the entire yardstick's length.

---ian: Blah blah Blabla BHJA Yardstiblahblah
Capital I am Drowned
Demonym Drownedians
Government Swimmers
‑ Ocean Water-filler God
‑ Lead swimmer The ocean
‑ Bomber ---norina Vistabomb
National Hero(es) Inch Winch
Currency Millilitres of water (ml)
Religion Inchlongism
Major exports Freedom, Liberty, Opportunity, Democracy, Communism, Swimmers, and Yardsticks
Major imports Dashes (like this: -)
National animal Pirate
National sport(s) Swimming

--- Island is an island in the middle of the atlantic ocean. It's area is just 1 square inch (you heard that right).

History[edit | edit source]

--- Island was formed by a few people of the native Atlantican ---ian tribe. (uh-uh-uh-EE-an) They all drowned, but did not die. After finding out that a shark was coming, they pulled out a yardstick underwater. But it could not fit on the island. So the shark ate up the 0 native atlantican people living there. The shark also ate up half the island on accident, lowering the area from 2 square inches to 1 square inch.

Life on the island[edit | edit source]

The population on the island is 0 humans. Most of them live in the capital of I am Drowned. The city itself has a population of 0. Everyday trade is conducted using millilitres of water. Its symbol is this: ml.

Cities[edit | edit source]

There are some cities on the island.

I am Drowned[edit | edit source]

Population: 0

Metropolitan Area: Greater I am Drowned

Largest and only city. Fooled you, since there is only one city!!!

Trade[edit | edit source]

They trade using millilitres of water, or ml. One ml, or 1 ml, is equal to 0 United States dollars. Te nation's GDP is 0 ml, which has increased by 0.00% in the last century.

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