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F1 is the magic key, that you can press even when the keyboard is not present!

help (n.)

  1. Aid or assistance
  2. The act of providing assistance
  3. One that helps, an assistant or employee
  4. Help! is also an LP released by the Beatles during the 1960s.

help (v.)

  1. To give assistance.
  2. To be of service.
  3. To aid or promote.
  4. To give relief, ease or relieve.
  5. To improve, change for the better.
  6. To pounce upon or wait on, as in a rabid commission salesdroid in a store or restaurant.
  7. To refrain from; avoid or resist. Nope, couldn't help mentioning that one.
  8. To help oneself, to take (typically without asking permission).

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