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A fellow having a helping of fun

"Fun" is an synonym with Sex, see sex for more information on "Fun". Also, fun smells terrible. It does not actually exist. When you experience "fun", your brain is merely trying to convince you that life is worth living. This is only a survival instinct, and is completely false. So, next time you experience "fun", remember, life really isn't worth living, and kill yourself. Also, the Idealism of fun is banned in the world of mathematics, well technically it isn't banned, but there is just not chance of having the slightest morsel of optimism in something as dull as that.

The Illusion of "Fun"[edit | edit source]

You try to hide behind lies of "fun" when in fact you're just trying to mask your insignificance as a human being. You are worthless to everyone you know and the only reason you don't kill yourself is because you'll make a mess when you do and in the end becoming really more trouble than you are worth. You wish that your dreams would come true and try to get at that fading glimpse of happiness but ijim did it first n the end you realize that everything is shit and shit is what shit gets. But actually life is worth living because the great almighty God created this earth for us to have 'fun' and be able to appreciate his creations giving our almighty God happiness and fun for fun.

Girls and Fun[edit | edit source]

Anthropologist Cyndi Lauper noted in her 1983 treatise, "Adolescent Females: The Need for Self-Affirmation and Group Affiliation," that girls just want to have fun. This was proved to be true when "girls gone wild" was first created. (SEX)

Meaning of "Fun"[edit | edit source]

F-Is a letter used to explain "friends who do stuff together".
U-Is normally classified as "You and Me"
N-Is a term used to describe "anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea".

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Fun in the United States[edit | edit source]

Fun has been completely banned in 7 U.S. states: Utah, Texas, Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri or misery, Florida and South Carolina. Fun is also banned in 16 northern counties of Colorado. New York banned fun altogether during the bloody regime of Generalissimo Rudy Giuliani, but has since relaxed its standards, although not as loosely as prior to Guiliani, when it was legal to have fun by killing a homeless person and jacking off with his entrails. Extreme variants of fun are legal in several other states. In West Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, and Pennsylvania the significantly more dangerous fun with guns is legal.

In California, Hawaii, Vermont and Massachusetts the highly controversial fun with people of your same sex is legal. In Wyoming, Oregon, and Rhode Island you can only have fun with cowboys. Montana allows fun with cowboys, with people of your same sex or with guns but not any combination at the same time. East Dakota allows fun with cowboys, with people of your same sex and with guns in any combination at the same time. The majority of states have minor limitations on fun. Georgia, Iowa and North Carolina only allow fun with Jesus, but there is no legal limit on how much you may consume.

Hawaii allows fun with captured naked native women. Alaska and Pennsylvania have a similar laws, but are rarely invoked. North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Michigan allow fun while fucking with Canadians. It is legal to have as much fun as you want in Alabama as long as it is with someone you or related to, and/or involves Forest Gump. Maryland is the only state that allows fun with crabs. Neighbouring Virginia banned the practice in 1997, following an outcry from the state's swinger population. While fun is legal in Arkansas, it is hard to come by, due to the fun bans by the majority of its neighbours. This has been hastened by a fun shortage following the demolitions of Louisiana by God in 2005.

Fun does still exist and roams freely on other continents such as Japan and Australia in the form of sex.

Fun in the world[edit | edit source]

Sometimes fun comes in the ways you'd least expect it

Major research institutes conducted a big surveillance in aught-six, known affectionately among its followers as "The big international humour research project". It discovered several amusing facts, such as:

  • The worlds funnest thing to do is drugs.
  • You can do anything while on drugs and have fun. Really. Anything.
  • The world's finest comedians are from Canada.
  • Canadians do drugs.
  • The word's least fun people are Germans. They also have the most fun.
  • The world's funniest joke is the one about two hunters where one gets hurt and the other one calls 911 and shoots his buddy because the operator says to "make sure he's dead".
    • It only got to first place because it was everyone's second choice
  • The world's funniest animal is a duck. Nobody knows which duck.
  • The funniest joke in Ireland is this: there's two blokes at a bar and one says "I heard ye buried yer wife yesterday", to which the other replies "Aye, I had to. She was dead".
    • That's approximately 59.66 times funnier than the supposedly funniest joke.
  • In many third world countries, comparing someone's mother to an old cow that doesn't give milk is such a grave insult it's hilarious.
  • If you think that something or someone isn't funny it's your sense of humour that's lacking, not theirs.
  • According to English 'fun size' chocolate bars, the size of fun is 2.5 inches long, which isn't very big, so little to no fun is possible in this situation.

Activities noted to be "Fun"[edit | edit source]

  • Sex: This is a LOT of fun. I enjoy it a whole friggin' bunch. If you can have sex, by all means, do so. It is worth it. Even if you have to pay, it's worth it. If you do pay for it, you can probably expect superior sex, as you will be getting sex from a professional.
  • Vodka: Every body knows that: Drinking is fun. If you drink vodka you may have sex with all the persons that normally you would never thought of, possibly members of the opposite sex. And -that- sex is fun..
  • Eating: You pay for food and you know its gonna be good. Unlike that trash can food I see people occasionally searching in. It may be free, but doesn't mean its good.
  • Playing: Kids are notorious for playing all day long and having lots of fun, but any adult trying to play is immediately crucified by the Catholic Church and their entrails spread out to spell "You thought we were weren't serious, did you?"
  • Kitten Huffing: While the actual act of huffing kittens may not be fun, the eventual effect of this activity oftejim did it first n leads to mass amounts of fun and the ability to see through one's own hands.
  • Spelling: FUN. See ... I feel better already.

Activities noted to not be "Fun"[edit | edit source]

A middle class family having fun, as evident by their cheerful faces.

How To Calculate Fun[edit | edit source]

All fun follows a simple equation:

Here are some fun activities:

Tennis[edit | edit source]

Hit by ball, hit by racquet, hit by other player, suddenly get sucked into another dimension because you hit the ball too hard.

  • Tennis has a fun level of four.

Sex[edit | edit source]

Crushed by partner, spontaneous combustion caused by friction, STDs, drowned in semen and pregnancy and/or severe rug-burn.

  • (unless lesbian sex, but if you do the calculation that proves to be no fun; its just a bunch of hype)
  • (unless you want to spice things up a bit...)
  • Sex has a fun level of over 9000. (Note: if you are Catholic, you are obliged to make this as boring as possible, and to never, under any circumstances, use robots.

Now the most fun thing ever...

Sudoku[edit | edit source]

  • All could not be listed however some are.

Rift in space, brain being fried, dropping pen into leg, tripping and falling onto pen, taking so long to complete a puzzle that you miss your bus stop and end up the bus driver's next victim.

  • , you looked at the end of your ball-point pen lately, hmm? If you don't use a ball-point pen you're gay.
  • People are notorious for lacking everything.
  • It has a fun level of 27.400. Now that's fun.

Though there is a certain recurring pattern between the level of fun and purple fluffy animals in trains passing by, there has never been a scientific explanation yet, just very plausible hunches.

Warning: Although fun is fun, a test done mid March of 2003 concluded that using the term 'purple fluffy animals' greatly decreases the level of humor and fun found in articles.

Notables[edit | edit source]

  • Fun was officially outlawed by the Catholic Church in 995 A.D., and replaced with guilt, embarrassment, and a procreation requirement.
  • By popular census, 2007's most fun thing was launching Dick Cheney to the moon, 2006's most fun thing was claimed to be "Scientology". 2005's was kitten huffing, and 2004 was so much fun, people actually forgot what was, indeed, so fun.
  • There are many points in this article that are not fun. YOU can help by leaving. Like stated before, fun is against the law.