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An illustration of Kris Wu surrendering to the police after raping multiple women.

Kris Wu (born November 6, 1990) is a Canadian-Chinese "musician" and serial rapist. He was a former member of the K-pop group ECHOOOOOO and its subgroup ECHOOOOOO-MM. Not only was he popular in his home country, he somewhat managed to get a decent following until 2021. Unfortunately those who had a bias for him didn't know that he was the "Chinese R. Kelly". Other nicknames of him include "the Harvey Weinstein of China" and "K-Pop's Own Kevin Spacey". The good news, is, however that all the footage of him raping women is lost, however, there is one picture of him that exists...except that it's illustrated in South Park's avatar creator. At least his career was short.

He also gave Chinese-Canadians a very bad name in the music industry, especially K-pop.

Early life[edit | edit source]

We don't know a lot about Wu's early life, except for the fact that he was born in 1990 in China and his family wanted to get to Seattle, but they ended up in Vancouver (in which they thought it was Seattle but it wasn't). His father left him after surrendering to the police for possessing drugs like cocaine, and he had to be raised by his mother. He discovered pornography during his high school years and he developed an addiction which was the cause of his rapist activities. People whose father left them at an early age will most likely develop some sort of crime at some point when they get famous. This happened to Wu, which will be discussed later.

Music "career"[edit | edit source]

2012-2014: ECHOOOOOO[edit | edit source]

In 2012, Wu was revealed to be part of the K-pop group ECHOOOOOO and is considered one of the somewhat less-popular-who-the-fuck-gives-a-shit-about-him members, along with Suho. Despite this, the group became one of the most popular boy bands in history. They also promoted more of their popular members and not Wu which is why he ended up leaving the group in the future. At one point he did not get featured in their 2014 album Pills because he hated being out of the spotlight. So he had to get more attention.

2014-2016: Solo career[edit | edit source]

Being free from his boy band times, he relased his debut single "Clocks" as part of a movie soundtrack. He then became the youngest celebrity ever to have a wax figure at Madame Tussauds, only to have it removed for obvious reasons several years later. He became one of the most popular musician actors in Chinese history and young fans had a crush on him, similar to Justin Bieber. Even with the attention he got for his films, he still wanted even more attention. So his ego got to him...which failed yet again when he released more songs and acted in more films.

2017-2021: International attention[edit | edit source]

Wu began modelling and took part in the Negro Basketball Association's annual Celebrity All-Star Game in order to get a career as a model and basketball player. None of this came to fruition. Then, he starred in more films and released songs for soundtracks. He then released a song called "Reserve" featuring the rapper Travis Scott in which he got a lot of attention for being the only Chinese artist to hit the #1 spot on the iTunes charts. Then he made a controversial point during the protests in Hong Kong by posting pictures of the Chinese flag, showing how much he cares for the country that he was born in. And then his ego got him once more, and he was yet again hungry for more attention because that was really never enough. It was successful for real.

Real career[edit | edit source]

With the pornography addiction developed from his high school days combined with his ego, he started to become the person he has become; a rapist. Wu's final form was complete. In one case when he was in Los Angeles, California with his band, during a meet and greet, an alleged underage victim went to one of his drinking afterparties in which his assistant invited her to a gathering, in which the girls (underage and legally aged) had to turn in their phones to avoid any footage against Wu. He didn't really care about his health yet said that he left ECHOOOOOO for his own mental health reasons. So he had an STD unsurprisingly and infected some of the girls. Wu was pretty much against safe sex and would bring in young fans that he thought were hot and brung them to a "mini-convention" which was, in reality, a hotel that he had booked in. Then, he lost his fanbase forever.

About 100 fan accounts, in which some of them unsurprisingly defended Wu were suspended across social media. He was then found guilty in November 2022 for raping 3 drunken women, although there could be more. He will be deported in the near future. That is why no one wants to collaborate with him for a future song ever again.

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