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The Communist Party of Canada (CPC), commonly abbreviated to The Communist Party of the Former British Dominion of Canada, is a new-age political movement based in Nova Scotia, Canada. The group has been active since March 2007, and is currently the fastest-growing political party in Canada, with recruits through the Maritime provinces, as well as parts of the Parries.

The group is generally credited with the revival of Communism, and is expected to hold office by March 2009, that is, if they can beat out the CPSA(Canadian Patrick Star Association).

Humble Beginnings[edit | edit source]

The Canadian Communist Party began as a radical movement in December 2005, beginning as little more than a group of students holding political rallies. The rallies would typically consist of a message delivered by one of the groups members, generally in the form of a 'sermon' or, as the members call them, 'truth hearings'. By the following summer, the group had gained some notoriety for their cult-like following, eventually seeing loyal followers of the group stage concerts and performances in their honour. A yearly local event, Hub Bub Go, would become a main stage for members of CPC-related bands to rally the troops and stir up local interest in the group. It is worth noting that the majority of the crowd of Hub Bub Go 2006 consisted of CPC followers; upwards of 250 people attended the event, the majority of them associated with CPC.

From there, the group has continued to expand throughout Canada, with members relocating to several Maritime provinces to begin communication with the masses. Reports have been made of members being spotted as far as Alberta and British Columbia.

Doctrine[edit | edit source]

CPC does not follow a standard Communist doctrine in the vain of Lenin or Marx. Rather, they are generally considered to be a revised and improved version of Communism, with much of their message being relatable to Plato's concept of The Philosopher Kings. The CPC have stated that they believe that the right mind in power could save the country and bring great improvements to the entire world, ridding the world of the need for weapons and armed forces. They strive to rid the world of poverty and disease, believing that if the governments of the world would focus on the taxing issues, such as famine, they could collectively address the issue and conquer it. CPC believes that global issues such as AIDS are the result of the government not putting forth the effort to educate its people on said issues, and that with the proper education, pandemics such as AIDS could be eliminated.

Administration[edit | edit source]

The CPC is organized and operated by two Canadian men, known only as Lofty and The Sandman. Though their true identities are unknown, they are assumed to be former members of Rhyno Corps, a failed revival of the Fascist Movement. It is known that they are equally-ranked Commanders in Chief, and preside over all actions undertaken by the Communist Party. Other than these few details, very little is known of the men or their identities.

[edit | edit source]

CPC Logo

CPC members are generally recognized by their logo; A Silver and Black cross with a Red Hammer and Sickle, generally worn over the left breast of their uniforms. The logo is commonly seen as a grafiti tag throughout Canadian provinces.

Influence in Uncanada[edit | edit source]

Although Uncanada is in the same place as normal Canada, the CPC do not aknowledge its excistence and thusly the best place to hide from these canadians is Canada itself.