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Example of Scott Pilgrim being a creepy douche as always.

Scott Pilgrim, also known as "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" or "Scott Pilgrim Takes Off" to Scott Pilgrim fans is a graphic novel series, movie, video game, Netflix series, religion, sexuality, and human organ, created by the Godzilla-sized fatty Korean-French-Canadian whom they call "Bryan Lee O'Malley". The franchise is best known for having many types of inclusivity, for example gays, gays, gays, and without a doubt homosexuals.

The original series of books were released from 2004 to 2010, with 6 different volumes. The large breaks were due to Bryan masturbating to Rule 34 he made of his own characters. The name of the series is stolen from a song by Canadian band Plumtree because Canadians always want to smooch you with their flabby lips and show you how great they are.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Vocal distortion is the way to go!

The series begins with 23 year old pedophile creepster Scott Pilgrim, living in Toronto, Canada. Scott is mooching off his homosexual roommate Wallace Wells, but manages to still live there by paying Wallace in handjobs and blowjobs. Scott Pilgrim, while on a bus ride, notices a young and vulnerable minor in the wild, named Knives Chau. Luckily for Scott, the age of consent in Canada is 17, so he can harass teenagers all he wants. They end up dating, but Scott is such an asshole that Kung Pao loves him more than he does.

Scott plays in a band called Sex Bob-omb with 2 others, Kim Pine (Stolen from Bryan's other comic, Style, because he can't think of anything new) and Stephen Stills, which his name is taken by that one guy in that one band. Stephen lives with his roommate, Young Neil, which his name is taken from that one guy in the same band as Stephen.

All of a sudden, Scott's taste for minors goes away (Don't worry Scott, it'll come back) after he notices a whore in his dreams. This slut is named Ramona Flowers who rollerblades, and Scott finds that very smexy. Suddenly, when on a date with slicey dicey, he notices Ramona and murders Knife Chow. But, Ramona tells Scott that "u mus kil all 9 exes". Since Scott is so sex deprived he accepts, and brutally slaughters and dismembers all ex-boyfriends and gayfriend.

Reception[edit | edit source]

It was received very well by the autism community, and most people liked it enough to have it get 52 adaptations.

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