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Ego evolved to help us get things when there was not enough for everyone. These days where there is more than enough for everyone ego is kinda screwed and so is currently fighting to justify its own existence. It's the feeling that goes from the most believe to feel some intestinal discomfort, often accompanied by hatred of ascents of causing the loss of this.

In case of not wanting a massive loss of Ego with the consequent deficiency stomach, come on, because you shit all killed.

This, I and Super-ego or Id, Ego and superego are fundamental concepts in the theory of psychoanalysis with which Sigmund Freud tried to explain how the mind, suggesting that it has a particular structure. Proposed that is divided into three parts: the result, I and Super-ego.

Basic concepts[edit | edit source]

I'm not ... I ... I am you, but this is not me ... jjjjj

Fundamental concepts in the theory of Sigmund Freud are:

  • The 'this': This is not, nor what, nor the other is this.
  • The I: As the name suggests I is me, for you I is you, in the case of the I is it ... Have I explained well?
  • The Super-ego is the version of I but in the superhero version of yourself or your I, or of him in the superhero version of it.

The general idea is that this, I the Super-ego and what It hearing means that I is This but in an abstract sense. If this or concrete This would be it, and it makes no sense.

desires and repressed unconscious fantasies of a sexual nature, are socially unacceptable that the perpetrators this and I not taken in Superyo by that I is, that said, id. then was, you do not like anyone to take the opposite and less to that.

The specific roles played by the three entities are not always clear and mixed at many levels. May be or what id o Super-ego and the other, but may also be that you are me and eat my house but I can be you and fuck your wife.

This or id[edit | edit source]

The this (id) is the primitive, disorganized and innate personality. is what makes you buy discs Julio Iglesias, which makes you want to kill your father. This is very much that, one must be very beautiful hair and neck. The this is a close and contentious relationship with the other two instances, the I and Super-ego, are of wafers, but they have no choice to get along for you ... for me ... that you yourself, your I, in your case, your I, but when it is your I.

For Freud, the bulk of this is unknown and unconscious. But for me it is crystal clear and I think I've explained well.

I or Ego[edit | edit source]

The I (Ego) is actually the version of Clark Kent of Super-ego. The I according to age and changing demands of their This acting as an intermediary that. The I follows the reality principle, satisfying the pulse of this in a manner appropriate to the other. Use realistic reasoning characteristic of secondary processes that might lead. As executor of the personality, the I has to measure between the three forces that will require the world of reality, this and Super-ego, the I must retain its own autonomy by maintaining your organization. because if not that, they've been and the other chaos. I mean in Latin, this in Latin and this is in Latin superyó is I disguised as a Superman and the briefs for out in a very small tin. Although in his early writings Freud compared the I with our sense of self, but later found that a was a number not a person, which collapsed that.

It is consciousness itself. Is the body that acts as a regulator between the demands of this and Super-ego. It is based on a realistic concept of the world, so that I (meaning me) is me, if you were me, then I would be another and not me, it will be him and not you, because if not, this would be a mess for me and you can not be the same, is prohibited by God.

I'm not you ... do you?[edit | edit source]

Almost exemplified as a power or a person in mind, we pay attention at all times, but in talking to us individually, but in reality I am referring to the I, in your case to your I and if it would be his I. All operations, are analyzed by the I and are often communicates the results to Super-ego, but this ignores the I, but I do not mean to me, I refer to the I your I and I him. This point has to be clear. The I, in its observation allows us to recognize the actions we perform, the opportunity to choose the way forward, but I am referring to your I, not that I am referring you to me send something, I'm not even there, I mean I'm not there and you do not I that it is there, that you yourself, if not there somewhere else but you will still be you.

But then where there is theThis, I do not mean This as an abstract concept but as something concrete concept of this or Id ' . Where are you going?, I refer to 'id or This' not to go anywhere, cunt. The this intervenes and then the trouble begins, it appears that Super-ego for rescue. Remember that Super-ego is I ... disguised myself ... not the I... I think I have finished going crazy. But I mean me, not theI.

Superego[edit | edit source]


The superego is the part that counteracts the this represents the moral and ethical thoughts of yours in your I itself for me, that is, I but referring to me and not the I mine, nor yours or his. It consists of two subsystems: Consciousness and the ideal of I, but I am not referring to my ideal of mine, if not the ideal of I you I in your case, and I in it.

Is the internal expression of the individual in relation to social morality of your Super-ego, in my case my Super-ego and for him its Super-ego. Although in this case could well be your Super-you and in it his Super-he.

The Super-ego is formed in the oedipal phase, the introjection of parental rules, your parents in your case, mine in the mine and those of him in his. According to Freud, the formation of the Super-ego is the corresponding decline of the Oedipus Complex: Fucking kill your mother and your father for you, fuck him in his mother and kill his father, In my case perhaps kill my father, but I am not a pervert who fucks his mother, that I let you ... My mother not to yours.

That, and I Super-I or Id, Ego and superego[edit | edit source]

This, I and Super-ego or id Ego and superego or that, you I Super-you, or get this, it Super-he or go ... but in the end is all the same

The psychology of I[edit | edit source]

After Freud, a number of prominent psychoanalytic theorists began to work on the functionality of version I of Freud, that Freud also had its own I was also your right as a taxpayer as and myself, but I mean me, not the I. The greatest effort was put into detailing the various functions of the I (to you ... you are counting). Several functions of the I-reality: impulse-control trial, it is proved that affect tolerance, defense, and the synthetic function (say this three times fast without falling). But most important of I, that is present in you and me and him, but also your mother and your father, in your case, mine is in my father and that of my mother, for him at his mother, but not of his father, who recently died, and if you're not dead I, in this case the father it is not I that is raising mauves. Under Hartmann psychoanalytic treatment aims to expand the area without conflict with the operation of the I, But who cares what he says?.

This is you, after reading this article

David Rapaport systematized the structural model of Freud, but to me what this guy says you're in the lining of the balls like the other. The drives contain the energy of the fluid that drives a fast download with immediate satisfaction of desires (this sounds like ejaculation). Because it is rare that the desires can be met immediately in reality (amen), I therefore, referring to me, I hope that at this point whether you are a scholar in the field of I, but referring to the I and not as an abstract concept to me, nor you, nor the I you or I from him. Rapaport structures defined as organizations with a mental index of slow change, slow compared with other pulses of energy, but rather than repeat myself I do not matter to me that this guy falls badly to me, talking to me, not the I.

Arlow and Brenner discussed earlier that the theory of Freud aware of the systems, preconscientes, and unconscious, but for me that was killed.

They have helped make this article ...[edit | edit source]

  • I (referring to me, if I had not said your name).
  • I, referring to the I as abstract concept). Bone, please ... I am referring to the I who are you and I who has the distinction.
  • Super-ego referring to the abstract concept, not the famous superhero. I refer to super-ego, as much yours as mine to him.
  • Rapaport but I go by what the jacket says.
  • Hartmann: in this case, I read it sweats.