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The Revengers is fictional team of superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Originating as a group of bullied losers in 7th Grade, the early Revengers took it upon themselves to fight for justice and liberty and together fight back against their bullies. They have fought many villains in their days, such as Loki, Emperor Galactus of Rome, Flintheart Glomgold, Doctor Doom, Kang the Conquistador, Fred Phelps, Baron Zebra, an angry purple eggplant man who likes rocks, The High Revolutionary and most recently Steve Ballmer. While there have been numerous members throughout the years, some of the most notable recent members are, amongst others:

The awe-inspiring crimefighting Captain Mexico, wielding the limitless might of his indestructible sombrero.

Captain Mexico[edit | edit source]

A Mexican patriot who claimed to be a direct descendant of Zorro himself (which we all know is incorrect, since Zorro is just a fictional type in a fancy suite), Severo Rogelio grew up with a strong hatred towards USA and believes that Latin America is the cradle of human civilization and furthermore claimed that California and New Mexico should belong to Mexico and that Los Angeles should be the capital of his prophesied Novae Mexico which includes modern Mexico as well as California and New Mexico. Regarding the US government in general and George W. Bush in particular as enemies of the (Mexican) state, some form of twisted logic caused him to join the superheroes in Revengers to fight for the Hispanic inhabitants of USA, while he cares little for so called "white trash" or other ethnicities than the Hispanic ones. He now fights the good fight wielding his characteristic indestructible adamentium sombrero (which can used as both hat and shield depending on the situation) whilst at the same time reciting quotes from various Zorro books and movies, and has often been regarded as the leader of the group, despite the fact that he's a total loon.booooooooo.

Thor Heyerdahl[edit | edit source]

The Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl preferred travelling by airplane in his elderly days

Thor Heyerdal is a former Norwegian marine biologist who discovered that one can evolve oneself to nigh-omnipotence and immortality by travelling repeatedly across certain timezones in a Kon-Tiki raft blessed with some ancient voodoo magic that he had discovered. How this could happen nobody knows, leastways Thor himself. But then again, there is so much that we simply do not understand. It is noteworthy to note that according to the three Norweigian sages, prophets and oracles that compose the divine Norweigian organization Raske Menn recently revealed that Thor Heyerdahl was present and welcomed Marko Polo to both China and later America (having previously, or perhaps afterwards, come there to welcome fellow Norwegian Leif Erikson and left a sign for Christopher Columbus to discover), as well as welcoming (another) fellow Norweigian, Roald Amudsen, to the South Pole and Neil Armstorng to the Moon. In all instances he greeted them with the phrace "Hello, I've just arrived in my fantastic boat", but due to his amazingly poor English, and the fact that Columbus couln't stand being anything but the discoverer of America, no-one could stand listening to him any longer then that, and Columbus destroyed the sign. Faking his own death in the year 2002 wasn't so hard now that he is just as immortal as Oscar Wilde himself. He then joined the Revengers in their neverending quest for oven-ready chicken and dressed up in a silly costume with a queer-looking Viking-helmet and pretended that the axe with which he had earlier constructed his rafts earlier had some form of magic properties. Yeah, right...

Scarlet Bitch[edit | edit source]

The Scarlet Bitch, Wanda Maximus, grew up more or less an orphan with her twinbrother Pietro, aka Quicksilver, under her abusive, alcoholic adoptive father Jango Fett and his slightly more caring wife Marya Maximus. Her real mother Magda had been a bohemian hippie who had spent lots of time in[Goa with a being fittingly called the High Revolutionary, who was a communist pig who operated from the hidden city of Euthanasia and had found a way to evolve himself into near godhod by unlocking the secrets of LSD and DMT and using it on himself whilst at the same time reciting poetry from the wellknown poetry collecting called the Communist Manifesto.

The downwards spirals towards her future as a full fledged haypenny harlot began when she attempted to molest a Transian boy against his will, only to discover to her dismay that he was not up to her hornyness. Her previously abusive adoptive father Jango died in the titanic "Jango Fett-corps vs. the Agent Smith-corps"-war at the gates of Euthanasia in the early 70's. It was by then that she discovered that her mutant-powers was not only to be extremely slutty but also bringing extremely bad luck to anyone in her near proximity, such as carcrashes or your cellular phone suddenly ringing from your insurance company to inform you that your mother has died in a planecrash, or it might even be a meteorite or lightning that suddenly strikes you from a clear blue sky. She also has a tendency to fuck around behind peoples back when they least expect it, or even when they most expect it. The Scarlet Bitch is definitely not a person you want to fuck around with, but you'll probably end up doing it anyway. She is also known worldwide under numerous other aliases, all beginning with "Scarlet", such as The Scarlet Slut, The Scarlet Whore, The Scarlet Harlot, The Scarlet Skank, The Scarlet Tart, The Scarlet Courtesan, The Scarlet Strumpet, and "The Scarlet Letter". She has recently used her unparalleled slutpowers to fuck around with everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, including her own father (Magneto) and brother.

Quicksilver[edit | edit source]

The twin brother of Scarlet Witch.Quicksilver gain his power by doing replenishing job in Fairprice.Someone slandered his father of killing his mother.He called out the man to meet him in his workplace.The man badmouthed about him in his workplace and everyone in the same department as Quicksilver avoided him.Quicksilver was left alone in the fruit display area,while 7 people doing 1 single job at the same time in the mandarins area.Then somehow,Quicksilver found out that he can exceed the speed of CCTVs.There was a rumour,that he could run and enter into another room in just a sec.The witness,who saw him doing the feat was examined in IMH.The doctor hypnotised the witness,but the witness didn't stop saying:"I saw my colleague run into another room within 1 sec".The witness was also a mutant,but her power was to prevent others to control her.Other than that running to another room feat,Quicksilver was also rumoured to be the fastest chill room arranging personnel in Fairprice.He was seen pulling trolleys out of the chill room,but when someone want him to make way for them.....He use 5 times his normal speed and arrange the chill room,while pushing the trolleys back into the chill room at the same time.That day,he set the record for arranging the chill room within 1 min.His other feats include:He can take 10 boxes of fruits out of the chill room without his colleague(Auntie Thuglife) noticing.Please don't push Quicksilver too far or he might use his maximum speed to reverse the time and add 2 books to an ancient book and prevent the moviemakers,game makers,anime artists to make a movie,a game or an anime,which can be linked to one another.

Luke Skywalker[edit | edit source]

Born as the son of former Jedi-knight turned Sithlord Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padmé Amidala, Luke and his sister Leia was born an orphan (see a parallel with the Maximus-twins?) on the Polis Massa asteroid and raised on Tatooine by Owen and Beru Lars. Eventually being trained as jedi in the ways of force by the mighty crusader Obi-Wan Kenobi and then by Yoda, Kermit the Frog's elder brother, he eventually becomes a jedi-knight himself and faces against his evil father, the Sith Lord Darth Vader and the even more evil Black Pope Palpatine the XVI, aka Darth Sidious. Emerging victorious, he lays the foundation of a new Jedi Order, only to grow bored of it and decides that he wants to be a Revenger instead.Therefore,he become the next sithlord. And that's the short story. Don't ask us about the long one.

Talc Man[edit | edit source]

An industrialist billionare and supergenius, Anthony Stark eventually realized that he wants to be no worser than Bruce Wayne, but upon noticing that the Justice League of America doesn't seem to exist in the Marvel Universe, he joins the Revengers instead. Dressing himself up in a selfdesigned high-tech suit of talc and gypsum, he becomes the heroic Talc Man who brings justice to the world and usually kicks some serious supervillain ass. Thanks to his suit, he also has the power of flight and the ability to emit energy blasts from his talc suit. A very notorious character as the author so like to fuck up with him that now and then they prefer to hit the "unfuck all" button instead of sorting all that mess.

Entry[edit | edit source]

Born completely tone-deaf and having according to rumour "a voice like a crow", Robert Reynolds foolishly decided that he wanted to be a singer anyway and enlisted for the wellknown reality show American Idol. Discovering that he has the power to make the jury laugh themselves to death just by trying to perform his contribution to the contest, he quickly realizes the potential that such a power could have in the field of crimefighting. Now a part of the Revengers team, he now uses his complete lack of musical talent to make evildoers laugh themselves to death whenever he makes an entry, hence his name.

Wolverine[edit | edit source]

A mid-size animal in the Carnivora order, the wolverine is a carnivorous predator that hunts anything ranging from the size of mouse to a moose. The wolverine is a vicious, bloodthirsty kill-for-fun monster packed into a deceptively small frame. Whilst helping New York City during a sudden outbreak of escaping animals from a zoo, Anthony Stark aka the Talc Man ran into one of those beasts and realizing the crimefighting potential of the wolverine and decided to abduct it to turn into the ultimate crimefighting predator. Now named Logan and armed by Stark with a rocket launcher on its back and a bloodlust that makes Dracula seem like an innocent polar bear in comparisation, the Wolverine serves as the indisputable mascot of the Revengers Team.

Straightjacket[edit | edit source]

Born a natural genius and the groups secondary "big brain" after Anthony Stark, Dr. Henry Pym's greatest aim in life was always science, especially robotics, cybernetics and biochemistry. Joining the Revengers early on, he took on various pseudonyms such as Pant-Man, Ganja-Man and Foilhat and would often spend all night in his laboratory, working on various inventions. That, however, changed forever that dark day when he went to downtown China-Town to have some first-class Chinese food. Unbeknownst to him, he had been followed by the psychotic Kool-Aid Man, a wellknown serial killer and a living menace on two legs. In order to continue his sick schemes and claim another victim, he attempted to do to Henry what Neal Cassady had once done to him and mix a handful of LSD into his food without anyone notice. Now Henry Pym consumed the LSD-fueled food and thus went into a severe state of mindshattering neurosis.

Whilst Pym was trying to, with the greatest effort, maintain his own sanity, the Kool-Aid Man suddenly leaped up, with a bloody axe in his hand, from the dark corner in which he had concealed his menacing persona until this moment and came running towards Pym shouting "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" repeatedly in a menacing fashion. The combined effect of the LSD and the horrid sight of the mad critter that is the Kool-Aid Man sent Pym completely over the edge, and he went into a state of severe paronoid delusion and was never the same person again. Managing to escape and having now been turned from a highly sane man into a slobbering lunatic over night, Henry Pym assumes the title Straightjacket after the very same costume that he was now forced to wear at all times. Now battling villains with the same frenzy as Steve Ballmer tears through Googlebots, the Straightjacket continues his mad quest to rid the world of villains, which he believes to all be in reality, the Kool-Aid Man.

The Vision[edit | edit source]

The "Vision" is just a rumour. You've had one. I've had one. Some in the Revengers claim they've had one, but they always end up agreeing that it was all probably just a hallucination. Many others that are not part of the team also claims that they have had a vision, but then again, so did Moses. It is still not clear whether the so called "Vision" is actually a part of the Revengers or not. Some say that he appears when you mentions his name five times over in front of a mirror to tell you that you've won a weekend trip to Murmansk. But that's also a rumour.

The Amazing Fiber-Man[edit | edit source]

A brilliant student and photographer, Peter Parker was accidentally bitten by a radioactive broadband-cable whilst visiting a LAN-party and thus became the Amazing Fiberman. Now capable of shooting T3 fibercables out of his arms and hands in times of need, the Amazing Fiberman is capable of beating the crap out of of baddies whilst at the same time downloading illegal movies and games from DC++ directly into his brain as long as he can plug into a nearby computer. He has also the power to become living digital information and send his very essence through the Internet, ending up numerous parsecs away. Furthermore he has an incredible "Fiber-sense" to know instinctively whenever the latest movies or games are being shared on illegal file-sharing applications and to detect network transfer speeds down to kilobyte level.

The Incredible Hunk[edit | edit source]

Born as a ugly jerkwater loser, Bruce Banner was never God's best children, at least not judged by look. Forced into a life of abject servitude by his wicked stepfather Starspangled Banner and his equally wicked stepbrothers Dannebrog and Union Jack, Bruce Banner eventually becomes a military scientist after finishing his university studies. Subjected by accident to fatal gamma rays from a "Gamma bomb", he discovered to his surprise that he's been transformed from a skinny, pale-assed loser with glasses bigger than his own head into an elegant, tall, sexy and stunningly goodlooking hunk. Unfortunely he also discovers that this is only for a limited time and that he eventually degenerates back into his old nerdy self. He must also look himself in a mirror in order to become the Incredible Hunk. Now having become the male version of Cinderella, Bruce eventually joined up with the Revengers to fight for the sake of other ugly jerkwater geeks rights to a better life and now uses his drop dead gorgeous alter ego, the Incredible Hunk, to be the Revengers primary face outwards in television and magazines and to get as many chicks as possible while he still can, including the likes of Mischa Barton, Keira Knightley and Jessica Alba. But even when he is posing as his other more aesthetically challenging self, he must always live under the stressing condition of never knowing when the clock rings for midnight and he must swiftly flee the castle before his Incredible Hunk disguise fades.

Miley Cyrus[edit | edit source]

Miley Cyrus was once a shy retiring school girl who happened to have a famous daddy, and a horde of films, songs and merchandise later she found herself being kidnapped by Demi Lovato who dropped her into a pool or radioactive copies of Camp Rock DVD's, Miley survived the encounter and now could shatter anything with her voice and combined with her lacklustre acting and fake guitar playing, she is currently being sued by the FBI after her unfortunate remarks at the UN. By 2122 she had left the Revengers and joinned the Cult of Disney that traveled back to 2009 and killed various Marvel heroes.

Bill (Left 4 Dead)[edit | edit source]

Bill is only really registered with the team because Captain Mexico heard he is good in a Zombie apocalypse. Bill occasionally pops round to the head quarters to steal the teams milk, and argue with them about petty things like war, and guns. He Also frequently attends the Christmas parties, and usually gets drunk, and usually ends up accidentally fatally wounded some of the team members, with his assault rifle.

Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)[edit | edit source]

Rochelle is only really registered with the team because of her relationships with Captain Mexico, and Bill from Left 4 Dead. She doesn't even show up to the Christmas parties, and is quite frankly boring as a dead zombie.

The Haus of Evildoers and Republicans[edit | edit source]

The Revengers fight many enemies, but their arch enemies are The House of Evil and Republicans. They were founded when Sarah Palin went on a liberalists killing spree with Lady Gaga and OJ Simpson, but their members list has increased since then.

penance(speedball)[edit | edit source]

was once known as speedball. he's powers were to use quintomouse amounts of speedballs(heroin and cocaine) which made him bounce all over the place. he stopped using this alias as he ran out of his fix and killed his grandmother when she wouldn't give him her tv to pawn. stricken with regret and so he wouldn't go to prison he became penance. THE MAN IN A GIMP SUIT! methadone by day, punishment by night.

Pepsiman[edit | edit source]

Pepsiman was some dude that drank some pepsi, making him have an invisible suit. He was a member of the Revengers for the first month, but left so he didn't have to save the world anymore. It got boring. He was commonly discriminated against due to the fact that everyone on the Revengers liked Coke more than Pepsi. Heathens.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Sarah Palin
  • OJ Simpson
  • Lady Gaga
  • Ted Bundy
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Ke$ha
  • Snookie and Pauly D from Jersey Shore
  • Dr House
  • Dame Judi Dench
  • Sue Sylvester
  • Senator Ted Cruz
  • Former Members: Taylor Swift and Kayne West

Spin-off Teams[edit | edit source]

The Avengers[edit | edit source]

The Avengers claim that they're a completely original team but every one knows that they copied the Revengers, the team disbanded after all of its members ended up dead, all but Namor that is.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Captain America - leader, dead
  • Ironman - dead
  • Thor - dead
  • Scrappy Doo - dead
  • Lion Man - dead
  • Batman (Marvel) - dead
  • Namor (Aquaman)
  • The Tar Monster - dead
  • penance(speedball) - dead

The Ultimates[edit | edit source]

The Ultimates are a team formed by Nicky Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D to defeat the Cult of Disney, who killed key Marvel characters.

Members[edit | edit source]

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