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Cinderella is a animated movie in February 15, 1950 by Walt Disney. Based for Cinderella (1697) by Charles Perrault. The female heroine catgirl is named Cinderella, but also sometimes called Ella and Caterella. It resolves on the story of an abused catgirl and her stepmother.


Ella and her parents live a humble but happy life until her mother falls ill. Ella promises to follow her mother's dying wish: to carry on their catgirl tradition. Years later, Ella's father marries Lady Tremaine, who has two unpleasant daughters, Drisella and Anastasia. Ella's father leaves on business, and Lady Tremaine reveals her cruel and jealous nature, and beats the catgirl. When Ella's dad died of weeb allergy, she was locked in the attic and was forced to act like the family pet. She was mockingly called "Caterella".

Distraught over her stepfamily's judgement towards her, Ella walks off into the woods where she happens to encounter Kitty, the President of the Furry Association, hunting. He hides that he is a furry and instead introduces himself as a hunter. Ella and Kitty take a liking to each other, but they part without him learning her name. The Furry Association discovers that they have a limited stock of furry feed and asks Kitty to find a new supplier for Furry feed, or they will starve. Kitty persuades the Association to invite every catgirl in the city for a uwu Contest, hoping to see Ella again.

On the night of the contest, Ella meows to her stepmother to allow her to go there wearing her mother’s old cat ears that she has refashioned, but Lady Tremaine and Drisella shred the cat ears in jealousy and burns Ella's entire wardrobe of cat tails. Ella runs into the garden in tears and meets a hot boy in girl's clothing, who reveals himself to be the Fairy Trapmother. He magically transforms mice into catboys,a lizard into Lizard Chan, and a dog into a KPop idol. She then transforms Ella's ripped cat ears into a beautiful pair of luxury cat ears made of persian cat fur, complete with a cat tail. As Ella departs, the Fairy Trapmother warns her the spell will end at the last stroke of midnight, and casts a final spell to prevent Ella's stepfamily from recognizing her.

At the contest, the entire court is entranced by Ella. Though surprised at Kitty's true identity, the furry bonds with Ella, but before she can tell Kitty her name, the clock chimes midnight and she flees the palace, losing one of her cat ears. Ella manages to escape home before the final stroke of midnight; the spell dissipates and everything (other than the cat ears) reverts back to its true form. Ella hides the remaining cat ear under her cage's floorboards.

The Furry Association is pleased by Ella, and permits Kitty to make her the new Furry Feed Supplier of the association. Kitty, now mesmerized by Ella, calls on for a investigation by the Furry association to find Ella, presenting her cat ear to the detectives. Ella hurries to retrieve the cat ear to prove her identity, however, having deduced that Ella is the mystery catgirl, Lady Tremaine informs Ella of her attempt to blackmail to make her head of the Furry Feed Supply Agency, in exchange for locking Ella with Kitty in her cage. Ella refuses, and Lady Tremaine tears the cat ear and locks Ella in the attic. She brings the shattered remains of the cat ear to the detectives, who agrees to make her the Furry Feed Supplier.

The detectives prepare to depart, but hear Ella meowing. The detective urges them to leave, but Kitty, who has secretly accompanied them, commands the detectives to investigate. Kitty recognizes Ella and they live happily ever after.

But then Ella woke up lmao.

owo Translation (Language used in movie)[edit]

Ewwa and hew pawents wive a humbwe but happy wife untiw hew mothew fawws iww. Ewwa pwomises to fowwow hew mothew's dying wish: to cawwy on theiw catgiww twadition. Yeaws watew, ewwa's fathew mawwies lady twemaine, who has two unpweasant daughtews, dwisewwa and anastasia. Ewwa's fathew weaves on business, and lady twemaine weveaws hew cwuew and jeawous natuwe, and beats the catgiww. When ewwa's dad died of weeb awwewgy, she was wocked in the attic and was fowced to act wike the famiwy pet. She was mockingwy cawwed "catewewwa".

distwaught ovew hew stepfamiwy's judgement towawds hew, ewwa wawks off into the woods whewe she happens to encountew kitty, the pwesident of the fuwwy association, hunting. He hides that he is a fuwwy and instead intwoduces himsewf as a huntew. Ewwa and kitty take a wiking to each othew, but they pawt without him weawning hew name. The fuwwy association discovews that they have a wimited stock of fuwwy feed and asks kitty to find a new suppwiew fow fuwwy feed, ow they wiww stawve. Kitty pewsuades the association to invite evewy catgiww in the city fow a uwu contest, hoping to see ewwa again.

on the night of the contest, ewwa meows to hew stepmothew to awwow hew to go thewe weawing hew mothew’s owd kitten mew >:3 eaws that she has wefashioned, but lady twemaine and dwisewwa shwed the kitten mew >:3 eaws in jeawousy and buwns ewwa's entiwe wawdwobe of kitten mew >:3 taiws. Ewwa wuns into the gawden in teaws and meets a hot boy in giww's cwothing, who weveaws himsewf to be the faiwy twapmothew. He magicawwy twansfowms mice into catboys,a wizawd into lizawd chan, and a dog into a kpop idow. She then twansfowms ewwa's wipped kitten mew >:3 eaws into a beautifuw paiw of wuxuwy kitten mew >:3 eaws made of pewsian kitten mew >:3 fuw, compwete with a kitten mew >:3 taiw. As ewwa depawts, the faiwy twapmothew wawns hew the speww wiww end at the wast stwoke of midnight, and casts a finaw speww to pwevent ewwa's stepfamiwy fwom wecognizing hew.

at the contest, the entiwe couwt is entwanced by ewwa. Though suwpwised at kitty's twue identity, the fuwwy bonds with ewwa, but befowe she can teww kitty hew name, the cwock chimes midnight and she fwees the pawace, wosing one of hew kitten mew >:3 eaws. Ewwa manages to escape home befowe the finaw stwoke of midnight; the speww dissipates and evewything (othew than the kitten mew >:3 eaws) wevewts back to its twue fowm. Ewwa hides the wemaining kitten mew >:3 eaw undew hew cage's fwoowboawds.

the fuwwy association is pweased by ewwa, and pewmits kitty to make hew the new fuwwy feed suppwiew of the association. Kitty, now mesmewized by ewwa, cawws on fow a investigation by the fuwwy association to find ewwa, pwesenting hew kitten mew >:3 eaw to the detectives. Ewwa huwwies to wetwieve the kitten mew >:3 eaw to pwove hew identity, howevew, having deduced that ewwa is the mystewy catgiww, lady twemaine infowms ewwa of hew attempt to bwackmaiw to make hew head of the fuwwy feed suppwy agency, in exchange fow wocking ewwa with kitty in hew cage. Ewwa wefuses, and lady twemaine teaws the kitten mew >:3 eaw and wocks ewwa in the attic. She bwings the shattewed wemains of the kitten mew >:3 eaw to the detectives, who agwees to make hew the fuwwy feed suppwiew.

the detectives pwepawe to depawt, but heaw ewwa singing "the uwu song". The detective uwges them to weave, but kitty, who has secwetwy accompanied them, commands the detectives to investigate. Kitty wecognizes ewwa and they wive happiwy evew aftew.

but then ewwa woke up wmao.


Various Nigerian Princes and catgirls allege that Disney had violated privacy laws by casting their autobiographies on the big screen without permission. The movie was banned in Saudi Arabia,for obvious reasons. Interestingly, the movie made the most profit there.