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“Great legs. Shame about the bill.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Magica De Spell
Magica De Spell after losing a court battle to the IRS.

Magica De Spell (b.October 30, 1922) is an Italian sorceress and a member of Red Cross. Her checkered and unusual past has made her a significant celebrity in Duckburg, where she lives today.

Birth[edit | edit source]

Born to a commercial actress and a TV quizmaster, Magica originally intended to become a stage performer like her parents, but was discouraged by The Pope, who instead taught her the Black Arts in his attempt to conquer the world.

However, although Magicas' magic was evil, Magica herself did not become evil completely. Rather than try to take over the world, Magica attempted to become a Tooth Fairy, but failed in her final exam, because she actually forced the teeth out of children rather than collect those already dropped out.

Turning to the Dark Side[edit | edit source]

Emigrating to America, Magica struggled to decide if she was good or evil during her stay, and eventually decided to become a villain after joining the secret underground terrorist movement, Red Cross.

During this time, Magica made a name for herself by using her powers to steal jewellry and valuables from shop windows without leaving traces of evidence for the police. Unlike ganglord Howard the Duck, the police did not have any evidence whatsoever to prosecute, arrest or otherwise flirt with Magica, thus making her one of the most successful villainesses of all time.

As time passed, Magica attempted to gain control of Red Cross, but failed. She also grew attached to a young Scrooge McDuck. While Magica went unchanged due to her immortality, Scrooge began to age, and Magica became interested only in Scrooges' money as the years went by.

A New Light?[edit | edit source]

In 1993, Magica was suspected of being responsible for the death of Launchpad McQuack. Magica strongly opposed this, and decided to tone down her evil to become an anti-hero instead.

Although Magica is still a wanted criminal on inummerable counts of Theft, Public Consumation of Alcohol and Driving without a Licence (despite no proof to make these counts valid), Magica has recently attempted to show her good side, making everyone surprised to see that she has one. Magica has used some of her powers to benefit the city of Duckburg rather than ruin it. Examples include:

  • The River Affair - In 1995, Magica used her Terrakinetic abilities to block a burst dam that would've otherwise ruined crops and caused a drought.
  • St. Canard - On Halloween 1997, Magica De Spell was sighted aiding firefighters during a blaze caused by arsonists
  • The McDucks - Magica De Spell has rekindled her friendship with Scrooge McDuck by hiring zombies from the Undead Kingdom to guard his money-bin.

It is uncertain if Magica De Spell will become an actual friendly figure around Duckburg or will remain a villain.

Today[edit | edit source]

Today, Magica De Spell, although still a member of Red Cross, is a respected celebrity around Duckburg in recent times, although a minority still believe her to be responsible for the death of Launchpad McQuack.