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As thousands of mutants applied to Xaviers school for gifted youngsters, it became apparent that not all «abilities» were as useful as all others. A group of the students chose to leave the school when they understood that they never would be included in the x-men team. Together they formed the «Y-Men». The purpose of the group is still uncertain, yet the members try to figure out what to do with their power.

Spongeboy[edit | edit source]

Spongeboy has the abillity to make certain things levitate. Unfortunately these things only include sponges. Spongeboy discovered his abillity during a rather fierce classrom sponge war. He is currently working as an cleaning assistant at a high school.

Staple[edit | edit source]

Staple was a regular girl until she caught her boyfriend fooling around with another girl. The well earned slap he received was enhanced with a thin metal staple penetrating his chin. Her current job is to put up posters for a Advertising company

Cloud[edit | edit source]

Cloud is a shy girl, who rather wants to be left alone. She has kept her abillity hidden to most people, which has not been too hard. She has the abillity to turn invisible, but unfortunetly only when no-one is looking.

Crab[edit | edit source]

Crab is a rather nervous man, who is still scarred from the first time he discovered his abillity. As a boy he was walking on the beach, when he discovered that he could attract crabs from the ocean. His curioisity over this abillity soon turned to horror when he discovered that although he could attract the crabs, he could not control them. After escaping, badly hurt, he promised himself never to visit the ocean again..

Midget[edit | edit source]

Midget was once the tallest boy in his class. During a school trip to a cave he discovered that he could shrink himself to avoid knocking his head in the ceiling. As he got out of the cave he discovered to his horror that he did not have the abillity to restore his height.

Heat[edit | edit source]

One day when heat was particularly hungry, he bought a box of canned soup. As he was walking home with the box held in both hands he noticed that it was getting warm. Getting nervous he opened the can, and discovered that it was allmost boiling. Exploring his abillity he found that he could generate a temperature of 90°C between his hands when they were 10 cm or less apart.

Fog[edit | edit source]

Fog can generate smoke when he gets nervous.

Whiplash[edit | edit source]

When he was exposed to gamma rays, whiplash instantly obtained superhuman speed and strength. Unfortunatly, less then five minutes later he was in a car crash that paralized him from the neck down therefore rendering all his powers useless.


The Human Anvil[edit | edit source]

He can fly. But only directly downwards.

Flowermouth[edit | edit source]

She can talk to plants but for some reason they never talk back.

The Fonz[edit | edit source]

He can turn on any plugged in jukebox by hitting it with his fist. Additionally, he can leap over three sharks in a single bound, and turn anyone within a 30 meter radius into his servants with his war cry: "EYYYYYYYYY!".

Daywalker[edit | edit source]

He is a ranga that can make grues come out in the sun. Like crab, he cannot control them. For the safety of the Y-men he was kicked out. He has not been seen for a long time.

Daisy[edit | edit source]

She has the ability to turn into any plant she chooses, only as a plant she cannot possibly know how to turn back into a human. Why the fuck did she choose an anual plant!?

Tourrettes[edit | edit source]

He can shoot lasers from his eyes, turn anything into gold, shoop da whoop twice as awsomely as cell did, breath fire, see through walls and women's clothing, transform into a dragon, transform into t-rex, transform ito a demon, make anything explode, change the weather andmake even the heaviest things levitate. Unfortunately, he cannot control these powersand often uses the most irrelevant powers at the most inconvinient times or sees through that fat ladies moomoo, but not the hot chick's dress. He is often seen on a date, only to shoop da whoop he when they are about to kiss or turn into a t-rex and eat his grilfriend or at the Y-men accademy, randomly blowing up the tables, classrooms or students or accidently making buldings smash into each other.

Thermostat[edit | edit source]

A malfunctioning weather ballon gave him the power to make the tempurature uncomfortably warm. He can usually be seen using his powers to make chocolate bars and ice-cream cones melt.Jerk!

Boobs[edit | edit source]

A picture of boobs. She's the most sexiest member of the... HEY MY IMAGE IS HERE TOO!!! OH I'M SOOO... Hey I do look sexy in this pic isn't it?


Dead Serious[edit | edit source]

After a massive train accident it was discovered that he does not die. That's pretty much it. No regeneration no nothing.