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Zee costume, Batroc dresses in la violette, it puts to shame les couleurs simple, zee red, white and bleu of mon Capitan Amerique.

It is time zat zee people get straight zee record in who is zee greatest fighter in zee world, none uzzer zan moi. Batroc Zee Leapair! Deez entry is being written by moi, Batroc, to dispel all zee 'orríble rumours zat have bringed greet inphamy to ma 'onorable pèrsonne.

Sexy[edit | edit source]

Zee ladies, zay cannot resist to zee suave personality of Batroc! Wherever I go I must be careful not to break zee ladies' heart zhust by preferring zee one over zee uzzers! Ladies, zere's plenty of Batroc for you all! Ohõhõhõ!

Now some ladies, zey do not know zeir hearts, zey cannot deal wiz zeir feelings for Batroc. Zey take out zee Restraining Order. So many orders, soixante orders. But Batroc knows zat zee restraining order is zhust anozzer way to say "I desire you"!

Wise[edit | edit source]

You don't know zees, but Batroc is also an academic consultant. Mon many doctorates in La Sorbonne make Reed Richards look like zee imbecile! But what fun is life behind zee desk?

Widely emulated[edit | edit source]

My glory, it inspires many who try to equal to mon high accomplishments, but zey always fall very short. Merde alors! will zey ever learn?

Batroc II

Ah, ma fille Marie, my daughter, she will continue mon legacy! Batroc is very proud of her! Zee name Batroc is good for me, zhust as good for her too, non? Zee world does not deserve two of zee Batroc! (And Taskmaster, he dares to doubt ma sexualité! Ohõhõhõ! I tell you, Batroc has scored more times zan you have made le pipi!)

Le Loup Garou

Zees "Loup Garou," he is zhust a copycat. He achieves nozzing for himself, he copies mon fashionable attire, even ma moustache! I would fly to Espagne today to kick his derrière, but Zût! Batroc he is trés busy now. Remember zat Batroc gets a piece of zee action, mon ami!

Batroc the Leper

Zees guy, he got zee wrong word, que d'hommage! His only superpower is he falls apart on command. He does not know zee Savate, ze Stratezhee, but he looks up to moi. Can you blame him?

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