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A typical Preggo.
Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Homo
Division: Sapien
Class: Sapien
Order: Femaleus
Family: Uterus
Genus: Womana
Womana Parasiticus Pregnanticus
Womana Invadus Monsterus
Womana Invadus Divus
Womana Parasiticus Newtus
Womana Parasiticus Originalus
Womana Invadus Explodus

Preggos are a subspecies of Women, thereby making them indirectly related to the High-School Girl. They are extremely attractive, normally without clothes, and can make the majority of males gain an erection in less than a minute. The two main sub-genuses, or sub-genii, are each distinct: parasiticus defines a woman who has decided to become a preggo, and allows the parasite to grow inside its womb, while Invadus defines a woman who is forced to become a preggo via being invaded unwillingly by a parasite. Either way, they will eventually switch back to regular women, though the process takes almost a year.


The history of preggos begins with Eve, who realized that in her current state, she wouldn't be able to create more men and women. She then let her husband release the parasite into her, as they knew that the parasite would grow into a new person. For 10 months, she carried the parasite inside her womb, feeding it, nursing it, and protecting it, until it finally escaped her womb, growing and becoming another human. She would eventually carry over a dozen parasites during her life, releasing each one of them. Seeing as some of those parasites grew into women, they would eventually become preggos, marking the first widespread acceptance of them.

Eventually, the parasite was divided into 3 sub-parasites: fetuses, newts, and Tentacle monsters. Preggos would eventually quarrel, resulting in a war that extremely lowered the amount of preggos. During this period, the preggo subspecies of Invadus Divus was spawned in the form of Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears. However, seeing as neither are currently pregnant, the subspecies is extinct. Also, another subspecies currently exists in the form of Invadus Explodus, in which the parasite is a Xenomorph. The 4 remaining subspecies are growing in number with several million existing around the world.

Traits and Symptoms[edit]

The following are traits and symptoms of the remaining and extinct subspecies of the preggo, however all share a much enlarged belly:

Womana Parasiticus Pregnanticus[edit]

A regular preggo after carrying the parasite for approximately 7-8 months.

This is the most common type of preggo. They can normally be found either at home wearing lingerie, or can be found at the beach, where they surprisingly still look hot. A woman will normally be converted into this type for a period of 10 months, at which point the parasite will go out the vagina, either infecting more people or becoming a preggo itself.


Symptoms include stomach pain, hip pain, weird cravings, an urge to masturbate, decreased (rarely increased) sex drive, increased breast size, or wanting to be nude. Others can occur, but these are basic symptoms.

A Statement From One[edit]

“About 7 months ago, my boyfriend and I did some stuff together. He forgot to wear a condom, and ended up infecting me with this parasite that I'm now forced to carry around. It hurts a bit, but I've gotten quite a bit of sympathy from people because of it. Also, when I wear my regular clothes, my boobs are more distinct, and my shirt can't cover my massive belly. I don't have as much sex with my BF anymore, but when we get in bed together, it feels great.”

~ Amy D.

Womana Invadus Monsterus[edit]

An example of this subspecies. Notice the pleasureful look on the preggo's face, and the fact that tentacles aren't sticking out, a sign she's been impregnated recently.

This is a rare subspecies of preggo, normally Asian, that consist of women impregnated by a tentacle monster. These are becoming common in Japan, but are occasionally seen in America. Preggos of this subspecies will normally stay at home, as going out can be an uncomfortable experience with a young tentacle monster as the parasite. Women in this type will normally be infected between the ages of 14 and 20, at which point they can carry the parasite in them for as varying of a time change for a few weeks to a couple years.


Symptoms for this type of preggo include slime dripping through their panties, a tentacle or two sticking out of the vagina, though this isn't always the case. Other symptoms include a huge belly, around twice the size of the standard preggo's belly, either a painful or pleasureful look on her face, and an urge to masturbate using a tentacle from the parasite.

A Statement From One[edit]

“I was walking along the street someday, when I heard what I thought was a cry for help in a dark alley. I stepped in and was immediately grabbed by a cluster of tentacles, which proceeded to fill my 3 major holes. It eventually impregnated me and let me go, and after a few days, my belly got huge! Sometimes this thing's tentacles actually come out of my vagina. I enjoy occasionally sucking on one of them...”

~ Sakura Yamamoto

Womana Invadus Divus[edit]

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears, the only 2 known examples of this species.

Much rarer then the Monsterus subspecies, these are normally rich and/or famous women in their 20s that have been invaded by the fetal parasite. The only two known example are the Spears twins, who would normally act as if the invasion was no big deal. They'll carry the parasite for around 9 months.


Seeing as there have only been two, the symptoms for this subspecies are hard to come by, though a noticeable one is the fact that they enjoy wearing almost nothing in public. They will also occasionally not wear panties.

A Statement From One[edit]

“Get out of my face, you bastard!”

Womana Parasiticus Newtus[edit]

A newt-filled preggo(Parasiticus Newtus) in its natural habitat.

This is a moderately well known subspecies consisting of the parasite being a newt. A famous example occurred when Miranda Cosgrove became surprisingly impregnated with a newt. Another example would be the story of Asia, which is more detailed but also shows unusual symptoms. They can be carried for between a week and 20 years before they're released.


Symptoms of this subspecies include belly growth and shrinkage, from blonde hair to black hair, and the preggo looking much more Asian. They enjoy nature, and will normally be found near moss-filled lakes, in forests, in open fields, or more recently in caves. There will occasionally be pain as the newt moves around inside the preggo.

A Statement From One[edit]

See Miranda Cosgrove.

Womana Parasiticus Originalus[edit]

This preggo's name is Eve, therefore she's part of this subspecies.

This subspecies refers to any Parasiticus Pregnanticus named Eve. There aren't that many around, but they're extremely attractive if you find one.


The same as for the Parasiticus Pregnanticus.

A Statement From One[edit]

“Well, Adam walked up to me once, and we were watching some dogs reproduce. He said to me, "Eve, how about we do what those doggies are doing?" As we were the only people on Earth, I said, "Sure," and ended up becoming one over a dozen times. It gets easier with each time.”

~ Original Eve

Womana Parasiticus Explodus[edit]

The rare subspecies in its 3rd day of carrying the Xenomorph.

A new subspecies, normally referring to people infected with a Xenomorph egg. For the common species, there's a 90% chance that the preggo in question will die if the Xenomorph isn't removed, but a rare species have had the Xenomorph appear in their womb, eventually giving birth to it. The common species have 12 hours to live until the Xenomorph explodes out of them, but the rare subspecies will carry the Xenomorph for 4 days before birthing it.


Symptoms for the common species include feeling something moving around inside you, ticklish ribcage, heartburn, and a dead facehugger next to you. The rare species only have a large belly 1.5 times the size of the regular preggo's belly. They will also feel something moving inside them, but won't suffer any other symptoms.

A Statement From One[edit]


~ Recently Dead Xenomorph Victim

Notable Preggos[edit]