Guardians of the Galaxy

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The guardians from the future.[edit]

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The Guardians of the Galaxy were a team of space-based weirdos that stole a lot of things from the modern age of Marvel. There were two teams that go by the name of the Guardians, the original team is the present one, and the other team is in the 31st century. Both Guardians have some ties to Earth, i. e., Terra. The teams have had their roster change many times over the years of both of their existence.

Star Landlord's Team[edit]

Star Landlord was a space outlaw that went on some of the weirdest adventures. After some event called Annihilation, Star Landlord decided that he should start a new team. The members are:

Star Landlord, some normie space guy who you never learned about.

Queer, an Earthling that has these Quantum bands that give her the ability to create any weapon. She is also queer.

Torpedo Trash-Panda, a mouse tested on until he became some cyborg animal.

Gruet, hybrid between a tree and a Grue.

Drax, a destroyer.

Gamora, another destroyer.

Him, from Powerpuff girls.

Mantis, a mantis.

Other Adventures[edit]

They starred in several adventures such as War of Kings, Mr. Clean Imperative, and the Passion of the Christ.